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It all began when the doctor revealed that my wife

wasn't getting pregnant because of my low sperm count.

"You don't have enough sperm and what little there is

just too weak," the doctor said in a professional

tone, as my wife and I took in the disastrous news. He

then discussed the various options available to us, but

they were all expensive, and not covered by my health


Betty was devastated at the news, but she said she

still loved me, and didn't blame me. And besides we

only had to wait a year or two until we could afford

an alternative fertilization method.

I discussed the situation with my mother and she came

up with an idea that she said wouldn't cost us any-

thing, and that the children would all look like the

rest of the family.

She quickly caught my attention because I was worried

about the baby only having my wife's physical features

and not mine if some stranger's semen was used.

"I know you and he don't get along well, but why not

let your brother impregnate Betty, I'm sure he'd do it

for free."

I was speechless upon hearing mother's thoughts.

"Y-You c-can't be serious. Y-You know how I despise

him. T-The way he use to treat me in high school.

T-The things he use to say about me. Plus, h-he was

always your favorite anyway. "That m-must be why

y-you're suggesting this. H-He's ..."

"I know, I know, ... I've heard it all before son. But

that was long ago. Grow up Francis! You're the brainy

one, the college professor. Isn't what I'm suggesting

logical? Think about it."

As I collected my thoughts, I had to admit that my

mother was right. Her idea was a perfect solution

except for the fact that I hated my older brother Nick

so much. He was so much the lady's man and so athletic

and confident of himself.

At the same time he was also egotistical and always

teasing me because I was not as good as he was with the

women. He was always telling me how effeminate I was

and berated me for not liking sports and in his words

"other manly stuff".

"Mother you're right, I am getting upset over nothing,

because I'm sure Betty would never go along with having

intercourse with Nick. She's just too much a lady to

even entertain such an extreme idea. But the idea of

Nick giving us a donation of his semen when we can

afford alternative fertilization, that part she and I

both can accept."

After dinner that evening, I casually told my wife

about my mother's ridiculous idea but said that the

idea of Nick being a sperm donor was probably a good


Expecting her to agree with me totally, as she typi-

cally did, I was surprised by her questioning why I

couldn't let bygones be bygones and agree to Nick

impregnating her directly. She made it plain how much

money we would save, and that we wouldn't have to wait

to save enough to have a medical procedure.

"After all he is family and you know how bad I want to

be a mother."

I couldn't help raising my voice at the woman of my

dreams, for my hatred of my brother was that deep. I

raised the same objections that I had with mother.

Seeing I was making myself upset, I calmed down and

apologized to her on my knees. I could see I'd made

her quite upset too.

"I understand darling. After all, you two are quite

different. He's more of a playboy and you're a steady

rock solid type of guy that is devoted to his wife and

family. That's why I love you so much. I don't want

to make you angry again, but I want you to think about

it, don't you think that something like this might

bring you two closer together?"

"Highly unlikely," I politely replied.


After my wife and I had our discussion about mother's

idea, things seemed to change around the house in very

subtle ways. For one thing, she and my sister and

mother began to spend more time together.

I though nothing about it and even encouraged it,

because I was away from home much more often than be-

fore due to an opportunity to pick up more money by

teaching night classes, in addition to my regular day

workload. Betty seemed glad too. I assumed it was

because we could save up faster to get her pregnant

and start our family sooner.

My wife, while still very loving, wanted me to abstain

from sex and have another test done to see if my sperm

count would improve.

"Honey, I've gone through this twice before. I don't

think it's going to do any good."

"You never know darling. Please do it for me." She

cooed sweetly.

I reluctantly agreed. I didn't want her to think badly

of me. Plus I loved her so much. She knew I hated to

abstain from sex, but if that's what it took to please

her, she knew I'd do so. Even if it was for six long


After the first week, due to my abstinence, the extra

work, and all the pretty coeds in my evening classes,

I'd often be quite horny when I came home. I wanted

to make love to my beautiful petite wife so badly, but

knew I couldn't.

When I went through the test before, it was I who

initiated the idea of me giving her head since I

couldn't do intercourse. However, recently, to my

surprise, it was her who urged me to be her "pussy


She didn't use words like that except on special

occasions, like on our anniversary night or a special

night out on the town. She was not given to using

risqué or vulgar language. She really seemed to get

a much more rousing orgasm from my tongue than before.

I mentioned to her that she seemed to be more juicy

than when I tongued her before.

The last time I mentioned it to her she just said,

"It's just your imagination dear. Thanks for a good

sucking," she said pecking me lightly on the lips.

"Now go to sleep, and don't play with yourself, because

if you come, you'll have to start all over again just

like you did last week when you came in your sleep.

You lost two weeks of saved up cum."

"I'll try dear." I replied as I laid there with a

throbbing hard on and the taste of her in my mouth.

She was sound asleep in less than five minutes. As I

lay awake for at least three hours tossing and turning

with an aching prick, I couldn't get it out of my mind

that somehow her cunt seem to taste slightly different.

It seemed to have a more full bodied taste than before.

I finally pushed the thought from my mind as I slipped

off to sleep after what seemed an eternity of watching

her beautiful figure lying next to me. She was so near,

yet so far away.

It was a Wednesday night and a transformer in the area

went out causing the building where I taught to lose

power. Class was excused three hours early. Thank

goodness for small favors I thought as I drove home.

Not having been by to see my mom in a while, I decided

to surprise her and stop in on my way home and sur-

prising Betty too, by coming home at a decent hour for

a change.

As I turned the corner to mom's house. I noticed my

wife's car in the driveway along with my sister's, as

well as another car with out of state tags. I just

thought mother must have a visitor, so thought nothing

of it as I rang the doorbell.

'What an idiot I am, remembering she hadn't got the

door bell repaired yet. So I used the spare key she'd

given me for emergencies and opened the front door.

When I walked in, I was about to announce myself when

I heard loud moaning sounds and the creaking of the

floor coming from upstairs. At that exact moment, both

my mother and sister emerged from the kitchen where

they had been watching TV.

"W-What is that noise? And where is Betty? I asked

puzzled by the look on their faces as well as the odd

state of affairs in the house.

I impulsively started up the stairs, as my mother and

sister grabbed both my arms. They tried to stopped me.

"Francis dear, don't! You'll be sorry. Go on home and

we'll talk about it later. It's the best thing, trust

me." Mother said in a concerned tone.

"Yes Francis, it's best if you do as mom tells you."

My sister added.

I protested and accused them of hiding something. This

went of for a few moments before they let me go. It was

obvious I was determined to see what they didn't want

me to see.

"If he wants to satisfy his curiosity, who are we to

stop him mother," my sister replied with a rather un-

usual but malicious smile on her face.

Mother finally agreed and let me go. However, she too

had a smirk on her face too as I rushed up the stairs.

I flung open the door. What I saw before me cause me

to drop to the floor in a dead faint.


"Francis! Francis! Come on Francis honey! Wake up!"

As I opened my eyes, it was my wife's lovely, but panic

stricken face.

"Whew! Thank goodness, you had us all worried there

for a minute." She said with a sigh of relief. The

others present also echoed her sentiments.

As I gained control of my senses I saw my mother,

sister and my brother Nick, and of course my wife. My

wife and Nick were still nude. Nick walked over to

pick up a robe after helping me to a chair. It was

more like he picked me up and put me in the chair with

one hand. Even in my groggy state his powerful muscles

were very evident.

My wife hugged me and realized she too was still naked

in front of everyone. She blushed and grabbed her robe

to cover herself. As she did, I couldn't help but

notice the obvious wetness that ran down between her

thighs. She and my brother sat on the bed facing me

as I slumped in the big old easy chair.

It was obvious what was going on. There was a con-

spiracy between my mother, sister, wife and my brother.

I was angry! I could see they were concerned, but at

the same time, the look in their eyes were like burning

stares that gave me the impression that they were also

laughing at me. I was livid. I was so angry that I

didn't know what to do. I wanted to cry, but I just

couldn't give my brother the satisfaction of seeing

me do that.

Everyone started talking at once. I sat there stupidly

as everyone tried to justify what they had done. I

couldn't concentrate on what they were all saying,

everything was a jumble. I was still angry and on the

verge of tears, and finally asked everyone to leave

the bedroom except my wife.

"Just be quiet, Let me talk Francis honey. I know

you're upset. I can't change what you saw or how you

found out. But I'm going to tell you this. You have

to understand that if I went to this extreme, you must

know how much I want us to have a baby. Our baby.

I know you have some disagreements with your brother.

But you have to understand that I must love you very

much to do this. Anyway, I believe you'll find your

brother is more mature than he was the last time you

saw him. He and I have been having sex for the last

three weeks and I've got to know him better. Besides

being a super lover, he has some nice qualities. I

want you to give it a chance darling."

I tried to reply but couldn't. I was tongue-tied at

hearing my wife talk so matter-of-factly about cheating

on me with my brother.

"I want you to go on home, dinner is in the fridge,

just pop it in the microwave. I want have more sex

with your brother before I come home. I was on my

second orgasm when you walked in on us, and I want to

get some more cum out of his big thing before he

leaves. I've been looking forward to this all day.

I hope you can realize what it's like for me to be a

woman in heat, especially with a stud around like your


"Y-You g-got off -- off twice?" I asked feebly.

"Yes! Actually, he gets me off four or five times every

time we do it. He has so much more staying power than

... er what I mean."

"You don't have to say it. I-I know what y-you mean

Betty." I cut her off in mid-sentence. I didn't know

what hurt me the most, what she said or the beaming

smile on her lovely face.

"Don't worry dear, I'll be home later. Try not to

think about the negative side of this. Only the bright

side - us having our own baby." She said as she held

the door for me.

I was annoyed by her action to rush me out of the room

and her impatience to get back to Nick. But what

could I do except leave.

"Nick darling, come help Francis down the stairs." She

yelled. It sounded like I was a feeble old man or

something. Which I felt like at that moment. "Remember

I love you darling." She said kissing me on the cheek.

Even though helpful, I could sense that my brother was

smug and comfortable with his role my wife's lover.

Here I had fainted as he was fucking my wife in a way

I could only dream about. She had confirmed it to me,

and now he was helping me out of the room where he was

"doing" my wife. I could tell that he was impatient to

get back to it.

"We'll talk some more Fran when you're feeling more up

to it, but right now I've got to go finish something."

my brother said with a side-long glance at me.

The unrestrained tenting in his robe showed that he was

still erect despite all that had happened.

As he climbed up the stairs, he adjusted his stiff cock

as best he could. When he reached my wife at the top

of the stairs their arms hooked around each other as

they disappeared into the room and slammed the door


Out of the corner of my eye I could see both my mother

and sister smiling at the situation. I mentally sighed

and wondered to myself when would Nick stop being the

cause of my humiliation.

I sensed my sister, who was very dominant anyway,

enjoying my plight. I wasn't sure about my mother,

after all, she was letting all this go on in her house,

albeit, she reasoned that she too had a stake in Betty

having Nick's baby. That is, she didn't want to wait

any longer for grand kids.

My sister also claimed that she wanted a cute little

nephew or niece since she didn't plan on having kids


My family justified their aiding Betty in her adultery,

and didn't seem to consider my feelings in the matter.

My Mother tried to console me by hugging me as we went

over their reasons and discussed my feelings of be-


When the 'now' familiar noise from upstairs became

audible in the room where we were sitting, it was more

than I could handle. I rushed toward the door with

tears running down my face.

I was hoping this wouldn't happen, but both my mother

and sister saw me crying as I made it toward my car.

My mother said in a loud enough voice for me to hear

her from the drive way, "Baby, go home and jerk off,

it'll make you feel better."

I'd found out from her that the test I was saving up

for was just a ruse to keep my inferior jism from mix-

ing with Nick superior sperm. Before the door slammed

behind me, I barely heard my sister and mother's last


My sister said, "It's a wonder Betty hasn't left him

for a real man before now. He's such a cry baby and a

milquetoast. Imagine, him fainting instead of fighting

for his woman."

"Don't be so hard on your brother, he's not as strong

as you and Nick. He and Betty love each other in a way

that's true love. And true love wins out over physical

love every time." I heard my Mother say as I fumbled

for my car keys, fighting to find the ignition.


When I got out of the shower, I could smell food and I

heard movement in the kitchen. Betty must be home.

She apparently had stayed out all night as it was 8

o'clock and I had to be at a class in an hour.

"Morning darling, I came over to fix your favorite

breakfast. Sorry I didn't make it back last night.

Since you knew what was going on, and er ... and

besides I thought you might need some time to yourself

to let things sink in sort of ..."

I replied politely, but coolly. It was definitely not

with the warmth and radiance with which she was


She sat opposite me as she enjoyed her coffee. I

couldn't meet her eyes, she looked so beautiful to me.

I cringed because I knew the serene look she wore was

because of another man, obviously a better man - my

stud brother.

"Did you masturbate last night honey? I was hoping

you did. After all, it was sort of cruel to have you

abstain, but there was no other way not to hide from

you what was going on. You do understand what we were

saying last night about not running the risk of your

weaker stuff being mixed with Nick's?"

Irritated, but feeling so ashamed at the turn of

events, I sat silently after mumbling very cryptic

answers to my talkative wife. I wondered -- did she

really know how bad she was making me feel? Did she

even care?

"Good, because now at least, I can jerk you off and

help you sleep better. I still want to confirm I'm

pregnant before I let you have sex with me again

though. You do understand don't you dear?"

Again I mumbled a muted `Yes' as I held the newspaper

in front of my face trying as best I could to ignore

her, and hide my shamed face.

"Honey, I really understand how this must be bothering

you. But you know what they say about the best laid

plans of mice and men. Well, anyway, maybe it's better

this way. Because if you thought it was your semen

that made me pregnant, you would've considered the

doctors a liar. This way you know the truth even

though it's a bit painful to your pride. But I'm

hopeful you and your brother can mend the rift between

you. I really think that this baby might do that


That was the most stressful meal I ever sat through.

I started by not wanting to touch her, but when she

opened her arms to me, I melted into them and replied

in kind when she told me she still loved me. It felt

good to be in them after last night.

I went to work in a better mood than I envisioned I

would when I awoke.


Two weeks after the fateful night when I fainted in

front of my family my wife was notified by the doctor

that she was pregnant.

My family had brought him in on their conspiracy, so

he wasn't surprised at the turn of events.

"You're a lucky man Francis to have a wife so under-

standing and a brother who could help you out in the

bedroom department."

Again, I wondered if the doctor, liked members of my

family, knew how certain words could only come out

sounding humiliating.

I meekly smiled, what else could I do. I was hoping

that the little inadvertent quips, quotes and phrases

that didn't help my mental posture would be few and

far between, but when I presumed that no more barbs

were forthcoming to ridicule my manhood, or lack of

thereof, more would always seem to come out.

"Ah. Here's a preliminary sonogram test. Well I'll be

damned, you've got twins in the oven Betty!" The doctor

said in a very unprofessional tone. "That brother of

your really knocked you up right!" He roared.

After spending some more time telling us about what

Betty could and could not do as she got bigger, he

dumped a bit more humiliation my way.

"Speaking of bigger, your brother must be much larger

than you Francis."

"He is, much larger, why do you ask?" My wife inter-

jected. Did she know she was again trampling over my

manhood again?

"I could tell by how much you've been stretched. I bet

you had fun getting pregnant," the Doctor said chuckl-

ing as he showed us out of his office. My wife just

smiled and winked at him. My face was red, I was flush

with shame.

"Now Fran honey, he didn't mean any harm," my wife

said as we walked back to the car. She was calling me

Fran just like my brother. I corrected her. She

apologized. I felt better.

As we drove home, I let her know I was glad this phase

was over and that Nick could go back where he came


There was a long silence from her. Then she spoke.

"Dear, I want Nick to stay around, after all, he's a

part of this too, even though you'll be the legal

father of our children."

We had a long, almost heated discussion all the way

home about my brother. Not only did she want him to

stay, she wanted him to stay right where he's been for

the last three weeks since I found out about the

family's little plan, in the guest bedroom next to


She finally said that we would pick up the discussion

later and quickly ran into the house and right into

his arms. She told him the news and they both reacted

as if they were the happy couple instead of Betty and

I. They French kissed each other. I could tell it

was a very wet juicy one.

It dawned on me then and there that they were in love.

The though sent a deep chill down my spine, and I

silently went into my study and did some serious think-

ing about my options and how to reclaim my wife's love.

I knew my bargaining power was not only minimal, but

'very' minimal.


During the last three weeks, the relationship between

Nick and I was cordial but distant. He occasionally

referred to something in the past, and when I let him

know I perceived it as unpleasant, he'd chuckle and

gloss over it. However, it was clear he was in the

driver's seat, because my wife slept with him over 90

percent of the time since he moved in with us.

Many times she woke me up in the middle of the night

and had me exchange places with him so he could be with

her in the larger bed in the master bedroom. This was

so humiliating, but I reasoned that as long as no one

outside the family knew of it, I could swallow my pride

- what little was left of it.

But as my wife had said, my philandering brother had

matured quite a bit. I came to the conclusion that

I'd find out just how much, albeit, in a way that I

hated doing, but I knew I had no other choice.

It was late Friday night. Betty was exhausted form

the day's activities of finding out she was with baby,

or should I say children, as well as fucking both my

brother and I in way of celebration.

Now that it was official she was pregnant, she finally

allowed me some intercourse again. After she and I

made love, she and Nick had a rousing bout that lasted

the customary two-plus hours as compared to the twenty

minutes it took me to get her off once. Over 15 minutes

of that was me lapping her luscious cunt to do what my

small tool couldn't do.

She'd been sound asleep for three hours when I decided

I had to make my move. I eased out of bed and went

downstairs where Nick was watching a late night movie.

I nervously greeted him and used the excuse that I

couldn't sleep. I proceeded from that with some other

small talk. Finally, I got up the courage to get to

the real reason why I was there.

"N-Nick I-I know B-Betty is in love with you. I-I

suspect if you wanted to, y-you could talk her into

l-leave me. I-I never thought I-I'd have to do t-this.

B-But please don't take her f-from me, s-she's all

I-I've got."

"Calm down Fran. You got some woman there. She's got

class and she's sexy and has really learned how to do

it good in bed. You can say I broke her in. She's a

good piece of ass, but of course you know that. Yep,

she's the kind of woman I'd love to settle down with

and raise a family. I want you to know it didn't start

out that way, but it's turned into much more. And

believe it or not, I love her too."

"B-But Nick why her, y-you can g-get almost any w-woman

y-you want. It took me so long to find her, please,

I-I'd be willing to do anything to k-keep her."

I went back up to bed with my brother's assurance that

he wouldn't take my wife away from me as long as he

could be around her, as well as the kids, when they

were born. He let me know if I didn't accept that

condition, he just might try to make her leave me. It

was not what I sought from him, but I knew it probably

was the best deal I could make, everything considered.

We shook on it.

He did make it very clear, as if I didn't already know,

that regular sex with Betty was included in the deal.

The thing I hadn't counted on was him being non-

negotiable about moving out of the house. However, he

did promise to get a job and pay his share. All in all

I concluded I couldn't have asked for much more than


As I eased back into bed without trying to wake my

wife, I mentally sighed and thought of all the compli-

cations we small pricked nice guys have to go through

to get and keep the women we love.

As I settled down and was about to close my eyes, Betty

turned over and hugged me. She startled me.

"That was so sweet of you. You really do love me don't

you Honey?"

"Of course I do dear. B-But what was sweet of me?" I

inquired with a puzzled look on my face.

She revealed that she was on her way downstairs to see

Nick and overheard everything we talked about. I could

see her broad smile even in the dark room.

"You really thought I'd leave you after all these

years?" She cooed sweetly as she snaked her hand into

my pajamas and started handling my prick. I was sur-

prised at how aroused she must have been.

I told her about my observations and all about my fears

upon seeing her and Nick so adoring to each other. She

was rhythmically but slowly stroking me with two

fingers as we talked quietly. It was so pleasant.

"Well, you're right. He has made me feel at last like

a woman, in ways we both know you can't. But the only

way he would've been able to convince me to leave you

would be if you would've been unreasonable about

things. And of course you haven't, and I love you for

that. However, the three of us will work out just fine

-- as long as you remember your place." She said in a

warm, but serious tone.

"M-My p-place?"

"Yes honey, what I mean is that it must be understood

that Nick is the real man of the house now. Any con-

cerns you have will be considered, but he will have

the final say so. Understood?"

My cock pulsed at the exact same moment she laid down

the law to me. I came all over the inside of my pajamas

and her hand. It was a sticky mess as she continued to

milk me anyway.

Embarrassed, cowed, defeated, but feeling good, I was

unable to come up with any kind of counter argument on

the spot. As I slumped back into the bed, I meekly

acknowledged to my smiling cunning wife that I under-

stood `my place'.

"Well honey since you couldn't hold your load for me,

how about using your sweet tongue to get me back to


I sheepishly positioned my face between her parted legs

and felt her hands on the back of my head as I started

to lap away.

Her genitals still reeked of the heavy sex she'd had

with my brother even though she'd had a towel between

her legs to soak up their bountiful love juices. Her

crack was still slick and her bush was still musky and

moist. I started to say something, but with all that'd

happened in the last hour, I decided that it was my

best bet to accept things and not give her or Nick any

cause to say I was being unreasonable.

After a short while I got over the pungent smell of

her sex and became engrossed in the flavor, and how

rich she tasted. Fifteen minutes later, she closed

her legs around my head with a rousing orgasm. Her

hairy cunt got even juicier and I continued to lick up

her flowing pussy juice until she relaxed her leg

clamp around my head.

As I raised up with my face awash with pussy fluids,

Nick was in the bed and holding her. He was nude and

his big nine inch boner was at the ready.

They both looked at me in a way that I can't described.

I really felt awkward. I'd surely eaten quite a bit of

my brother's residual spent semen from his previous

session with her. He had to know that.

I felt so silly as I got up and tried to compose myself

and ended up wiping my face with the same towel that my

wife had used to sop up the previous lusty mess they'd

made earlier. To make matters worse my wife reminded

me about cleaning up the sticky mess in my pajamas.

There was a low chuckle between them as I was about to

leave the room. Nick was positioning himself between my

wife's shapely legs in a more conventional manner than

I had just been in. However, Before I could leave, my

wife asked me to do one more thing.

"Honey be a dear, and put Nick in for me." She said

with a lusty smile on her lovely face.

Not knowing what else to do, even though I know now I

was being purely humiliated by my wife, I passively

gripped his huge stalwart rigid penis and guided it

into her juicy cunt.


"Honey, I think we may need to have some practical

rules of operation for the three of us."

I listened intently. What she said was practical but

again, humiliating to me once again -- whether she knew

it or not.

Her rule was that Nick would make love to her first

whenever we were both to fuck her in the same day.

"You see honey, and I know you can't help it. But all

you do when you go first is get me aroused with your

little thing, and then after you come, which is usually

in a very short time, you spend so much time sucking my

pussy to get me off, you're tired and I've still only

come once, at the most twice. I still feel frustrated

and not satisfied.

Now when Nick is through with me, what you can do for

me really works out well for both of us. You get off

and your tongue doesn't have to work so hard and it

feels so soothing on my bruised and ravished cunt, and

it really feels good to get off when you do that to


She did say that when Nick wasn't around and she needed

a quickie, than my tiny prick and tongue would be more

than welcomed as a way, in her words, "to take the

edge off her horniness," while she was waiting on his

big dick.

Again, I was at a loss for words. I'd basically been

relegated to "sloppy seconds", literally, whenever my

brother was around.


At five months, Betty's stomach was huge. However, I'd

never seen her looking more radiant wearing her many

colorful maternity outfits. When we were out and about

she was the perfect adoring wife giving me all the

credit for impregnating her. That really sent my self

esteem through the clouds even if it was only until I

returned home to the stark reality of me being nothing

more than a pathetic figurehead of a husband and man,

desperately trying to hold on to his wife and keep the

marriage intact.

As she got more swollen, Betty also became increasingly

more dominant and arrogant when we were alone or at

home and especially in the presence of Nick. She seemed

to be constantly ordering me around and requiring me to

wait on her whenever my mother or sister were present.

For some reason they both encouraged her in doing this,

and also ordered me around. On many visits it was as

if I was the servant for them all.

My wife seldom requested my brother, her adored lover,

to do anything except snuggle up to her. In many cases

she waited on him hand and foot and often had me do the


As she got bigger it was more difficult for me to have

sex with her due to the shortness of my prick. There-

fore I was basically put off limits to her pussy.

She would sometimes jerk me off, but often I had to do

it myself as she was often not in the mood to be

bothered with me.

Nick on the other hand with his longer and seemingly,

perennially hard member, had no problem reaching her

from the back and side. She enjoyed him much better

than me anyway.

However, as she got bigger, the doctor curtailed the

vigor of her sexual efforts as well as restricting deep

penetration by Nick. She decided that a different

approach had to be taken to get her off while meeting

the safety concerns of her doctor's advice.

I'll never forget the discussion we had on that subject

one evening after I'd put in a long day at school.

"Francis honey, I think I've come up with a way to

enjoy the fullness of Nick's dick and get off without

moving around a lot."

I was pleased at her success and naturally inquired as

to her approach.

"Well, honey, first I want you to read this." She

handed me a nutritional analysis of what I perceived

to be some food substance. The name of it had been

taped over. She warned me not to remove the label

just yet.

"Some pretty nutritious stuff." I replied after

glancing over the page.

She assured me it was all natural with no additives.

I was still puzzled as to where this was all going,

when she came back to the subject of a better way for

her to get sexual fulfillment.

"Now here is the plan darling. I'll be on all fours

with your face under my crotch. Nick will mount me

from the rear. That way, it will shorten the length

of his big cock that actually goes in. By the way, as

you're laying under me - with your feet toward my head

of course - you can lick my clit and if necessary, hold

back your brother's big cock to limit how far it goes

in. That'll be like a safety measure in the event he

and I get carried away.

Now, sweetie, here comes the important part. You see

the doctor is also concerned about my vaginal lining

becoming irritated by semen. There is some chemical

compound in it he's worried about. He doesn't want

any ejaculate in me until after I've had our babies.

OOH, feel them kicking dear. Here! Feel here!"

Before I could object about her wanting me to lap her

clit or hold my brother's big dick as they fucked, she

raised the maternity top and placed my hand on the

taunt skin over her swollen gut. The kicking was very


"I just know you're going to be a proud papa dear."

She said as she planted a warm kiss on my lips. Kiss

my tummy dear to show me you're glad I got knocked up

by Nick."

Red faced, I meekly bent over and did as she asked.

I kissed her swollen belly, the living proof and the

ultimate humiliating indication of my cuckoldry.

Even though expected, it always amazed me to see how

big she'd gotten by my brother's handiwork. Addi-

tionally, my wife always seemed to have the knack of

reminding me at the oddest times of how I was not the

biological father of the babies she carried. I came

to learn she got some sort of perverse pleasure out

of seeing me squirm each time she did it to me.

"Now darling back to what your role will be in getting

me off in my current condition."

I was flabbergasted when she finally explained the

remainder of her plans for me.

"W-What! I-I can't!!" I objected loudly.

"Now dear, before you say can't, lets review the

facts." My wife interjected as she opened a folder

showing all the research she'd done in preparation for

my anticipated objections.

"I-I don't care if his hot semen is n-nutritious, o-or

h-how common it is i-in different c-cultures it is for

lesser m-males to ... to s-suck their wife's lover's

prick ... b-because they w-were b-better men. I-I just

can't. P-Please Betty! Sob! Don't humiliate me any-

more than you have. I-I just ... Sob! ... can't t-take

it anymore."

I lost myself emotionally and ran out of the room on

the verge of crying.


I drove around for a while not knowing where to go. It

was already 10 O'clock at night and I hadn't eaten

since lunch. What hunger I had, left me after listen-

ing to my wife's plans.

When I realized I was near my mother's, I drove to her

place. Being the mama's boy that I was, I guess this

was the best place for me to be in my emotional state.

"I was expecting you Francis dear," She said as I

walked in. "Betty phoned and said that you got upset

and stormed out of the house. I'm glad you came to

talk things over with mommy."

It felt good to hug and be hugged in mother's powerful

arms and to be held close to her bosom. I uncontrollab-

ly blurted out the reason for my turmoil. She calmed

my down, and had me go slowly over everything in detail

as she prepared hot tea for the both of us.

As I sat there in the kitchen drinking tea, I began to

feel better. My mother calmly had me walk through each

step of my wife's humiliating role for me in her un-

usual sex plan strategy.

Mother had always been extremely logical and I admired

her ability to dissect a problem to show its flaws.

The tea was delicious. She poured me another cup. There

was a new ingredient I was not accustomed to. I inquir-

ed as to what it was.

"Drink it all down dear and then I'll tell you."

I wasn't sure if it was because I hadn't had any food

or what, but the tea made me feel so comfortable and


"I put a little something in your tea that our family

doctor had prescribed to help you adjust to what you're

going through sweetie. It's called E-Tranquilizers. I

dissolved a capsule in each cup. It will not only help

you relax and not have anxiety attacks, but help you

cope when your silly male pride gets in the way of

logical thinking."

Under the influence of the drug, I listened intently

as mother talked.

"So you see dear, you pulling out Nick's penis when he

signals to you he's ready to come, keeps her vagina

from becoming inflamed by his virile semen.

Now after you pull him out, you have two choices. You

either left him shoot all over your face and the bed,

which will result in a quite a mess which has to be

cleaned up. Or you to simply slip it into your mouth

and be a warm wet sucking receptacle for his abundant


Personally I think that would be the best option be-

cause it's tidy, and it's better for him to come in

something that is closet to being like your wife's

cunt. That's just the way it is for big men like your


They're just not accustomed to coming in the air, like

you do when you jerk off or when Betty jacks you off.

Real men don't really feel good unless they come in

something close to a warm wet pussy."

As always, when my mother went through something step

by step it made more sense to me. I talked to her

about my wife's increasing dominance and humiliation.

"As I've told you before, being pregnant has changed

her body's chemical balances. So you really can't

blame her for all her actions. You have to be a loving

understanding husband and accept them. That's all

there is to it. After the babies are born, she may go

back to her original personality or it may be a per-

manent change - in that case you'll just have to put

up with it honey."

I inquired if there was some drug for her to take if a

it became a permanent condition.

"Our doctor said no. You'll just have to be a devoted

loving loyal husband and accept her the way she is.

However, since Nick will be a part of your family, it

will make it easier for you. She'll have someone to

keep her happy in bed and she'll be much more tolerant

of you and your in-adequate She loves you dear, but

it'll be expressed in a different way than maybe

before. Your love is all that's needed to see you

through, and maybe an occasional one of these


These are potent, so the doctor doesn't want you to

take more than you really need. He only gave me those

two. He'll prescribe more if you need them. He also

recommends swallowing your pride and doing as she

wants. Just remember, you're doing it for the good of

your marriage - and now dear, also for your family

that's on the way. You must never forget that although

it's your brother's seed growing inside your wife,

these are legally your children. They are your


Mother prepared me a cup of soup and a sandwich. It

hit the spot and made me feel marvelous.

She also confirmed that the "E" in the capsules she

gave me stood for Estrogen.

"Yes dear, just as you suspected, it'll make you a bit

more feminine to keep your male macho side from getting

in the way of being a good husband to Betty, and more

accepting Nick's role in your house now. It's all for

the good of your marriage Francis."

I called Betty and apologized for my earlier outburst

and told her I'd be glad to play the role she desired

for me in her new sex plan. "I'll swallow his come when

he's ready to ejaculate, if that's what you really

want," I meekly told her.


As mother walked me to the door, she told me to be

prepared for something else that my altered personality

wife probably would desire of me. She said to keep it

in mind, but not to mention it. She just wanted me to

be ready for it. "Remember dear, to be forewarned is

to be forearmed. And sweetie, do remember, you are

your brother's keeper and I'm proud of the both of you.

You for being the loving understanding husband and him

for making you a father." She said as she hugged me


I didn't reply, because I knew mother was being sincere

and meant well, but I'd come to the conclusion that

there was just no way of getting around the humiliated

in my situation.


Nick and I and the family were assembled in the hos-

pital waiting room when the nurse walked in and con-

gratulated me on the birth of a healthy set of

fraternal twins - both five pounds each and in perfect


While the nurse was congratulating me, others in my

family, including two of my mother's uncles and an

aunt were doing the same to Nick.

It appeared that, what was suppose to be a closely

guarded family secret was well known by many in my

family and my wife's also. I wasn't suppose to hear

it, but I overheard a relative whisper to another that,

"his sperm is just too weak to make babies and he has

a pencil size cock." I heard another whisper back.

"At least he's smart enough to get a real man to do

the job for him as well as give his wife what she


My uncles more or less didn't really congratulate me,

other than to say how happy I'd be to have kids in the

house. I knew in their eyes they felt I was less than

a man.

The nurse only allowed me to go in and see my wife for

a minute. I thought, finally some respect for me as her

husband, but my little bubble pride didn't last long.

As soon as my wife saw me and before she talked about

the two beautiful babies she'd just had, she asked how

Nick was. And as soon as the nurse was out of earshot,

she asked if I had been a "good little hubby" and taken

care of her man's needs.

Even though the E-tranquilizers had helped me accept

my cuckoldry, I still was embarrassed talking about

some matters with my brazen wife.

"Y-Yes dear, I-I did as you told me. I-I have been his

c-cocksucker whenever h-he wanted me to." I said

softly as I hung my head. And he had, I was swallowing

at least one huge load of his hot gooey sperm a day

while she had been in the hospital for the last 6 days.

"Good! I didn't want him to have any reason to go out

and get some from another woman while I'm having these


Mother had been right about my wife wanting me to not

only help her have decent sex while she was bloated

with the twins, but also had a plan for me to be a

sexual surrogate for her pussy while she was in labor

and recovering. That is, as best I could, Nick didn't

really care for my blowjobs nearly as much as he did

for my wife's pussy.

But a few days later she was home and the smell and

noise of two babies filled our house.

I was busy changing diapers and making formula for

"our" new son and daughter. Betty was the dutiful and

doting mother, but whenever someone needed to get up

in the night to see about them, it was me. She and

Nick basically told me that was exclusively my job.

Nick plays with them, but seldom, and I don't think he

ever actually changed them. For that he either called

me or Betty. Betty also let me know that I would

always have to re-arrange my schedule to baby sit if

she and Nick should ever want to go out together.

As the children grew, it basically became my respon-

sibility to be their nanny.

This allowed Nick and my wife to have all the freedom

they needed to go out and party. Many of the neighbors

have already concluded that he is more the husband and

man of the house than I. They basically see me out

strolling the twins, cleaning around the house and

shopping for groceries, while he's always out with my

wife socially. This was especially true when they

went on a cruise for a week and I stayed at home


As far as the bedroom is concerned, Nick is firmly in

charge there. We still have adjoining rooms, but Nick

spends far more time with, and in the bed with her, and

in her too, I might add, than I do. In fact about the

only time she ever lets me put it in is on our wedding

anniversary and the kid's birthday, and then only after

Nick has had his fill of her.

Almost everybody in both her and my family knows that

she only lets me into her bed rarely and that I have

to beat my meat for sexual relief most of the time.

They also know that she always brings me her used

slimy warm moist swollen pussy to me for a tongue

cleaning after Nick's made it messy. This is really

the only way she seems to enjoy me having sex with her.

I've grown quite acclimated to eating hairy cream pie

and look forward to fucking her that way.


All in all, we do have a stable marital and family

arrangement now. The kids are three years old and so

adorable. They all look like members of the family.

My role of a subjugated cuckold is firmly established

and there's almost no way I can get anymore respect

than what little I have to live with now.

However, things are about to be topsy turvy again. My

wife told me she wants "us" to have another baby.

Mother was glad to hear that Nick and my wife, Betty,

were going to make me a father again, as well as her

a grandmother again.