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My cougar night out


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my husband Steve takes me to lunch most weekends to a lovely pub , the waitress there has become a friend , one lunchtime she was talking about what goes on there Saturday nights and Recons i should join her one sat night.
Steve encouraged me to accept her invertation , so the next time we were there i told her I would love to go out one sat night.
Steve booked me a hotel room so after lunch he left me there and when she had finished her shift we went to get changed for our evening out.
We showered and got ready ,she encouraged me to go out with no underwear as her friend loved women dare assed.
We arrived and got a table as I looked around there were middle aged women and young men it was obvious it was a cougar bar as she had explained
Music blared out and we were soon on the dance floor , alcohol took my mind of my nerves and joined the others on the dance floor,men were soon asking to dance and I really enjoyed there attention.it was then a man grabbed my waist spun me around and asked my name.
He was tall and black then told me his friend said I was ready to be swept of my feet , he then held me tight and kissed my neck , I could feel a huge lump in his trousers which was making me wet.
We danced then he took me to a booth my girlfriend was smiling and told me to enjoy ,his hand went to my thigh and I instantly opened my legs to let him go further , I remember my head went back and I sighed and let him finger me , my instinct was to reach out and feel his groin ,I did and realised I was touching a huge cock very thick and long.
Over the next few hours he seduced me and Olson let me dance with a couple of his friends who were very nice,at the end of the night he kissed me and told me I was so fuckable , as I left I tuned to see where my friend was to see her with him they both smiled holding wine bottles ,my heart stopped and smiled back ,with that we left for my hotel ,his friends were also coming.
In the room we drank and he held me his mate undid my dress and it fell to the floor ,I felt a cock resting in my ass crack and he whispered in my ear we are all going to fuck you , I undid his shirt and and rested my tits on his black chest undid his pants to reveal his huge cock,his mate behind me said he was to fuck me first he led me to the bed knelt me on all fours and fed his nice cock deep in me this young man fucked me for ages as the others fed me cocks to suck,it was soon when all three blew , young cum is so tasty my girlfriend came over and cleaned me up.
It was then I was subjected to the huge cock it opened me up like never before I was encouraged to take it all by everyone there once he was in fully I spread my legs to take as much as I could he finally filled me with cum that oozed out all night.
He now comes around when ever he can Steve loves watching his huge cock penetrate me in ever position .