My fall and awakening

Ten years ago, I actually believed white men, including myself, was better then black men.

At the time I was dating a pretty blonde, one of the better looking women I ever dated. The relationship and sex were so-so at best. We ended up breaking up after six months.

Few months after we broke up, I see her out on the boardwalk with a black man. They aren't showing any affection or anything, just walking together.

The mindset that I had at the time was to assume that only fat white women that couldn't get white men's attention were into black guys, so I didn't assume she was fucking the guy.

I called her a couple days later, just to check what was up and she told me the black guy was her new boyfriend (I asked if she was with him when we were together and she said no, and had no reason to lie about it).

Couple weeks went by and I was in the mood. So figuring that I was doing her a favor, I called her up looking for a booty call. She turned me down.

Later that night (most likely after talking to her bf about it) she called me back and told me to come over.

I go over to her place ready to fuck her. When I get there her bf is there. I didn't know what was going on. When they started making out, I figured they wanted this to be a threesome. I made a move and was shot down.

For the next forty minutes, I watched them fuck.

When he finished, I left wthout saying a word.

I almost didn't make it home before busting, but I managed to make it to the bathroom and within about twenty seconds I came.

I had no more contact with them for the next month. I was jerking off thinking about her fucking him like two or three times a day. Sometimes I was cumming dry.

Finally I couldn't take it and called her, which she was surprised about. Sometime during the conversation I asked her if I could watch again and she told me to fuck off.

Two days later her boyfriend called me up and asked me if I wanted to watch, I said yes, he said how bad? He told me he wanted $500.

I got the money, went to her house again, paid him the money. Thats when he told me there was more required of me. For disrespecting his girl, I had to get on my knees and lick her ass. Which I did.

For the next year, everytime I had $500 I called him and paid to watch. Everytime, I was made to lick her ass. Eventually they cut out the part where I would watch and I would simply pay to lick her ass.

They moved away and got married couple years after that.

To this day, when I see a pretty white girl, I see her as belonging to black men and don't even attempt to pursue her. I have however paid over a dozen white girls (who do black men) to lick thier asses.
How do you approach white girls and offer your "services"? I'm also very attracted to white and latina chicks dating black dudes and I find myself trying to get with them.

I might be willing to pay a little (not $500!) to lick their booties. Any tips on approaching girls?