My Asian GF unknowingly cucked me

I am a total sissy white boi now. Not the way I dress or conduct myself but by every thought that goes on in my mind. I'm 6'4, 220lb, fairly muscular, amateur hockey player. Last year I started dating Megan, an incredibly sexy Filipina. We got off to a great start but she soon told me that she was a virgin and intended to stay that way until marriage. Being the loving BF that I am I complied with her request although it was extremely difficult. As time went on I began to notice that she acted very flirty when she gets around Black men. I never said anything and she soon started going to predominantly Black night-clubs with her girlfriends while leaving me back at home stroking my little dick to the thoughts of what might be happening. We've been in this situation for about a year and she still tells me that she's saving her virginity for marriage. During the year of denying me sex, I've come to realize that only Black Cock can bring real satisfaction to a woman. That's what I want my GF to have, that's what I hope she's getting behind my back, that's the only type of cock she deserves!
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