Music About Cuckolding And The Music Bulls Fuck To

How's it going everyone? I'm brand new to forums and I'm happy to be here.! S0 I'm interested in starting a discussion about music that is related to cuckolding. And similar such topics. Does anyone know any musicians that sing or rap about cuckolding, cheating, bbc, interracial, small dick, etc. And if you do, write down the specific song.

I feel like Rihanna has probably sung about cheating on white boys with big dicks but I can't be sure, haha! One of my favorite songs about cuckolding and one of the first ones I can think of is Nate Dog's "Your wife". I know I know other songs but I can't remember them right now.

I'd also really love to know what kind of music you bulls like to put on as you fuck a cuckold's wife or girlfriend. Any special tracks out there get you guys extra hard, extra aggressive, or extra dominant?
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Real Person
Ice Cube
8ball & MJG
Lil Boosie
Lil wayne
Rick Ross
Young Jeezy
Schoolboy Q
Snoop Dogg
Too Short
Hot boys

These are a couple artist to name a few
Dont know to many interracial type of songs, which poses a god question
Thanks for the great list pienman.

So I did a Google search on this topic and ran into an incredibly interesting article discussing cuckoldry in rap lyrics and so much more. This song is actually mentioned in the article.

(She) fuck me good, but she don’t stay
Murder on that pussy let her boyfriend get that D.O.A.
She got a million dollar body, (she’s) my Bugatti
She said she got a man, we can keep it secret Illuminati