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    We find that a blackmen that is very well endowed fulfills our needs the best, my husband insists on me flirting with black men when we go out , and loves seeing me get fucked hard, he shouts orders at my lover and me.
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    That is what I love best, directing my girlfriend and her lover. Funny, she will do more slutting things in that setting than any other. Just a born actress, I guess.
  3. jcomerford

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    I met a good looking extremely hot woman while I was in the service. I noticed her in a bar that started to drop by and a regular basis she was very popular and its dreamy good looking very small stature she was being picked up by several different men during the night. I didn't realize why until I had my first date with her she was a nympho maniac I fell in love with her and our first date and wanted to marry her immediately because what she was doing really turn me on and I want her to do it as my wife. I got her into black men just before we were married because where she lived if a white man senior with a black man they would have nothing to do with her, so I took her to a small town about 40 miles away where there was a black infantry division that is where she had her first black man it was very exciting for me to watch this wonderful black man putting in beautiful black cocks in my girlfriend's white pussy no better site in the world. When we got married I want to go back to that town to round off our marriage that was transferred to another part of the country so that never happened. We were sent back to the USA a few months later where she was reintroduced to the black male population after that she would only let black men Fuck her which I was happy about. Because a black man on top of my wife with her kissing him passionately while he is talking her bare back was most beautiful sight in the world.

    She has had many more black men including seven or eight of my black coworkers which I proudly introduce my wife to, we've had the opportunity to have some of them live with us for a few months I told the gentleman to treat my wife as though she was his and I would stay out of the way which I did. After he was with us a few days he started taking her out to share her with his buddies which is what she was made for and the first place.
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    its so nice when the best friend from my husbond visit us and i like him.than my husbond ask me if i want to fuck with his best friend.Its so good this fuck and i feel my first time a big black cock inside my pussy
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    Black Men know how to make me cum an cum an cum
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    I let it be known by our black employees that my wife was a very easy pickup, one night I was called in to make repairs my wife came with me while I was in the shop doing what I had to do one of our black employees went to our car it wasn't long before they drove away they come back an hour later he had a big smile on his face.

    After his first encounter with my wife the rest of our black employees get real friendly with me they were invited throughout home on several occasions many weekend stay overs.
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    Love to see white women turned into black cock loving whores!!!
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