my compliments and 1 question

first of all my compliments to this IR site which from my perspective is the best on the net (i m surfing over 5 yea rs on IR sites and for me it s the best especially due to this community).

my question:

do u think that it s the fantasy of white bois to drive white ladies into bbc addiction? my experience so far is, that the discussion in a couple is mostly initiated by the white boi being sexually dreaming about seeing his whitw wife beeing submissive to black with a incredible muscled body and bbc.

at least in my cases this was always the case.

once the lady overpassed her barrier to this taboo she were done and could not stop it.

is this also your view? would be interesting to understand white womes thought on this.


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It was me that urged my wife to fuck a BBC (while I watched of course!) but what planted the idea in my head was Amie telling me about her experiences with black lovers before she met me. It sparked something in my brain, I kept visualizing her with black men and I just wanted to see it. She balked at the idea as first when I suggested it to her but finally agreed.
What surprised me the most when I first saw her with black lovers was how dominant they were over her and just how submissive she was willing to be to them. It added to the excitement but it also kind of made me jealous as she did things with them she had not done with me.
thanks highlander for sharing. the jealous part i experienced, too. my ex GF who experienced some black guys did not see it particular under the color or IR thing, it was just a guy they had sex with. but as soon as I started bringing the IR thing into it (bbc, domination, muscular bodies, etc.) then they started (after some insistance from my side) to think about it and looking it from a different point of view. the result for me was somehow negativ because they went back to black and did come back......but this confirmed to me also that at the beginning they did not see it that way or the barrier was too high due to the taboo thing. but once the broke their internal barrier it was obvious that they could not come back. 3 of my ex GF are addicted to black and become also pregnant.

I m not sure how to handle it from my point of view with a possible new GF; saying that for me the IR thing is really important sexually (and cuckold) but would not like to risk to loose the GF I love......