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    Hello, from South Africa..

    So the cuckolding scene this side of the world is minimal, people don't want to share their wives with the black man it seems, albeit there plenty of requests I receive from couples abroad until about last week whereby a couple from Durban contacted me wanting to enquire about my BBC..

    I am in Johannesburg and because of this lifestyle drought I decided to make my way to Durban whereby I was pleasantly surprised to be approached by a Indian couple (I have always fantasized about a Indian lady) and to top it off the wife was a BBW Indian sporting curves everywhere which ticked all the boxes on my Indian wish list!

    So far husband instructions allowed his wife and I to engage only in foreplay, as the wifey seemed hesitant the 1st evening but slowly started to ease up after I joined the couple in the hot tub to execute the momentum.

    Below is pictures of what I'm about to own a bit later, and amped to be her 1st BBC.
    Condom or Bareback ? I'll find out later..

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