My 2nd chapter....

I do love this forum and love to read of the adventures of everyone. Some months ago I had shared my one and only black and white adventure. Over this past weekend, I found myself once again misbehaving with a lovely black man. And I am eager to the point of wetness to tell the tale!

Since the new year, my dearest friend has been dating a black man she met at work. I sometimes join them for nights out and find him ever so sexy. Especially since she loves to taunt me with stories of their sexual escapades.

My husband travels with his job and often I find myself on my own at odd times. Last weekend being one of them. My friend Clare and I decided we would spend the weekend together at hers in London. In the afternoon on saturday we found this sexy boutique and she bought an lovely lacy lingerie set to wear for her man. It was the most amazing corset and tights outfit in lacy sort of satiny black material.

In the evening we were to meet her Marcus, for drinks. He had a friend with him called James and it happens that Clare had hooked up with him before she met Marcus. We had a fun evening of drinks and then dancing at a club before heading back to Clare's. I danced with both and found my head spinning with their sexy dancing. Clare said to be sure of myself as James was lusting after me.

Back at Clares, we had some wine and a wee smoke and were all feeling quite high. We had shown the lads the outfit Clare purchased and they were urging her to model it for us all. It doesn't take much urging with Clare and soon she reapperared from her bedroom wearing nothing more than this outfit. Even I gasped at how erotic it was on her. Soon she was in the arms of Marcus on the couch next to me and then James on my side. James and I shared another spliff as we watched Marcus and Clare. He had his arm around her shoulders one hand at her breast, the other carressing her knickers as they kissed passionately.

I could hear James breathing more quickly and deeply as we watched intently. Marcus and Clare seemed oblivious to us and Clare soon began losing her lingerie. As he licked and sucked her breasts, she bagen to caress his crotch. I could see the bulge in his trousers. Clare had told me he was very large. He then shifted himself and undid his trousers and slid them off. He was huge and erect. Clare cuddled him on her knees and took all of him in her mouth. James and I both gasped as Marcus moaned and she lovelingly sucked her. It was so erotic to see. I was on fire and I could feel James pressing close to me.

After a few minutes, Clare looked up at us and as she did she took my hand and placed it over James crotch and then went back to sucking Marcus. I felt James bulging in my hand and turned to face him. There was no question in my mind that he would soon have me.

He wrapped himself around me, kissing me and exploring me with his hands. Soon he lifted me and placed me on my back on the couch. I could see that Macus was licking Clares pussy and she had her legs over his shoulders. James kissed me and slowly slid his hands dowm my breasts, opening my top and then reaching under to slide it off. As he kissed me and carressed me, he slowly undressed me, then kissed across my tummy to open my legs and using his fingers, lips and tongue gave me the first of what would be many orgasms. I was so wet and buring with want. My hips were quivering from his touch as he rose and removed his shirt and trousers. I sat up and slid his boxers off. As I did his lovely cock sprang out at me. I couldn't wait to take him in my mouth. He was so thick it was all I could do to wrap my mouth around him. But I had to have as much as I could in my mouth. I licked and sucked and stroked and could feel his cock throb in my hands and mouth. I could see Marcus and Clare on the other end of the couch. She was on her kness with her face on the couch. He knelt behind her and was fucking her with long slow deep strokes. Her eyes were nearly rolled back in her head and she moaned deeply with each of his slow entries into her pussy. James saw me looking and he lifted me to the edge of the couch and leant me over the arm with my feet on the floor. He stood behind me and slowly fucked me deeply and slowly to the same speed as Marcus was fucking Clare. She was watching me now as I watched her. Together we were watching one another fucking these lovely black men and I thought I would would burst with the passion welling up from within me. Togher they started fucking us harder and harder. I rolled over on my back and took James on top of me. He kissed and bit my neck as he buried his cock deep in me. Deeper, faster and harder. My orgasms began to roll together and soon I came as never before, almost convulsively. I could hear Clare coming as well. I haerd her say to Marcus to kneel over her and she took him again in her mouth. I knew that's where she wanted him to come. I said the same to James and he sat on the couch and I knelt over him taking him deeply into my mouth whilst swirling my tongue around him and sucking. I could hear Clare sucking and heard Marcus moaning loudly as he came. I could feel James cock throbbing and knew he would soon explode as well and I sucked harder on the head of his cock. His hips began to thurst his cock deeper into my mouth as he too came in a torrent and quivers. He seemed to come forever. His cock spurting into my mouth and over my face and breasts. He fell back drained and I continued to lick and suck until he could bear it nno longer...... for the moment it turned out soon afterwards. I looked over at Clare and she was smiling with cum dripping from her mouth. She was not swallowing it, but rather playing with it. She leant over to kiss me and I licked it from her face.

It was the most amazing night of sex I had ever known and it didn't end with this. We went at it untill the early hours and I shall tell more if anyone should be interested.