My Dilemma


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I admire your restraint and integrity. But I think you need to seriously talk with her. Give her an out and say there is no response needed. Just that you have been interested for a long time and what you have felt in your encounters. Just tell her and reassure her that no matter what happens, it will not affect your friendship or working relationship.


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You might request a meeting with her to discuss a potential problem that you may have and then tell her about how there is a co-worker (no names) that you are very attracted to, who you think may be attracted to you as well, and how you would really love to get together with her, but she is married and may be relocating, yadda, yadda, yadda, and that you would like her opinion as to what you should do as you have always appreciated her judgement ...

She will either tell you it's a bad idea and you should forget about it or she may get up, lock the door and ... :D
Just check around for any surveillance cameras, just in case. ;)