MWF relatively new to scene but do have experience.

Blonde 5ft 5in tall slim small breasted I guess, but still firm.
Yes I am married to white, no longer have sex, but he thinks it is because I am pre-menopausal.
Not ready to explain myself or involve him in my 'Private Sex Life' yet, not sure I ever will.
I have a Black Lover, but it is sex only as he is also married.
I am very bi-sexual and love women, especially Black Women. I am an online white bitch slave to a Black Mistress who I adore!
I actively promote Black Only lifestyles to Younger girls & women wherever & whenever I can.
I am naturally sub to respectful Black, Male & Female & most White Female. & naturally Dom to white males.
Anything else you want to know, ask respectfully and I will tell you.
Seeking friendships only here and to broaden my knowledge on all things IR based.