My cute 19 year old girlfriend.

Beautiful girl! Luck y man, I asked my wife who she would have sexy with in a fantasy, no luck , she said nobody. Can't seem to pry that door open!!! Wish I was a black guy, you gf is really hot!
Man I am blown away by how incredibly hot your GF is. I was usually a lurker but your thread forced me to post. It blows my mind to know that such a young and hot looking girl is going to get blacked. I hope this works well and in a few months we can see detailed updates with her getting black dick.
My question is: Are you prepared for what it could happen? You sound like a normal guy trying a swinger lifestyle. But after she gets blacked you will very probably become a total cuckold. Are you up for the humiliation, not being allowed to fuck her again... even get dumped when she falls in love with black men? Do you know the full ride that is about to happen?
Sorry for my awful English everybody. Thanks for the great photos.
True, but she is already turning into such a slut for black cock. She even got the black coworker's number the day after telling me she wanted to go black. She texted me this tonight "[removed] and I have been flirting a lot and he asked me to send him a sexy pic. Do you think he'll like it babe?"
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It's only matter of time now before they fuck.
you will understand that he liked it when the next day she can not walk lol
Awesome development!
A few cuestions: Will you get to see, or she will fuck him by herself? Maybe they will get some photos or she will leave her phone on with you on call while their fuck or something? What was your agreement on this? Also, do you have a small dick? And a last one, if it is not too much asking: Can you post your profile photo? Is fucking hot and it would be nice to see it in its full size.
Good luck!