mwc in so cal finally did it

go on an overnight fishing trip and this is how we brought 19 years of sex play into our real lives. Roll playing, watching videos, pillow talk... whatever you want to call it, one thing is for sure , If you want it a reality it will be. If you dont, then keep it a secret. The thing is, if you have lived on a fantasy for 19 years and your girl decides to make it a reality while your gone fishing then that is my mind a major violation. Or if she does it with someone that she sees everyday, like a boss, neighbor or even a coworker. Well thats what my little whore did. Yep her coworker who she has had eyes on apparently since she started working there. Now granted she is one of the only white women there, and she is definetly the hottest. So if you missed the obvious, we have watched interracial videos for 19 years and talked about how much it turned us on seeing these white girls get the fucking of a lifetime. A fucking that I could never provide by myself.
Its funny the comments under the videos will always contain some or a few white guys saying that blacks dont have the biggest dicks and there are big white ones too. And it is true, some white guys do have big dicks, but they are far and few between. As for some black guys have small dicks... well I suppose that is true as well. Its not like I have held surveys or something but being a guy and playing sports then later in life going to jail quite a few time the even going to prison twice you cant help but seeing alot of dick. Now this is just my experience but I think anyone that argues this is either a liar or just a hater. But without a doubt, no competition black guys on the average are much bigger than whites or any other race. I have never seen one that wasnt atleast 2 inches longer than my own and they all are much thicker. I have seen a few white guys that are as small as me... not many, but still a few. So if you are in denial or werent sure, I hope this will help you understand what is happening and why so many white girls are fucking bbc...... Back to my story,
So , the day after I went fishing she tells me kind of sex playing while we were fucking that she did it. I thought she was bullshitting me, and said yeah right. Usually she would say, "what if I did"? and I would reply "what could I do, its nobodies fault but my own" But this time she said its true and she assured me that she did. I felt betrayed that she waited till I went fishing to do this. I did bring it on but still inside I was pissed and yet turned on. I have thought about it for years, we have placed ads, chatted, traded pictures, but never did I really think it was going to happen. She would always say that I could only get mad at myself if she did and I agreed. But then again she had been saying that for years. We have purchased dildos and vibrators to try and make up for my inadequicy, and for a long time it has worked. But nothing can replace the feeling of an actually person connected to that toy. So thats what we said we will look at it like he is just a toy. Thats all good except she sees him everyday at work. The guy is 6 ft 6 and has the body of a underwear model and get this... he has a cock that is a foot long!! I shit you not, I have her film it each time now and though I got 1 halfway decent recording that reveals his tool. each recording provides me with proof that I cant compete with this guy. She denies it but she is building a relationship with this guy. She has fucked him 6 times now that I know of and fucked this other dude carl once. I say this because 6 times are all i know about but I am 90% sure there has been atleast one other. I think there was also an occasion that she sucked his dick when she was on her period. So anyway heres where my own demons come to surface. I am so turned on by it and it bums me out at the same time. I am mad at myself that it turns me on. What is wrong with me? I am not gay, and I do love her. But I know this has done unrepairable damage. She has stated that this is making us stronger. I could see where she can say this because she is the one getting the absolute best pussy poundings of her life. And yes she has told me this. Her last session was 2 nights ago . It lasted 55 minutes and he brought here to over 16 body racking orgasms. She finally admitted to squirting and said over and over that it was the best she has ever had. She has assured me that she will continue fucking him and me but when we fuck she ends up using a toy and my dick ends up in my hand. I will add more later 3:04 AM 8/4/2015
So I am back and since my last insert she placed an ad and we got a room and this guy Trey came over and fucked her good for about an hour. He had went out drinking with friends so he wasnt able to perform to his standards he claimed, but still made her squirt 3 times. I watched her worshipping his cock which was easily twice my length and 3 or 4 times thicker. She told me afterwards it was his girth that made her squirt . Well he has contacted me since and wants another go at her and says he was sorry and promises he will be sober and will give her the fucking she deserves. I dont doubt that he will get another chance to redeem himself. In the meantime her number 1 fuck has had his girlfriend over at his place all weekend, and now its Sunday night and she has made it pretty clear to charge up the camera phone cause she is going to try making a decent video for me to watch and play with myself to. This will take place while im at work of course. I dont know what it is about this whole cuckold thing that appeals to me. I guess it has something to do with me getting to be the beta. Seeing her get pleasured in ways I could never come close to, the whole taboo thing, me being a racsist, the contrast or just the sheer size of these guys....Maybe its all of the above. A few things are for sure, 1) She never wants to quit. She doesnt want to hurt me and says she will quit but she wont. Nor would I make her. 2) It is starting to make changes to her pussy. 3) It is definetly getting easier for both of us to handle, I just dont know how much longer she will even want me around. Because once the dishonesty starts again, that will be the end of us. Im sure it will be mutual at that point. For the meantime, I guess I will just enjoy the show and get used to my hand. It has been seeing alot more action than usual lately. The funny thing is.... I always play with myself with her videos on... I will add more when it happens. any suggestions would be appreciated