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My 70 yr.old mom actually took a 25 yr.old bbc tonight!


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No pictures because shes old and camera shy.It was her first black lover and I did not get to watch because shes again,old and not like that.I got told by the stud I set her up with and he said he fucked her hard and she held on tight and screamed out alot but he said he pounded her anyway and by the time he shot his load in her she wouldnt let him pull out and she grinded and fucked him till he got hard again and he fucked her even deeper and harder and she totally submitted and loved it!Now hes bringing friends over to her house and they are fucking the hell out of her!Now shes,drinking and doing drugs and she has four black boyfriends and shes 70 years old,Im amazed!


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I saw her out on her deck last night with a guy and she was smoking rock and dropped to her knees and took out his big hard black cock and sucked him off and gulped down his load!My mom has instantly become a slut for black men!
I like your MOM! Sounds as if there is a lot of Black Cum that needs to be licked and sucked from and out of her.
Perfect opportunity for a cuckold.