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Let me be clear, this is not the only such site I visit, this just happens to be one of the more laid back, human forums.
But lately apparently a couple of you don't want human and you don't like it when I post about things in my life as I am apt to do in any forum I am involved with. While I agree that it is probably not in keeping with the spirit of this forum, I just try to add another demension if you can choose to see it that way. I do this on EVERY forum I am on because it just makes me feel better, just to talk, just to be human reactiong with other humans.

But let me get this clear before I give you your dues. I do NOT suffer from a mental illness. desire is not a mental illness. Nor is curiosity, nor fear, nor doubt,cold feet,hot head, drunk posting or lust. ANd neither is love. I have been nice in the past and in an effort to keep the peace, I have said " yea, I probably do have a mental illness" but no more. I am fine and just like evryone here I have my strengths, my weaknesses my scars and my victories.

Having said all that, here is your dues I promised. just like I have the right to all those things, you have the right to be annoyed at me, and the right to express it. If I stay here, I will surely become that cheater to my husband and family that was made infinitely clear in a private conversation I had the other night. and that is a decision I have to make and will decide upon. in the meantime, just skip my posts if you do not like me, or PM me instead because I am not going to argue here any more, nor agree with your false assessment of me to keep the peace.
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This is my sentiment exactly. The culture here is one of sexual empowerment but when that empowerment is expressed by real women who have more going on than simply being one dimensional it upsets certain groups. That said, We do not get harassed by other women or by black men here. It's always the cuckolds and wannabes.
It's fine if you want to post. The fact that this site is home to so many one dimensional people who can't articulate a thought that doesn't contain sex shouldn't be an impediment to you posting.