My fantasy for my wife

Intro-My wife asked me to write her a sex story about what I would want for our first BBC experience, so here it goes. I have only written the first few pages. Let me know what everyone thinks.

My wife Marisa is what you would call a fox or a head turner. She has an almost casual and unpracticed sexuality about her that makes men (and women) take notice. She is about 5’5”, 140lbs, beautiful blue eyes and lovely red hair. She has a fair amount of freckles that give her beautiful face a ton of personality. Her breasts are a nice 36 B cup and her ass is drool worthy, especially when you’re behind it.

When I first met her I could not take my eyes off of her ass and I knew I would eventually need to get as intimate as I could with her, code for I had to fuck her. As we got to know each other and started dating she had confessed that she did not have a ton of experience with guys and that her first two boyfriends were black, one of which had a large dick. I myself am a little above average in the dick size but hearing her talk about her past sex life, especially with a BBC, turned me on to no ends. I had a fair amount of girlfriends and had always fantasized about me and two chicks but the longer we dated, and eventually got married, the more I found myself fantasizing about my wife taking massive BBC, at least 10 inches and really thick.

Before kids Marisa and I had a very good sex life and we would experiment with everything from anal to attending swingers events where we would end up having wild sex afterwards despite nothing to wild happening. Marisa allowed me some anal sex here and there and her blowjobs were out of this world. I even bragged to her that she would win a blowjob contest if she wanted to because they were world class. Eventually I confessed to Marisa that I had been having fantasies about her fucking a black guy with a huge dick while I watch and participated. She seemed a little shocked at first but because she had already fucked black guys was not disgusted with the thought. Marisa told me that her early sex experiences with black guys and boyfriends in general were not all that great and it wasn’t until she met me that she sex really got good, something that made me feel pretty good.

For months and years Marisa reluctantly described her previous sex life and would start to read some interracial sex stories online and even watched porn with me where the black guys with BBC’s would fuck the day lights out of hot white women, redheads especially. My wife would tolerate this stuff from time to time but always insisted nothing would ever happen, sometimes getting angry at the suggestion if I pushed to far to see if she was curious and would actually follow through. Almost everytime I make love to my wife I am either imagining her getting fucked doggy style by a BBC, blowing one, or riding one to repeated orgasms while I watch and participate in whichever end is available (camera in the corner to catch memories of course). The thought of this would send me over the edge and I would cum in her pussy almost immediately. Marisa is very experimental with me in bed using butt plugs and various vibrators together and on her own so I have always held out hope that she would cave in to my perversion and start to participate. The thought of her perfect ass bouncing up and down on a BBC impaling her smooth pussy just would not get out of my mind.

After the years had passed and I had joined a website called and started reading the real life stories of people into the scene, my wife started commenting on how some of the guys posting stories and pictures in the forums were hot and she doubted if she could handle cocks of their size. She even got into reading some of the stories on her own and checking out their profiles. She eventually came across this guy named Jerome who was 6’2”, 195lbs, was dark skinned and kind of looked like Tay Diggs. He didn’t have any pictures of his dick but Marisa sure thought his profile sounded intelligent and that he was very attractive. She ended up showing me his profile as we surfed the net for porn to watch one night and told me if she was ever going to fuck a black guy again he would have to look like this. I chuckled but pressed to see if she was serious and she laughed it off…while stroking my dick mind you.

“Are you serious about wanting to fuck a black guy” I asked her.

Her standard response was “Not really, I just play along to turn you on because I know it is your main fantasy” she paused, seemed to think about it for a minute and continued “but if I we were ever in that kind of situation it would be hard to say no to someone that hot”

I was kind of shocked at this sudden change in heart. “Marisa, you know that I love you and I think you are beautiful beyond words, I just want to make sure you are living life to the fullest and experiencing the wildest and dirtiest sex you can”

“I am satisfied with our sex life” she said “and there is nothing wrong with what we do, even though it does feel like a chore sometimes”

“Sex should not be a chore babe” I said. “Maybe we need to really consider going down this avenue and setting you up with a BBC to kick it up a notch in the bedroom. You know I have always wanted to see you fuck a guy with a huge BBC, maybe this Jerome guy fits the bill”?

Marisa seemed on the cusp of giving in and said “I wouldn’t even know what to say or how to set something like that up” she mused. “It wouldn’t hurt to send him an email saying hello or chat on the forums but you have the get the ball rolling”

The next night when Marisa went to bed I sent a casual email to Jerome and let him know that my wife thought he was attractive and seemed very intelligent. His reply was almost instant and he loved the pictures of Marisa in modest lingerie and said how much he loved her red hair. He said her ass looked appetizing and asked if we ever made it to New Jersey from New York. As I read this I was curious how my wife would respond to the exchange so I immediately went upstairs to inform her that Jerome had already replied and that I thought he seemed pretty cool. With a little coercion on my part, I got Marisa to chat with him on her own. She told me she was worried that I would get jealous but I assured her this was a turn on and placed her hand on my raging hard on. I told her I would give her some privacy to chat and went downstairs to watch some television.

I caught up on Sportscenter and gave her about a half an hour to get acquainted before going back upstairs. As I went back upstairs and approached the bedroom door, I could hear heavy breathing and soft moans. The door was slightly cracked open and there was my amazing and sexy wife, masturbating on our bed to what appeared to be a very powerful orgasm, rocking her body in waves. I watched through the crack in the door until she settled down and came in with a knowing grin which seemed to embarrass her.

“Looks like you enjoyed that conversation” I said to her teasingly.

With a blush she said “Jerome is a really exciting guy and we have a lot in common, he made me feel like I was in college again and it was fun just getting to know him”

“Did you have a lot in common” I asked.

Marisa replied “Surprisingly we do! He is a big Buckeye fan and he still listens to all my favorite R&B jams from back in the day. We didn’t even talk about sex until the last few minutes and then it was just standard stuff about favorite positions and if I had ever been with a black guy. I told him that I had but he promised me nobody like him”

I ended up curling into my wife as she told me more about the conversation she had with Jerome as she stroked me and she said he alluded to the fact that he had a huge dick but left it at she would have to do an in person inspection in the future if she wanted to know for sure. That is what made her the horniest, thinking about finding out for herself in person. Jerome also asked her if she would send him a picture of her in some sexy lingerie and Marisa asked me if I would take the photos because she wanted to know what his response would be. I was completely agreeable as she stroked me and she slipped on a sexy maid outfit and I snapped some quick photos with my smartphone and then she blew me. I could not get what had just happened out of my head. My beautiful and faithful wife, no prude mind you, but utterly devoted, had just masturbated at the thought of fucking a black guy with a massive cock and had even sent him a few sexy photos on demand. Needless to say, I came almost immediately and Marisa swallowed my cum like a professional.

The next day Marisa sent Jerome the sexy photos she had taken. I logged into the website from work to see if he had responded and not only had they responded, but they had been emailing back and forth for most of the morning and early afternoon. Jerome professed to Marisa that her ass was perfect and he loved her sexy and curly red hair. Marisa in one of the her emails asked for a provocative picture in return but Jerome refused, telling her what he had she would just have to find out how big it was in person. Jerome replied to her he was almost 11 inches long and almost as thick as a can of coke. Marisa replied to Jerome that there was no way his dick was that big and if it was, she could not handle it! Jerome, sounding cocky as could be, told Marisa not to worry and that he would have her begging for every inch of his cock and that he would take his time. Marisa replied last with a sexy selfie showing her perfect ass that she must have just taken and sent it with the last message and asked Jerome what he would do to her if he had the chance. Jerome responded that she would just have to wait and see.

I came home that evening and Marisa was evidently hungry for sex because she was wearing a sexy dress and had a lovely looking meal prepared. I asked her what the special occasion was and she simply replied “I like doing nice things for you” . Before I could get another word in she gave me a passionate kiss and slowly began stroking my dick through my slacks. My hands instinctively went to her ass and massaged it gently and I noticed rather quickly that she had no panties on. Marisa slowly fumbled for my buckle and released it slowly lowering my pants to the ground. As she kept playing with my cock I reached my right hand under her dress and found her very wet and very warm pussy. It was obvious that something had her turned on as I slowly traced her lips with my index finger, tenderly plunging it between her lips, but not deep. With my other hand I grabbed her ass firmly and then let my finger slip all the way into her hot pussy, working its way in and out. As I stroked her pussy she moaned into my mouth and gripped my dick very hard. We broke the kiss for a second and I asked my lovely bride what had got her so horny. Her reply was to drop to her knees and inhale the head of my dick and feverishly start working it in and out of her mouth. Like a professional, she stroked my dick with her right hand as she tongue my head, twirling her tongue around it as it went in and out. She backed off my dick for a second and a string of drool followed the few inches, her right hand still pumping my dick at a fast pace. She then began licking the sides of my shaft and almost in an instant, she took my head back in her mouth and bottomed out, taking my entire cock down her throat with her nose touching my pubes. I was in pure ecstasy as she did this and my toes were curling as I stood there. Before I could finish, Marisa was back on her feet and was dragging me towards the ottoman in our living room. Once there, Marisa got onto the ottoman on all fours and hiked the dress up around her waist, exposing her perfectly shaved pussy that seemed to be dripping with excitement. Marisa told me to fuck her and that she wanted it deep.