My deepest desire

I knew it wouldn’t take much. She’d seen pictures of his cock and now, sitting next to him, her fingers itched to trace it’s outline as it strained against the fabric of his dress pants. I sat across from them purposefully, to watch her inner struggle, to tease her into a state of wanton lust. Tonight all of her dirtiest fantasies were going to come true and some that she’d never even thought of.
She was wearing the shortest skirt in her collection and a snug, deep V-neck that showed off her perfect tits to magnificent proportions. I knew she didn’t bother with a bra, her nipples, tiny diamond like points threatened to poke through the fabric restraining them. It didn’t take much imagination to know that she wasn’t any panties either. When she’d bent over to look in the refrigerator earlier, she gave us both a long and tantalizing look at her shaved mound, slick with her arousal.
I sat back and took a swig of my beer and watched as his right hand disappeared beneath the table. I watched as she shifted in her seat, scooting down and I knew that her legs were spread. Flashes of a Christmas party years before flitted across my memory and I knew, when she blushed that his fingers had found her.
I stood and stretched and his hand found the table top again, putting a quick and abrupt end to his invasion of my woman’s most intimate place. She looked tortured when his fingers slipped from her and I noticed her dewy wetness on two of his fingers. Wetness to the knuckles, apparently, when she’d scooted down, his fingers had found their mark…deeply. The lust was etched on her face and I knew she wanted me out of there. She wanted more than a taste of him, no…she wanted the whole fucking buffet.
“I’m going to run and get some more beer.” I said and took my wallet from the counter. “Anyone want anything?” Her eyes betrayed her words as she glanced down at his cock and mumbled, “Nope, I’m good.” His gaze slid across the swell of her breasts and trailed lower and added, “Got everything I want right here.”
I left and walked around the house and into the garage, patiently biding my time. I knew it wouldn’t take long for them to start in on each other. She knew that I’d be gone a half hour or so and judging by her reaction to him and the plan he and I had put into place, he’d be buried inside her within minutes.
I cracked the door and watched unseen as he stood by the kitchen table. She was on her knees, hands fumbling with his belt. Seconds later his pants dropped to his feet and she purred in appreciation. “Oh my god you have a beautiful cock.” She breathed as she licked the length of him. “It’s so fucking big.” She added as she wrapped her tiny hand around its base, her fingers just shy of encircling him. I watched as she took him into her mouth and began to stroke him. Minutes passed and she worked his cock like a pro. I knew how talented her mouth was but she’d never had a cock that long or that thick. Watching her work it had me hard in an instant. There she was, my woman with another man’s cock in her mouth. Awesome! She struggled to take him as deeply as she could and gagged for the effort. Fisting his hands in her long brown hair, he fucked her mouth with short, deliberate strokes, her lips vacuum sealed around his shaft.
Finally, he hauled her to her feet and bent her over the table. “Oh god yes. Yes fuck me. I want you to fuck me.” She moaned as he rubbed his fat, plum shaped head along her slick, wet slit. Slowly, he pushed himself into her and she bit back a cry. He grabbed a fistful of her hair and drove his cock into her balls deep. She cried out and clutched at the table as he pulled almost all of the way out and slammed it back home, his fat cum filled balls slapping against her clit with the force of his pounding. She screamed, a guttural curse as she began to slam back against him and with a grunt he said, “You keep that up and I’m going to cum inside you.”
“Oh fuck yes…please…I want you to cum inside me. I want your cum inside me. Hurry before he gets back.” She begged as she closed her legs, making herself even tighter. Letting go of her hair, he grabbed her hips and began to pound into her with abandon.
“This isn’t going to be enough for me.” He ground out. “I’m going to want you again and again. I’m going to want you like this, I’m going to want you when he’s out, I’m going to want you all to myself for days on end when he’s away for work and if you’re good to me, I’ll see to it that you never have to work again. I’ll see to it that in return for servicing me, you’ll want for nothing.” He paused and with a grin, plunged himself deep inside her, stretching her as he ground against her and worked her clit with nimble fingers. “Oh and I want him to watch. I want to video tape you doing things that you’ve never dreamed of and I want you to make him watch what I do to you.”
“Anything.” She gasped. “Anything you want, anything you say. I’ll do anything. Just never stop fucking me. Never stop. Oh please, please fuck me. Fuck me harder…make me yours. I’m yours. Harder, please…harder.”
I slipped into the house and sat before her and smiled at her stricken look. “Does it feel good baby?” I asked as he continued to fuck her. “Does it feel good to have him fuck you like that? To think that I’d never know?” She nodded and cried out as her pussy clutched his driving cock and she came. Her body bucked and trembled as the orgasm washed over her and she cried out again as another swept her under. I stood and fisted her hair as my free hand freed my cock. “Everything you’ve always wanted and then some.” I said as I stroked my cock, it’s head dripping pre-cum an inch from her trembling lips. “Suck it while he fucks you.” I ordered quietly. “I want your sweet lips wrapped around my cock when he comes inside you.”
Her lips wrapped around my cock and she moaned in approval as he really started to fuck her. After a minute she released her lip lock on my cock and gasped. “Holy fuck,” She whimpered. “It’s getting longer, thicker…harder.”
“I’m going to cum inside you now baby.” He managed through gritted teeth. “You want all my cum inside you?”
“Yes…fuck…please. Cum for me baby. Cum for me.” She begged before taking my cock back into the velvety confines of her mouth. He paused and spread her legs wide so that he could look down and watch himself drive into her. She began to moan and stroke my cock rapidly, her tongue swirling around its head as he pounded deep inside her.
“This is what I’ve wanted.” I said softly as she looked up at me. “I want you to be ours. To be ours for the taking, to be used by him and to do whatever he tells you. Will you baby? Will you do as he says? Will you do as I say?”
“Yes.” She whispered and pulling her back off of the table, he slammed into her and with a roar, began pumping his seed deep into my woman’s pussy. Her eyes bulged and she cried out as he stood up straight and drew her against him. Punching his hips upwards until her feet left the ground, still he continued to flood her with his cum. It leaked out of her and down her inner thighs and still he fucked her, pounding his cum inside her, turning it into a frothy mess.
Minutes passed and he never let up his assault on her swollen and aching pussy. Finally her legs gave out and she sank to the floor. The only sound was her moan of disappointment at having his still hard cock slip from her. Her whole body convulsed as the orgasm she was riding ebbed and she jerked as if he was still driving his cock into her. Her eyes grew wide as he dropped to his knees next to her and smiled. “Taste us.” He said quietly and I watched as she wrapped her lips around him, sucking deeply.
I stroked my cock and dropped to my knees across from him. He smiled and moaned as she sucked and licked his balls clean. “Oh I am so not done with you.” He said and she moaned around a mouthful of cock. “Neither of us are.” He said with a nod at me. “You are going to know pleasure you’ve never dreamed of. Tonight in fact, I am going to introduce you to a friend of mine and the three of us are going to do things to you that you will never forget.”
“Look at me.” I said and she released his cock with a soft pop. I looked down at her as she lay there and with a shout, I came all over her beautiful face and tits. Finished, I let her suck my cock clean and drew her to her feet. “Come on,” I said as I led them upstairs. “Let’s shower and really get this night underway.”
The bathroom was a big affair with a shower stall big enough for three people with plenty of room for movement. I sat back on a bench against the far wall and watched as he washed her. Watched as he stroked her between the legs until she came with little cries and trembling legs. He scrubbed her with a mesh sponge, focusing on her aching sex, her nipples and her tight virgin asshole. Pausing his ministrations, he turned her around and bent her over so her ass was in the air facing me. He spread her ass cheeks and poured baby oil from the bottle on the ledge between her cheeks.
His cock dangled between his legs mere inches from her mouth and when she went to lick it, her tongue snaking out with singular purpose, he stopped her. “Don’t touch it.” He ordered her and she stopped just shy of it. “He tells me that you’ve never taken a cock into this exquisite little ass of yours. Is that true?”
“Yes.” Came her reply and I could have sworn that her voice trembled.
“Don’t move.” He instructed her and she obeyed. Bent over at the waist, hands splayed on the opposing bench, legs spread wide. “I want you spreading her ass for me.” He said with a nod in my direction. I stood and sidled next to her, took her sweet ass in both hands and spread her wide. “I’m going to taste you, get a feel for you.” He said and knelt behind her. I watched as his tongue slipped inside her and felt her hand grasp my calf, nails digging into me. “You’re sweet.” He said simply then added, “But this is what I really want to stick my tongue inside.” And with that he flicked his tongue across her asshole, swirled it around the rim and finally began to push it inside her.
Her breath came bursting out of her in pants as her ass moved beneath my hands. “Looks like your little woman likes it.” He muttered and smiled at me. “I think she’s ready for the main event. I’ll make the call, get her ready in the bedroom and set up the camera.” He instructed me and left us without waiting for a response.
She stood and her eyes were glazed over with lust. “You ok?” I asked and she nodded. “We can stop if you want.” I added and she smiled and grabbed my cock, stroking it with firm strokes.
“I don’t want to stop. I don’t ever want to stop. I want what he wants for me. I want what he’s offering. I want his cock again and again. I want your cock again and again.” She sputtered. She was babbling now, stroking my cock and rubbing her clit furiously. I waited patiently and in a matter of seconds, she came with a cry.
“Come on, let’s get you ready.” I said and led her to the bedroom. Once there, I blindfolded her and led her to the bed where I tied her hands in front of her.
“Will you watch?” She asked and I grinned.
“Watch? Baby, I’m videotaping this.” I laughed and instructed her to lie across the bed lengthwise so that her ass was perched on the edge. I told her to lift her legs in the air and spread them and when she’d complied, I knelt before her and tongued and licked her aching slit, driving my tongue inside her as his cock had. I loved the thought of licking her pussy after another man had fucked it, cum inside of it. She was my woman but so long as I had my way, she’d fuck and suck every cock I brought to her.
I licked her until she came, hips bucking, legs trembling and I reached out and pulled her nipples cruelly. “You’ll tell me if it becomes too much, understand?” I said as I sank my cock into her deeply. Her slick wetness clutched at my cock as I ground my pelvis against her. I waited and when all she did was grind away at my cock, I pulled it all of the way out and slammed it back in. “Understand?” I asked when the echo of her cry had faded.
She licked her lips, squeezed her thighs together and breathed out a heady response. “Yes. Never too much. Never enough.”
Moments later he entered the bedroom, his cock at the ready and behind him was a man I’d never met. They had similar builds but that’s where the similarities ended. His friend was a good inch or more longer than him and if it were possible…thicker from root to tip. His ebony cock glistened like black silk covering steel. My mind raced and I swallowed hard at the thought of her with a big black cock inside of her.
He walked to her side of the bed and took her hand. “Stand up.” He said and she obeyed immediately. At six foot three he towered over her petit five foot two inch frame and his cock pressed into her belly as he reached behind her and grabbed her ass with both hands. The effect of seeing his big black hands on her ass, groping her made me dizzy. He stood upright and gave her breasts the once over as well. Pinching and rolling her nipples between thumb and forefinger expertly. She moaned at his touch and pressed into him when his mouth found her breast. She’d never been with a black man before and as far as she knew, being blindfolded, she didn’t know she was now.
I watched as he sucked and licked her nipples, as he bit down on them and scraped his teeth across them. He left welts and teeth marks across her breasts, on the soft underside of them and around her nipples. Finally he instructed her to lie back with her ass facing the door and her feet on the edge of the bed. He guided her until she was in position and spread her legs.
“Camera?” He said and I grabbed it and turned it on. I nodded that I was ready and he turned to her. “My friend and I are going to fuck you now.” He said simply as if he were stating that the sky was blue. “The blindfold stays on and you’ll do as your told, do you understand?”
“Yes.” Came her whispered reply.
“Good, your mate here will be videotaping this…all of this, everything we do to you preserved for all time. When we’re done and I’ll let you know when we’re done, I will be taking the disc with me. I will watch it and should it be to my satisfaction, I will email you a copy which you will watch together. I will also be emailing it to Rob here and to a few other, shall we say, philanthropists who may be interested participating with us in the future. Agreed?” He asked as he stood and spread her slick lips with one hand, his thumb rubbing her clit.
I watched through the view finder as her cheeks flushed pink and as her breathing became shallower and faster. The thought of being used by this stranger, the thought of this tryst being made public to attract the attention of others who would want a piece of her made her heady. She was on the auction block and it was her turn to shine, to attract the attention of bidders who wanted nothing more than to fuck her, use her and leave her for someone else. Her hips began to move of their own accord as his thumb worked her clit vigorously. He slid two impossibly long fingers along her slit and my breath caught as I watched his dark flesh sink slowly inside her, straight down to the knuckles. Her back arched as he fucked her with them and lifting her ass off the bed to accommodate his strokes she cried, “Yes! Oh fuck yes! To all of it…whatever you want…whatever you need, I’ll do it. All of it!”
Rob walked over and laid on the bed next to her and brushed his cock across her lips. “I want your mouth on me.” He said as his friend pulled her down to the edge of the bed and positioned himself between her legs. “Don’t stop sucking it, don’t take it out of your mouth. Agreed?”
She nodded as her lips wrapped around his cock head, tongue swirling through the pre-cum as she sucked him deeply. She cried out around a mouthful of cock as the dark god between her legs pushed all nine inches of his hard black cock into her slowly.
“Fuck Rob, you weren’t kidding when you said she was tight.” He groaned as he began to fuck her. “And she’s never been fucked in the ass?”
Rob pulled his cock out of her mouth and turned her head to face the man fucking her. “Tell the nice man with his cock buried deep inside you what you’ve had in your ass.” He said and she groaned as he pinched her nipples.
“Your tongue…Robs tongue. Nothing else I swear. Robs tongue was the first and only thing I’ve ever had in my ass.” She gasped and cried out when the man between her legs began to fuck her mercilessly.
“Good answer.” Rob said with a grin as she cupped his balls and forced his cock into her mouth, trying to take as much of it as she could. “Tonight that changes. Tonight one of us is going to fuck your tight virgin ass for all it’s worth. Would you like that baby?”
She was about to respond when she convulsed and dug her nails into his thigh as an orgasm crashed down on her followed by another and another. I zoomed in on his cock as it pulled almost all of the way out then slid back in again with increasing speed and my cock grew hard at the sight of her pink slit stretched around that ebony shaft. At the sight of her wetness as she came, coating him in her sweet juices. Then he pulled her off the bed and flung her down so that she was bent over it. His cock slipped right back into my baby’s quivering slit and he pushed one impossibly large thumb into her ass and began fucking her with it.
“Your man looks like he’s going to cum in his pants.” Rob said with a laugh. “Come here and give me the camera.” He said and I did. “Now I want you to stroke your cock and I want you to make yourself cum for me. She doesn’t get to have your cock anymore tonight. Tonight she belongs to Trey and I. Isn’t that right Trey?” Her asked and the man grinned.
“Tonight and any other night we want her.” He said with a laugh. “Isn’t that right baby?” He asked as he slapped her ass hard.
“Yes. Yes, whenever you want. Whatever you want. I’m yours.” She panted as Trey continued to plunder her aching pussy. She seemed to cum with every six or seven strokes of his cock, her body no longer her own, didn’t respond to anything but their cocks, their hands and their mouths.
My breathing quickened and I began to stroke my cock faster and faster. The thought of her being used like this, not for money but for pleasure was heady. My baby, the woman that I loved was going to forevermore be someone that these men could call on to service them anywhere…anytime. Rob had told me of some of his plans. Plans that would have her servicing them in bathrooms at bars, on her knees under the table at restaurants, in their offices at the busiest times of the day. He also hinted at making her strip on amateur night so that men could bid on her with their tips, the highest tipper taking her into one of the VIP lounges where she would service him with thirty or more patrons cheering her on. She would be left there, at the mercy of the men around her. Men who would have the opportunity to slake their desires. He spoke of her laying bound to a table naked. Her magnificent body a cum stained canvas that women would pay to lick clean.
I groaned and he took my arm. “Here, cum on my cock.” He said as he placed himself into her hand. “I want your woman to lick and suck your cum off of my cock.”
She wrapped her hand around his shaft and stroked it as I came. My seed coated his cock and her hand and with a moan, she wrapped her lips around this other man’s cock and licked him clean. Kneeling he took his cock from her mouth and began to stroke it faster and faster. “Open your mouth.” He instructed her and she did, tongue out waiting for his seed. “Fuck!” He cried as his cum splattered across her face and into her hair. He plunged his cock into her mouth and kept coming. She swallowed as fast as she could but just as her lips wrapped around him, she came violently. Her wet sheath clutched at Trey’s cock, squeezing it and he cried out and pounded into her relentlessly as he came, filling her and like Rob before him, he kept fucking her.
She lay there, incapable of moving. Rob’s cum dripping from her hair and face, Trey’s cum leaking from her swollen and abused pussy. Rob walked behind her and slipped inside her, coating his cock with Trey’s cum. He moved inside her until she whimpered and pulling from her, moved her onto the bed. “Lick and suck us clean and we’ll save your ass for another night.” He said as he nudged her lips with his cock. Her mouth opened and she sucked him into the wet cavern, her lips sealing them in the most intimate of embraces.
He slid his cock in and out of her mouth gently and as she wrapped her tiny hand around his shaft and pulled back his flesh, exposing his fat plum shaped head to the night air, he sighed. “That’s why I chose her.” He said as she worked his head clean. “She’s attentive and never misses a drop.”
Trey stepped next to him and Rob stepped away, allowing the man his time with my woman’s mouth. She took him into her hand and gasped at the sheer size of him. Stroking him, she opened her mouth and I marvelled at the sight of his long black cock as her lips wrapped around him. The contrast of their flesh, the intimacy of her taking him into her mouth, not knowing who he was or how he looked made me painfully hard. She sucked and licked every last inch of him and grabbing his ass, worked his balls into her mouth one at a time.
“Oh she will do nicely.” Trey murmured. “I was thinking of Colin’s birthday next week.”
“Nice,” Rob said and laughed. “Colin would love her as a gift.
“You want to be Colin’s birthday present baby?” Trey asked softly and she nodded vigorously. Pulling his cock from her mouth, she stroked it slowly and said quietly, “Yes If he’ll have me then yes. Whatever he wants.” She added. What she didn’t know was that she was going to be Colin’s birthday present anyway. One way or the other Colin was the next complete stranger that was going to fuck my girl. Colin and his friends.
Trey pulled out of her hand and she moaned in protest. “That’s enough for tonight. I’ll review the footage and send it to you. As I’ve said, I’ll be sending it to others as well. Your mate here will see us out and then he’ll bathe you. You are under no circumstances allowed to suck or fuck anyone until you hear back from me. Understood?” She nodded her consent even as her fingers trailed across her swollen and well fucked flesh.
“What if I want more…need more…now?” She asked meekly and Rob laughed.
“Do you?” He asked as he began to stroke his cock. Trey mounted the camera on the tripod and winked at me.
“Yes.” She whispered.
He moved her to the center of the bed and spread her legs wide, nudging between them, his cock poised at her entrance. “You’re certain?” He asked again.
“Please.” She whimpered as he pushed the tip of him inside her.
“And if it hurts? Do I stop if it hurts?” He asked, already knowing the answer. My baby loved sex but after what these men did to her, separately and together, she was wanton with desire.
“Stop when you cum.” She gasped and he plunged his cock straight inside her. He leaned over her, cock buried to the hilt and instructed us to hold her legs up and out. We did, stretching her legs wide apart, allowing him to drive into her deeper than ever before. Slow measured strokes were followed by deep punishing ones again and again as her moans became cries and her cries became screams of undiluted pleasure. Her voice guttural as he drove his cock home again and again.
I watched as she convulsed as orgasm after orgasm tore through her in a tidal wave of pleasure. Her hands still bound, stretched above her head, her breasts swaying wildly, her nipples plump and hard. I could feel her legs tremble with each orgasm, felt her skin go slick with sweat. Her lust poured from between her legs as Rob drove into her over and over. This wasn’t love making or sex or even fucking. This was Rob punishing my woman for asking for more. Time slowed and I watched as her mouth opened in a silent scream as Rob poured himself into her. He withdrew his cock and stroked it, shooting thick wads of salty cum across her stomach and tits. He shifted and slipped from the bed, instructing us to drop her legs. We did and she lay there, legs akimbo as Rob’s seed poured from her.
“Now you’ve been thoroughly and properly fucked.” He said as he wiped himself down with a towel from the bathroom. “You’ll have the video emailed to you as early as tomorrow morning and should Trey here decide that you’ve passed the audition, you’ll have three days to rest and heal. Thursday, someone will be back to make sure you’re capable of being fucked in the ass for long periods of time so be ready. He doesn’t understand the meaning of the words no or stop and if he likes your ass, he’ll fuck you so thoroughly you’ll think you’ve been raped by a cell block full of men doing hard time. Until then, rest. No sex, no extraneous activities. You’ll need to be in fine form for the birthday boy, seeing that you’ve accepted the offer of being his present.”
I walked them to the door and watched them leave. Tonight hadn’t gone as planned but it was a night to remember and as far as I could tell, the first of many. Upstairs, my woman was in bed. She’d fucked and sucked two of the biggest cocks I’d ever seen and that she had ever had. She’d swallowed load after load of cum and had two different men cum inside her well fucked pussy. Now I was to bathe her and not fuck her. The rules were simple, she would be groomed, would do as she was told and I would watch and wait as she was used for the pleasure of others. She could pull the switch at any time, put an end to it but would she? More to the point…did I want her to?
I went upstairs to find her struggling to sit up. Carefully, I lifted her into my arms and walked to the bathroom. Placing her gently down on the toilet seat, I turned and started the bath. It was a soaker tub with room for two so I stripped out of my clothes and stared down at my woman, legs still trembling as she worried the scarf that bound her wrists with her teeth. “Here, let me.” I said gently and she held her hands out to me. I made quick work of the scarf and dropped it into the hamper. It was stained with the cum of three different men and sodden.
She rubbed her wrists but made no move to remove the blindfold that was secured to her head with another scarf. I went to remove it and she flinched. “Do you still love me?” She asked and I was struck dumb by the question. “Do you?” She prompted, voice trembling.
“I should ask you the same thing.” I countered. “When I’d seen Rob at the gym all I could think about was watching him fuck you. Watching that massive cock of his driving deep into you. We talked and he made me really think about what I wanted.”
“And what was it you wanted?” She asked softly.
“I wanted for you to have him in every way. I wanted for him to seduce you and make you want him. God help me but I wanted to watch as another man fucked you, so I told him and he came back to me two days later with an offer.” I said as my voice caught.
“And his offer was to groom me so that I could find pleasure at the hands, mouths and cocks of his friends?” She asked as she worked the scarf off from around her head. “That you could watch, record and possibly participate?”
“Yes,” I said softly. “I’m sorry but…yes.”
She took the blindfold off and smiled up at me. That smile was the sweetest gift I’d ever been given. “Don’t be sorry.” She said as she took my hands. “When you came home and told me about the man with the enormous cock at the gym, I was intrigued. Then when you friended him on Facebook and he started emailing you I got anxious. Between his profile pictures you’d shown me and the emails he was sending you about his conquests, I wanted him in the most carnal way. Not just him but you both, together…at the same time.” She paused and drew in a ragged breath. “When you told me you’d invited him over for dinner, I knew that I was going to wear my shortest skirt. I knew that I was going to go bra and panty less. I knew that one way or the other I was going to fuck you both.”
I drew her to her feet and helped her into the tub as she continued. “Then you made sure that he was sitting next to me and he made sure I had a good look at his cock as it lay there trapped between his thigh and his pants. I wanted to make my intentions clear when I bent over at the refrigerator and flashed you both my snatch but nothing happened so I sat next to him, closer than before and spread my legs, nudging his in invitation. I felt him stroke my thigh under the table and I nearly fell off the chair. When his fingers slipped inside me all I could think of was that he was bolder than anyone I’d ever met and I ran my hand up his leg in return. I felt his cock through his pants, felt it lengthen and grow harder, thicker and knew that I wanted him right then and there and that you needed to leave.”
She blushed at the admission and sank lower into the tub. “How did it feel?” I asked as I began washing her arms and shoulders. “How did it feel when you wrapped your hand around his shaft? When you stroked it and first took it into your mouth?”
“Good.” She whispered as a faint blush crept into her cheeks. “When he bent me over the table and took me, I’d never felt anything like it. It ripped apart what was left of my inhibitions. His cock was stretching me, touching places inside me I’d never been touched. Then you walked in and smiled down at me and I knew that this was what I’d always wanted.” She paused and turned in the tub so that I could get at her back and wash it.
I ran the sponge across her back in slow circles and waited for her to continue. Finally, as she lay back against me she sighed. “Then what he did to me in the shower. Making you spread me wide for his tongue. Feeling it slip inside me, inside my ass. Knowing how wrong it was but wanting…no, craving that invasion. I realized then that more than anything, I wanted to be fucked there. I wanted a cock to be buried deep inside me. Inside my ass. His tongue did things to me, did things inside me I never thought possible.”
I began to run the sponge over her breasts and she gasped as it scraped across her painfully erect nipples. I paused and murmured an apology but she shook her head and braced her arms on either side of the tub. “Again.” She breathed. “Do it again and don’t stop…please.” I resumed running the sponge across first one breast then the other and felt her tremble beneath me. “Faster.” She whispered and taking another mesh sponge from the ledge, I worked both of her breasts, focusing on her over-sensitized nipples. Seconds passed and her legs slammed together then apart. She braced her feet against the end of the tub and pressed back against me as she came, crying out a guttural curse as the orgasm crested and peaked.
“Oh god that’s good.” She moaned as I continued to rub the abrading sponges across her breasts and down her stomach. “Lower.” She whispered and spread her legs wide for me. “Wash me lower.” Discarding one of the sponges, I took the other and rubbed it between her legs and across the still swollen flesh there. She gasped and arched her back, grinding her sweet heat against the sponge in my hand. I stilled and watched as she bucked against it. Waited as she ground against it, bringing herself to a second and third orgasm in rapid succession. Finally her legs gave out and fell back against me with a groan.
“You’re insatiable.” I laughed and she nodded.
“Hey buddy, you woke up the beast. Now you get to live with her.” She replied and smiled up at me. “I still want it.” She whispered as I made quick work of her legs and feet.
“Still want it?” I asked as I stood and helped her out of the tub, wrapping her in a towel as I did.
“I want you to take me into the bedroom and take me from behind. I want you to be the one who takes my ass for the first time.” She finished and blushed profusely.
“Babe,” I said gently. You have to be sore. You must be tired.”
“You set me up to fuck a complete stranger tonight.” She said vehemently. “You watched…no videotaped me being fucked by two complete strangers, watched as they came inside me, in my mouth and all over my body. You gave them the tape and have plans for me to be lent out to other strange men to have other cocks fill my mouth, pussy and ass at their whimsy and you want to deny me the pleasure of having the man I love, the man I would do anything for, take my ass for the first time?” The last was spoken on a whisper of breath. I hesitated and she continued. “Do it tonight or I swear I will find the biggest cock I can find and have him rape my ass while you watch, tied to a chair and helpless.”
“You wanted this remember?” She said as she strode out of the bathroom and into the bedroom where she crawled onto the bed and rolled across the cum stained sheets. “Here I am baby, covered in the cum of two men I’d never met until tonight. I still taste their cum in my mouth, still feel it seeping out of me. Come and take my ass and claim it as your own.”
I stepped into the room and took the bottle of lube from the nightstand and threw it on the bed next to her. She took it and threw it onto the floor. “You won’t be needing that and you won’t be needing the condom.” She said as she nodded at the foil packet in my hand. “I want you to fuck my tight, wet pussy baby. I want you to fuck their cum out of me and get your cock all lubed up with it. Then I want you to fuck me in the ass and don’t you dare pull out until the last drop of your cum is pounded deep inside me. It’s the only place I don’t have cum and I want it to be yours I feel seeping out of me as I drift off to sleep. Understood?” She asked as she cupped her breasts and dipping her head, licked the cum off of it.
My cock was harder than I’d ever felt it and if she wanted me to breed her ass then I would. With pleasure. I slipped between her legs and pushed myself into her clutching slit slowly, revelling in the sensation of Trey’s and Rob’s cum as it wrapped around my shaft like a lover. I fucked her slowly, watched as her breath caught and her fingers nimbly pinched and pulled on her nipples. One small hand slipped between her legs and took my shaft as I pulled almost all of the way out, encircling me. I pushed back in as far as her hand would allow and stopped short when she pulled her hand away, fingers coated with their cum and began sucking and licking them clean.
“That is the hottest fucking thing I’ve ever seen.” I breathed as I pushed all the way back into her.
“Oh baby,” She moaned as she continued to lick her hands clean. “They taste so fucking good. I wish they were here to fuck my mouth again. To cum in my mouth while you fuck me.”
“You like it when someone cums in your sweet little mouth eh?” I teased, knowing full well that sucking a cock dry was one of her favorite things.
“Tie me to a chair and line them up baby.” She purred. “I want an entire football team to cum in my mouth, on my face and tits, wherever they want to cum is right where I want it.”
“A football team eh? Careful what you wish for baby. Rob and Trey will make it happen.”
“Do you think so?” She gasped and I knew that if they could, she would participate without question.
“I’ll ask them.” I said as I slipped from her and pushing her legs back, rubbed my cock head against her tight, virgin asshole. “Ready baby?” I asked as I pressed against her gently.
She reached down and spread her ass cheeks for me, giving me a view of her tight puckered hole and nodded. Slipping two fingers inside her sopping slit, I rubbed Trey and Rob’s cum along her asshole and slowly pushed a finger inside. She moaned and bit her lip as I fucked her slowly with it and finally, with a gasp said, “Fuck my tight little ass baby. Fuck me with that big fucking cock of yours.”
Grasping my cock, I pulled my finger from her and pressed it against her opening. I watched as my cock head slowly spread her and as she exhaled slowly, I entered her with a soft pop. Her ass was gloriously tight and I stilled to let her get a feel for it. “More.” She said and that one word almost made me cum.
I pushed in deeper and watched as my woman’s virgin ass took me inch by cum covered inch until I was buried balls deep inside her. “Fuck that feels good.” She moaned as I slowly pulled out an inch or two and pushed back in. “More.” She repeated and I pulled out further and drove back in a little harder. “Fuck yes!” She cried. “More. Deeper. Harder!”
“Fuck baby, you’re so tight. I won’t last long.” I complained as I pulled almost all eight inches out of her and pounded it back in.
“God, fuck, yes!” She shouted as she came, her ass clutching down on my driving cock. “More. Take my ass baby. Rape my ass and fuck your cum deep inside me!”
I lasted about another dozen deep, ass raping strokes and with a cry, buried myself to the hilt inside her and poured my seed into her trembling ass. I began to pull my still hard cock out of her and she stopped me. “I want to ride you. To feel your cum leak out of me while I ride you then I want to watch as your magnificent cock slips from me.”
Hugging her, I turned us so that she was on top and watched as she got her balance. Leaning over me, she looked down between us and slowly began to bounce up and down on my cock, watching as my cum slipped out of her. “Feels so good.” She moaned as she began to bounce higher and higher. “Oh fuck.” She gasped as she came, her body trembling violently and exhausted, pulled herself off of me and stretched out on her back next to me, legs spread wide.
I slipped between her legs, kissing her inner thighs as I moved up between them. “What you doing?” She murmured as sleep began to drag her down into its dark embrace.
“Kissing you goodnight.” I whispered as I dragged my tongue along her slit. Her legs spread of their own accord and spreading her swollen lips, I pushed my tongue deep inside her, tasting the men that had filled her with cum so completely that it still seeped from her. Men that would use her on a whim. Men who had plans for the woman I loved. Plans that included her being the birthday present for their friend and six of his friends. Seven men that could and would use her as they pleased for three days straight. The birthday boys only stipulation was that as a tattoo artist and someone who worked with piercings on a daily basis, he wanted the honor of piercing my woman’s perfect nipples that weekend. A stipulation that Rob and Trey had agreed to without question.
We woke the next morning to the sun streaming through the bedroom window and with a glance at the clock I noted that we’d slept almost ten hours straight. My baby slept next to me, curled up in a ball and snoring softly. Slipping from the bed, I noticed that there was blood mixed in with my cum that had seeped from her newly fucked asshole but not enough to cause alarm. Tiptoeing from the bedroom I made my way downstairs and put on a pot of coffee after booting up the laptop in the living room. Coffee on, I keyed in my password and moments later, after the hard drive had completed its calisthenics, my email service provider pinged once softly. I glanced down at the icon and my heart skipped a beat. There, in the header were six simple words, “Congratulations. You belong to us now.”
I opened the email and read the brief instructions. “Marc. She passed with flying colors. Colin is pleased with the video and we’ve had several offers since we sent this out at nine am. By several we mean, eleven. We will weed through them and instruct you as to where she will need to be, when and what to expect. Colin’s birthday is in seven days so she will need to be rested. He has six guests arriving the day after tomorrow and we expect that she will be thoroughly used all three days. Colin knows that she is to be fed and that she will need sleep but beyond the eight hours he’s agreed to it is our guess that she will be useless to us for two to three weeks after the party. It is your responsibility to ensure that she recuperates swiftly because as demand increases, so will her need to be available. As always, she may stop anytime she wants to but only after she’s done servicing whatever client she’s with at the time. Watch the video with her and remind her that her complete acceptance last night of her part in Colin’s birthday constitutes a binding agreement and until he and his friends allotted time abusing that sweet woman of yours is past, she cannot and will not refuse them in anything.”
I blew out the breath I’d been holding and glanced up to see her watching me from the stairs, a sheet wrapped around that delicious body of hers. “Bad news?” She asked and I could hear the fear in her voice that she’d been completely and thoroughly fucked and was now inconsequential. I patted the seat next to me on the sofa and dragged the laptop onto my lap. She snuggled in and kissed my cheek and nodded at the laptop. “Let’s see.” She said and I raised the lid.
I watched as she read, trying to gauge her reaction but she gave nothing away. Finally she looked at me and said, “You ok with this? Me, away for three days? Seven guys?”
“If we’re playing by their rules I don’t think we have much of a choice now do we?” I asked then added, “You ok with this? A lot of how they say things is all part and parcel of their little role playing game. You can say no and it ends now.”
“is it bad that I don’t want to disappoint them? That I’m afraid that if I do they won’t want to fuck me anymore?” I watched her for a second, uncertain as to how to respond and she quickly added, “That’s stupid right?”
Did you like having their cocks deep inside you?” I asked and she nodded shyly. “Liked feeling their cum as they pumped it into you? Liked swallowing their cum, licking them clean and feeling wanton and used?” Again she nodded. “If you want this baby. If you think you can handle seven complete strangers fucking your mouth, pussy and ass sometimes two or three at a time, if it’s something you want to experience and think you can live with after the fact then do it. No one will hurt you beyond the pain that is associated with intense pleasure but that being said it is three days away from everyone you know, someplace unknown with seven complete strangers who are there solely to use you as their personal and disposable fuck toy for a total of forty-eight out of the seventy-two hours you’ll be gone.”
She stared at the screen and didn’t say a word, her brow furrowed and her mouth set in a grim line. “If it’s something you want, I won’t stop you. Just come home to me when it’s all over.” I Said finally.
“Always.” Was her simple response.
“So you’re going to do it?” I asked.
“Let’s watch the video.”
I poured us two cups of coffee that were left untouched as the video started. My girl watched as the “her” in the video wrapped her lips wrapped around Rob’s cock as he began to fuck her mouth. Her legs parted at the sound of Trey’s voice, a sound she only associated with a massive cock that had fucked her deeper and harder than anyone she’d ever had. I watched as her legs spread and her hand slipped between them, watched as she watched the screen filled with Rob’s cock and her mouth as she tried to deep throat him. Her fingers worked her clit faster and faster as the camera worked its way down across her perfect breasts, along the flat of her stomach and as the camera took in the ebony length of Trey’s shaft as it slowly pushed itself inside her, the woman to my right came violently as she sighed one single word…”Beautiful.”
She watched the video over and over, fingering herself furiously without pause, spreading her legs and leering at me, begging me to fuck her as she watched the video of her being raped by two strangers. Finally, I set the video to loop and bent her over the back of the sofa so we could both watch as I fucked her. Finally, as I came inside her wet, throbbing pussy the email icon popped up. Another message from Rob.
She lay draped over the back of the sofa on trembling legs as my cum seeped out of her and dripped down her thighs as I opened the email. “Read it to me.” She said as she laid her head on her arms and closed her eyes.
Clearing my throat, I started. “Marc, I am assuming that you’ve both watched the video several times now and that she knows that yes, she was fucked by the biggest, blackest cock I could find. Trey would like to thank you for allowing him to use your girls mouth and cunt last night but wants you to know it wasn’t a one-time deal. We’ve decided that it will be Trey who comes to fuck your woman’s ass in preparation for Colin’s party. If she can handle all of Trey’s cock in that virgin ass of hers, can handle being fucked raw and thoroughly, she might make it out of Colin’s party none the worse for wear. She will be fucked bare back because a part of Colin’s wishes is to have her arrive, mingle, have a drink or two then be forced into a room where he will take her. She will not be harmed but it is one of Colin’s wishes that he take her against her will. Once done with her, he will tie her to the bed in such a fashion that his guests might come and have her as well. The second of Colin’s wishes is to “break” her so that she submits to their every whim no matter how deprave. I haven’t asked how he intends to do that but I trust that if he wants her broken, broken she will be by the time they are done with her. All the men have been recently tested and are disease free so there is virtually zero chance of anyone contracting anything from anyone. I am only stating this to ease your minds. It is not uncommon for someone to be fucked in the ass and expected to suck and lick their partners cocks clean.” I stopped there and glanced behind me.
“Keep reading.” She said softly. “I want to hear all of it.”
“The third of his wishes is to have a marathon session where all seven men will fuck her in one of her three orifices at the same time, pausing only to switch or to stand back to allow another their place. Colin understands that everyone has their limits but means to push her well past hers in order to prepare her for the future. This he has agreed to do as a favor to me. We have already discussed Colin’s fourth and final wish which I must strongly re-iterate, is to remain confidential. It is as much for her as it is for him. Finally, Thursday night I would appreciate it if you left the house. There is a room set up at the Royale for you and as agreed upon, the television will be set to channel fourteen. You will be able to watch as Trey and your woman do what animals do best. She won’t know when to expect him so there is no point in her trying to be prepared. I’ll ring you just before he arrives so you can watch him force himself on her, watch as he rapes her mouth, pussy and ass repeatedly until she is of no more use to him. She will not be harmed but make no mistake about it, Trey is there to “rape” your woman, not make love to her. She will be used and degraded and if she puts up a good fight, all the better.”
I shut the laptop and turned to look at her. “All you have to do is say no babe.” I said gently but all she did was stare directly ahead and as I watched her eyes glaze over I realized she was about to make herself cum. Her free hand clutched my shoulder, her nails digging in as she came three times in rapid succession. The third orgasm forced an cry from her I’d never heard and I knew she was lost to the thought of being everything Trey and Rob wanted her to be. Wanton, depraved and a whore for their lusts. I was about to get up and carry her back to the bedroom when her voice, broken and hoarse stopped me.
“Taste me.” She croaked. “Come taste me. I want you to taste me before all of these men, all of these beautiful and dangerous men fuck and rape and break me. Taste me while I’m still yours because when they’re done with me I won’t ever taste the same again.”
I skirted the sofa and knelt behind the most exquisite ass I’d ever seen and as she continued to rub her clit, I spread her ass with both hands and dragged my tongue from her asshole to slit and back again. I plunged my tongue deep inside her as she came and then flicked it along her tight puckered hole, forcing it into her as she moaned her approval. I continued my ministrations as she made herself cum a total of nine times before I stood, palming my rigid cock and driving it into her violently. She screamed at the sudden violation but her scream and subsequent screams fell on deaf ears. My hands fisted in her hair and I used it for leverage for my thrusts. Her legs gave out and she lay bent over the sofa with me driving into her already sore and ravaged pussy. She came again violently, her lust spraying from her as I pulled all the way out and pulling her back, pushed it against her tight little asshole.
“Please Marc, no.” She moaned but I was lost. They’d wanted her ass so I took it first. They wanted her raped so I would be the first to rape her and if they wanted her broken then I’d be the one to break her.
I took her and held her upright by the arms and whispered harshly in her ear, “This will only hurt if you fight me.” And with those words, I drove my cock deep into my girls tight brown hole and fucked her until I came in hot, gushing spurts. I held her as my cum leaked out of her and sweeping her into my arms, I carried her back to the bedroom.
Tucking her into bed, I laid next to her and held her trembling body. “Thank you baby.” She whispered. “Thank you for loving me enough to want to be my first in everything.”
Tuesday and Wednesday slipped by quietly. The calm before the storm if you will and as I got ready for work, I wondered about tonight. How would she react? What would he do to her to break her, degrade her? Was she ready?
I entered the kitchen and paused in the doorway long enough to admire her in her work clothes. Pencil skirt and thigh highs, tight white blouse and a sheer black demi-bra. Four inch heels round out the outfit and I don’t even have to guess that she isn’t wearing anything under the skirt. “You look great.” I say as I walk up behind her and wrap my arms around her.
“Thanks,” She replies as she turns and kisses me. “So, today’s the day eh?”
“Yeah,” I mutter. “You going to be ok?”
“I guess we’ll see right? They promised I wouldn’t be hurt but I am to be broken, degraded and raped. Sounds like another day at the park right?” She laughed but her nervousness dulled the sound. “Besides, the hotel’s only a fifteen minute drive from here and you’ll be watching so…you’ll come right? If something happens?”
I hugged her tighter and kissed her head. “Of course I will baby,” I said. “You can stop this anytime you want to.”
“I could,” She said as she turned in my arms and held me tight. “But I don’t want to.”
I held her at arm’s length and peered at her. “Ok,” I said finally and with a smile I didn’t feel.
“Call me around lunch time?” She asked as she rubbed my cock through my pants.
“But of course.” I said as I slipped my hand between her legs and ran it up to the sweetest pussy on earth. “Oh…nice!” I said as I rubbed a finger along her slick, wet slit.
“Kinda hard not to be excited,” She said as she turned and put her lunch into her bag. “I have had his cock so I’m I guess I’m kind of anxious to have it again.”
“Be safe.” I said, kissing her.
“I will baby. See you in the morning?”
“Or whenever I get the green light to come back home.” I said wistfully as I stepped into the garage and started up the car.
No sooner had I pulled out of the garage and headed down the street, when four men entered the house via the side door. My girl was just about to step out of the house when a hand clamped down on her mouth and she was dragged back into the living room. She fought against her assailant and even screamed against the hand gagging her but as he turned her to face the three other men standing there, she froze up completely.
Sitting on the sofa was Trey, looking smug. “Change of plans.” He said as he stood and towered over her. He grabbed her blouse and ripped it off of her in one smooth motion. Next, the bra and as her breasts swung free, he slapped them over and over again, his massive hands raising welts, stiffening her nipples.
She pulled free of the man holding her and bolted for the door but before she made it even half way, another of the men grabbed her by the hair violently, throwing her to the ground. “That’s it you little whore, now you’re going to get what’s coming to you.” Another said as he helped the first drag her to her feet.
“Like I said,” Trey repeated. “Change of plans. Your husband will get to watch but only once we’re done with you.” He glanced at the men and smiled. “Don’t hurt her more than you have to.” He said with ice in his voice. “Rape every hole, each of you. Fill every hole with your cum and if she struggles, do what you feel like to make her submit and if she seems too compliant, do what you feel like to make her struggle. No welts or bruises but the odd bite marks are fine. Beat her with a belt or slap her into struggling submission but never, ever touch her face unless you need to hold her head still while deep throating her. I want her thoroughly raped and fucked into unconsciousness. That,” He said with a grin aimed right at her. “Should get you nice and ready.”
She struggled, fought for all she was worth but in the end, she was dragged upstairs, stripped bare and was on her knees, gagging on a cock that rivaled Treys in length but dwarfed it in sheer thickness. One of the others moved behind her and grabbed her breasts in both hands, squeezing them hard, twisting her nipples painfully and all she could do was cry out around the mouthful of cock she was being forced to swallow.
A finger entered her slit, followed by another and another. The man finger fucking her was pounding his fingers into her knuckle deep. Violent, punishing blows that had her cumming in seconds. “Like that eh?” He rasped as he lifted her and threw her on the bed where the third man lay waiting. One grabbed her by the hair, forcing her onto her knees and settling her astride the giant black cock. Hand still holding her by the hair, her breasts were slapped and pinched and her ass, spanked until red welts raised on her tender pale flesh.
“Climb on you fucking whore.” The man beneath her growled. “Climb on and start fucking me like the dirty little black cock whore I know you are.”
She hesitated, only for a second but was rewarded by having her head pulled back violently by her hair. “Do it bitch,” The man growled in her ear. “Don’t make me hurt you.” She steadied herself and reaching behind her, grabbed the huge black cock in her tiny little hand and rubbed the fat cock head against her slit. The head pressed against her tight little opening and with an upward thrust, the man beneath her was buried into her balls deep. She screamed as the pain of the forceful invasion obliterated the pleasure and fell forwards on top of him.
He pulled out and punched upwards, again and again, violating her viciously as the man behind her continued to spank her. Looking up, she watched as the third man knelt next to her, stroking his long hard shaft. The head dripped pre-cum and leaning in, he wiped it across her lips. “Open up and suck you greedy little whore.” He said as he fisted a hand in her hair. She did, taking his cock into her mouth as he began to fuck her with it. His free hand pulled and pinched her nipples painfully and she fought back a sob as she felt the man behind her place a hand on her lower back.
“Last hole bitch.” He said with a laugh. “Now we’re really going to get this party started.” He flicked his tongue along her tight brown asshole, pushing the tip of it into her slowly then, taking his cock in hand, he rubbed the head of it against her opening. Leaning forward, he whispered, “This is going to hurt. This is what rape feels like. Be afraid, scream for help, fight us if you don’t want to be broken but know this; we have the whole fucking day to use you. And we will. We’re going to fill you with so much black cum nothing will wash the taste of it from your mouth and every time that husband of yours goes down on you, he’s going to taste us. After today,” He said as he drove his cock deep into her ass. “After today, every time you see a black guy you’re going to want him to fuck you, use you, rape you. After today, your tight little body will be reserved for black cock only. Fight us if you want but in your mind, you already know it’s true. In your heart, you already know it’s a done deal.”
Try as she might, there was no shaking off the words he had spoken. They were like a benediction in her ear. One that subdued her heart and her will. He was right. This was what rape felt like. Her pussy, mouth and ass, open, gaping, filled with long, hard, thick black cock. Nothing felt like it. Their cocks like pistons driving in and out of her holes, filling her like never before and the taste of their cum was like ambrosia. The one in her mouth grunted first and a splash of cum hit the back of her throat. The second coated her tongue and all of the rest she greedily swallowed down as the man in her ass clutched at her hips and drove his cock into her deeply. With a cry he came, filling her ass. Fucking his seed deep inside her, coating his own cock with it.
Pulling out of her ravaged ass, he presented her his cock and without a thought, she opened her mouth and started sucking and licking him clean. “That’s right baby, taste your ass on my cock. Lick my cum off of it and swallow every drop.” She grunted her approval as he fucked her mouth then as he pulled free, she was lifted, thrown onto her back and impaled once again by the man in her pussy. “Fuck her man,” The one who had raped her ass cheered. “Fuck her until she screams.”
The man on top of her ground his cock deep inside her and caught her throat in an iron grip. He pulled out what was easily ten inches of ebony steel and drove it back in viciously. As his fucking picked up speed so did the feral look in his eyes. This man was a sadist. She could see it in him. He lived to inflict pain on others and today wasn’t going to be an exception. “You’ve had your fun being fucked in the mouth and ass,” He said with a snarl. “Now you learn to fear. Now you learn what true rape is.”
That said, he hauled her off of the bed and threw her against the wall. Before she could process what had just happened, he was on her. He turned her and slammed her against the wall, holding her there by the throat and impaled her on his cock.
Her eyes flew open in shock as her ass stretched to accommodate his thickness but she was just too little. She felt a little sting and knew that he’d torn her. She felt wetness seep from her but whether it was cum, blood or her own desire, she wasn’t sure. “No, please, no.” She stammered as he began to drive into her, lifting her off of her feet with every upward thrust.
“No?” He sneered. “You don’t tell me no bitch. You can beg me for it harder but you don’t tell me no.” He finished as he bent her over at the waist and slammed into her. Her mouth opened in a silent scream and immediately, a cock was shoved in, choking her. The third man stepped next to her as she was being spit-roasted and wrapped both hands around her neck. She felt him tighten his grip, felt the air escape her lungs and felt the painful intake of air. Not enough air. They were going to fuck her as she choked out and they’d laugh about it.
Her eyes bulged and her lungs burned as she flailed. She felt the one raping her ass pull all of the way out and then slam back into her sopping wet pussy but it was something she felt as if from a million miles away. Stars burst across her vision and a surge of panic lapped at her lust as she thought of dying here, at the hands of these men. Funny, how dying could feel so good. Endless waves of orgasm after orgasm as the life left her. She smiled around the cock that was gagging her and let herself go.

She woke up hours later, lying across the edge of the bed, hands tied to either bed post, ass in the air and feet barely touching the ground. Cum still leaked from her ass and pussy, dribbling down her inner thighs to pool on the floor and her mouth, face and hair was coated in it. She lay there, the scent of sweat, sex, blood and cum ripe in the air and her tongue snaked out and lapped at the cum that had pooled on the sheets next to her mouth.
“Now,” Trey said from behind her. “Now, you are ready.”
That one word sent shivers down my spine as we watched the video. More. It was more than a word, it was a promise. We’d watched the tape together. Watched as my wife was gang raped by three black men who promised she’d never want a white cock again. Watched as they brutalized her, raped her and the one word my wife could utter after hours of being nothing more than a cum dumpster was…more.
Out of the corner of my eye I watched as she slipped a hand down between her legs and began to rub herself there as Trey, on the tape, untied her and turning her over gently, began to lick at her swollen and ravaged slit. “I agree, more.” He said as she began to buck under his ministrations. She cried out, voice hoarse as she came and I couldn’t tell if it was her on the tape or her next to me that made the sound.
I watched as Trey took my wife. Watched as he tenderly made love to her. Watched as she melted into his arms, her mouth seeking his and as his tongue snaked into her mouth, she guided his cock home. She sighed against his mouth as he filled her and began to grind against his cock as his long, nimble fingers sought out and found her still painfully erect nipples. She cried out as he bit her lower lip and began to punch his cock upwards, filling her. I watched as minutes turned to hours as he gently took my wife in every way possible. He came in her swollen and sore pussy and when he pulled out, she wrapped her lips around him and sucked and licked him clean, then hard again. Watching her being taken forcefully was a turn on but nothing prepared me for watching her not fuck, but make love to another man.
She stroked his long, thick shaft as he lapped at her cum filled slit and throwing her head back, she cried out as he made her cum not once but four times in rapid succession. “I could do this for hours.” He said softly as he began to kiss her again.
“Yes, please.” She panted against his lips as she rubbed his fat cum filled balls with one hand and traced the outline of his face with the other. Like a blind woman, she was committing every inch of him to tactile memory.
“You could have this every day if you wanted to. As many black cocks as you could handle. Pleasing you, taking you, filling you. No need for anyone to ever know.” He said as he slipped two long fingers between her folds. “Maybe we could make your husband watch. Just out of reach, knowing that only a black cock would ever satisfy you again.”
She bucked once, twice and a tiny cry escaped her as her own fingers mimicked what his were doing on the tape.
“Yes.” She sighed in perfect sync with herself on the tape.
Yes, the second word to punch me in the gut in as many minutes.
“Yes, if he’s good we could let him jerk off onto your tits after watching us.” Trey said softly.
She began to buck against his hand and as she came, Trey slipped the two fingers out of her quivering slit and into her freshly raped ass.
“Oh baby yes, I want your cock there. Fuck my ass baby, make it yours. Only yours.” She said as she spread her legs and lifted them off of the bed, giving Trey access to her completely. “Please?” She whispered and as Trey positioned himself between her legs, she pulled him down on top of her and kissed him deeply as his cock filled her tight little asshole.
I turned from the laptop to stare at my wife but it was as if she’d been transported someplace else. Someplace where black cocks ruled her world and the hands, mouth and cock of one man, Trey, owned her. Eyes shut, she rubbed her swollen clit with one hand while fingering her slit with the other. “Oh yes baby,” She whispered softly. “Oh yes, fuck me with that beautiful black cock of yours, breed me, own me.” She continued as her legs spread and her hips bucked wildly. I watched as she came then came again and as if she’d been dropped back into reality from her faraway place, she wrapped her hand around my neck and drew my face towards her core.
“Taste me?” She pleaded. “Lick me?”
I knelt before her and taking her from behind the knees, pushed her legs up and out, allowing me full access to her quivering core. I slid my tongue along her slit and slowly wormed it inside her. She tasted like sex and blood and I knew that they had indeed hurt her. Her hips swivelled and bucked against my mouth and digging her hands into my hair, she began to grind against my face and with a shout, came violently. “Oh fuck! Yes! Fuck! More, more…fuck me with your tongue, taste them, taste the cum of the men who raped me baby. Lick me clean. Do it, lick me clean for their cocks. Lick me clean for Trey’s cock. I’m a whore, I’m a whore.” She shouted and started to giggle. “Call them, bring them back. I want to be raped again. I want to be broken. Bring them back, please, please bring them back.”
I stared at her horrified and watched as she passed out from her exertions.
It was hours later and I was sitting in the living room with my head in my hands when I heard her upstairs. When I found her, she was on her knees, before the toilet retching loudly. I watched as she pushed two fingers down her throat in a futile attempt to bring up whatever was left. “Out, I want it out.” She murmured softly as she rocked back and forth on her knees. “Get it out, oh god I can taste them, get it out, get it out.” She continued to whimper and silently, I took the bottle of mouthwash and twisted off the cap.
“Here,” I said and the look on her face when she looked up at me was heart wrenching. “This should help.” She took the bottle, tilted her head back and swallowed a gulp before I could stop her. She heaved once as the liquid burned a trail down her throat and quickly took another swig before shoving two fingers down her throat again. I held her hair for her and washed her face before wrapping her in a quilt and carrying her downstairs. Settling her on the sofa, I turned on the news and made us a drink. When I returned with the rum and diets, heavy on the rum, she switched off the television and stared at me.
“Do you hate me?” She asked simply and I shook my head. “That wasn’t me before, that isn’t me.” She continued. “They kept making me drink water during the whole…mess and before I knew it, I was too far gone to remember much of anything except for how good it all felt, how good it felt to be used.”
“You don’t have to explain babe,” I said softly. “It ends tonight.”
She was about to reply when the doorbell sounded and kissing her softly, I went to answer the door. I pulled it open expecting to be harassed by some religious nut job or peddler but instead I came face to face with the man who had orchestrated the rape and degradation of my wife. “It’s over,” I seethed and went to slam the door in his face only to have him stop it with one hand.
“Oh it’s just beginning.” He said matter-of-factly and stepped past me into the house. “I’m just here for a minute to see if it took and if it did, I’ll be on my way as soon as that sweet little bitch of yours allows me to leave.” He took my arm, steered me into the next room and forced me into a chair. He hand cuffed me to the sturdy wooden arms and shoved a rag into my mouth and followed it up with a strip of duct tape. “Now sit here and watch. I’m interested in seeing if this little experiment worked. If it hasn’t I’ll be on my way and you’ll never see me again.”
Turning, he smirked and in that deep, rich voice of his called out three simple words, “I’m home Tia.”
“Tia?” I wondered. “Who the fuck is Tia?”
With a delighted shriek, my wife sprang from the sofa and rounded the corner. Without a glance in my direction, she jumped up in Trey’s arms, wrapped her legs around his waist and kissed him with more passion than I’d ever witnessed.
“Oh baby, I’ve missed you. What took you so long?” She asked.
“Just tying up loose ends.” He said with a glance in my direction.
“Friend of yours?” She asked before kissing him again.
“Not really.” He said as he cupped her ass and gave it a squeeze. “How’d you like to make his day?” He asked. “Pretty sure he’s never seen a babe like you make sweet love to a big black cock. How about it? Want to ride the only cock you’ll ever want and give him a show?”
I watched as my wife bit her lip and slid down Treys body, on her knees she undid his pants and freed his cock. She took it into her tiny hand and began stroking it slowly, watching me the whole time. “It’s beautiful isn’t it?” She asked and licked him from balls to tip. “It’s so fucking big and so fucking black. Wait til you watch it stretch me out, wait til you see this beautiful black cock fill me.” Opening her mouth, she wrapped her lips around Treys cock and he began to fuck her mouth with it. I watched as inch after inch disappeared down her throat and realized that they had taught her to deep throat. No wonder she couldn’t vomit, her gag reflex was gone.
I struggled against the cuffs and Trey just looked down at me with a self-satisfied smirk on his face. “I’d say the little experiment worked.” He said with a laugh. “Now, whenever a black man calls her Tia, this is how she’ll respond. With a visceral need to be taken by them. I wonder what would happen if I dropped her off at my friend Toby’s place? He always has ten or twelve strapping young black men there either dealing drugs or playing video games. I wonder how long she’d last if I called him and told him my dirty little secret.”
I struggled against the cuffs and pleaded with my wife with my eyes to stop but all she did was strip down and get onto her hands and knees. “I’m wet baby,” She purred and licked her lips. “Fuck me with that big fucking cock of yours but put it in slow, I want him to watch me take every inch of you.”
“Gladly,” Trey said as he stepped out of his pants, his long, thick shaft bobbing. Kneeling behind her, he rubbed his cock head against my wife’s tight opening and slowly pushed it into her. “More?” He asked as he fisted her hair and pumped his hips once.
“Oh fuck yes, more baby.” My wife purred. “All of it, I want every last inch of it. I want to feel you big fat balls slap against my aching clit.” More than happy to oblige, Trey pulled back on her hair as he drove his cock into her violently.
“Oh. Fuck. Yes!” She cried as he drove into her again and again. She clutched at the carpet and pushed back against him, the only sounds were her cries of pleasure and pain and the wet slapping sounds of his cock fucking her. “Fuck you stretch me out so good baby.” She whimpered as she climaxed, squirting her lust onto the carpet. “Yes, again, make me cum again. Breed me you big black bastard. Breed me, fill me up with your cum.”
Trey grunted and grabbing her by the hips, he buried himself to the hilt inside her and came.
“Oh fuck yes baby, you fucking cum in me so deep I can taste it.” My wife whimpered softly as she bucked against his cock.
Trey pulled out slowly so that I could see that he had indeed cum inside her, his cock glistened with her wetness and his cum and as soon as he was free of her, she turned and began to suck and lick him clean.
I glared at them and was sickened to see that he had somehow hypnotized or brainwashed her into doing his bidding. “Do you have anything to say to the nice man baby? Any words of wisdom?” He asked and my wife pulled his cock from her mouth with a soft pop.
“If you’re married or have a girlfriend,” She said breathlessly. “Never let them near a black cock. Yeah it’s sexy watching a big black cock fill her, fuck her, but if you want to keep her, never let her near one. Her first taste will be your last. Isn’t that right baby?” She said smiling up at Trey.
“That’s right baby.” Trey said affectionately. “Now are you done with that.” He said pointing at his still hard cock. “Or do you want more?”
In response, my wife pushed Trey onto his back and straddled him. She rubbed some of the cum dripping out of her onto his shaft and aimed the fat, plum shaped head at her tiny brown hole. I watched as she slowly worked that cock into her ass and after a minute or two of getting used to it, she began bouncing up and down on it, her breasts swaying wildly until she collapsed forward and gazing into the eyes of the man who owned her, began kissing him passionately as he thrust in and out of her stretched out hole.
I watched as he took her in every possible position and despite my anger, my cock throbbed as I watched his thick black shaft, covered in their mutual desire stretch out her ass, pussy and mouth. I watched as she came violently, taking his entire length into her ass. Watched as her slick and swollen pussy clutched at his cock as she lay there, legs spread, fingers furiously rubbing her clit. Finally I watched as she knelt before him, a goddess on her knees before her god as he stroked his shaft until he came.
Cum splattered across her face and breasts and opening her mouth, she welcomed him into it and wrapping her lips around the head, took him in her hand and with firm strokes, emptied him, swallowing his seed like a woman dying of thirst.
I’m not sure when it happened, perhaps when she cried out his name as she came riding him. Perhaps when the first thick stream of cum hit her cheek and dripped onto her breasts. Perhaps when she knelt facing me as he drove into her tight little ass but at some point, I came. My cock emptied itself down my pant leg as I watched them fuck and for the first time since I started this whole mess, I was happy for her. My wife had found what she’d been longing for all this time and I knew that I wouldn’t be able to deny her anything. Even if it meant watching as stud after stud used her for their own pleasure.
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