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my ex girlfriend

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View attachment 57239 View attachment 57238 View attachment 57235 View attachment 57236 we still fuck each other and we have started to talk about fanasties together... i told her i would enjoy watching her with another woman.....she said she would fuck a woman in front of me... she has been with women before so she said to post some pics and if i found a hot girl she would do it.....she didnt seem interested in black men while we were dating... but i would love to see her enjoy a big black cock.. i'd love to see her get fucked hard by a big black cock putting her in her place... she loves to fuck and is fun in the bedroom....... i think she would go for it if she felt discretion was ensured. she always said she loves turning me on and i know she would love the fucking a big black cock could give her....so i figured i would post some pics here for black men and white women to comment on... then i will show them to her and see where it goes from there....she loves showing off for the camera so im sure if she sees comments from black guys she will enjoy it....and im sure once she sees the size of your big black cocks she will be curious.....i hope you enjoy the pics... she has a tight yummy pussy to eat and i would love to see her eat some pussy with another sexy female..if i find a sexy woman that can happen. she has a pretty face and would look so beautiful with a big black cock in her mouth....i love her ass think she would look soo hot taking a big black cock from behind.. that it will take some time.. let me know what you think of her. i will be showing her this post... thank you
OH yes BBC would open that nice tight ass up really nice I would fucking abuse both her ass and pussy wow great pics
thanks pipe layer i am glad you like her ass.... i'd love to see her be a lil slut for some black cock... this is going to take some time and effort but i want to introduce her to the pleasures of bbc!
Not open for further replies.