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Moving Closer Weekend

So last weekend my wife and I took a trip together to have some fun without the kids. We were out camping and went to a hot spring the first day. She had never been to one before so it was all new to her. She knew there was possibly going to be nudity, but the sign said it was supposed to be in the private tubs. Never having even coming close to anything like this, this was a huge step for her.

The hot springs are laid out into two areas. Main public area has 4 large tubs that can fit 4-8 people in each one. That area is supposed to be swim suits. Then there is an area where there are 5 large bath tubs carved out of local trees. Each of these has its own door for privacy and nudity is allowed.

When we arrived it was nice and quiet. There were just a few people there so my wife decided she wanted to try the hot tub area. I started pouring water when she went to change. The first surprise was when she returned wearing a Bikini I had never seen before. She looked hot as hell. Once the tub was full we climbed in and began to soak. About this time the family in the largest tub started changing and heading out.

Once they were gone, we were the only ones in the public area and there were only two others in the private area. So we switched to the larger tub for more space. Just after we had gotten into the large tub a group of what I would describe as college girls showed up. There were only four of them and two of us so they asked if they could soak in the large tub with us. My wife said she didn't mind so they climbed in.

We were chatting and talking and two of the girls started teasing and playing and one reached over and untied the others bikini allowing it to fall into the tub. Everyone laughed and giggled. Before long each of the girls had their tops off and hanging on the side of the tub. Keeping an eye on me and my eyes, my wife hadn't realized she was the only one with her top on until one of the girls teased her about taking hers off.

She got really shy and said she never had. They were shocked and started egging her on that she should try it. To my total shock, with what seemed very little effort, she agreed and reached up and untied it and hung it on the side. I was feeling so hot and horny, five hot topless woman in the tub with me. I couldn't resist and reached over under the water and squeezed my wife's nipple. She moaned and then jabbed me.

They had been sitting in and on the side of the hot tub to cool off for some time when a couple of guys showed up and came into the public area. I thought for sure my wife would rush to cover up, but all she did was sink into the water. They proceeded to fill the tub next to us and climbed in. For another hour or so all of us chatted and talked and moved in and out of the tub to cool down and then heat back up. Including my sexy wife who had never in her life seen or been seen naked or otherwise by another man.

When it was time for us to go, she didn't bother to get her top on, she just climbed out of the tub and grabbed her towel just like the other girls did. Then the biggest surprise came when it was time for her to get dressed and she dropped her bottoms right there in front of everyone and got dressed.

I teased her the rest of the day as we drove to our camping area. She said she enjoyed it and was very comfortable doing what she did. That night when we climbed into the tent we were messing around and teasing about her going topless, all she said was she wanted to get and stay horny all weekend. She said that is why for the rest of the weekend I was to be her boy toy. Fine with me.

As we continued to play, she got out some toys she had brought and teased me with them. I was rock hard when she got out a condom. A little surprised because she hates them, I went with it. To my surprise she had gone out and bought new condoms for the trip. I could hear her breathing as she rolled it onto my cock very urgently. It wasn't till I looked down that I realized what she had done. She had gone out and bought black condoms.

I got even harder as I watched her soft white hand stroke it up and down. Then she gave me a blowjob of a life time. She hates blow jobs, the only time she will do anything but kiss the tip is in the shower. So when she sucked it in till she choked was a pleasant surprise. In no time I was about to cum and told her so. Instantly she climbed on and mounted her black cock and rode me till we both came.

The next day we went for a short hike and she found a nice secluded spot in the middle of no where and laid down an blanket. Before I had even gotten my shoes off, she had stripped off her shirt and bra and was topless for the second time in two days. I got instantly horny as I noticed and she ordered me to strip for her. In seconds I stood there naked with my shaft pointing to the sky.

I asked what my Sexy Lady wanted and she smiled and handed me another black condom and ordered me to put it on. I did as ordered and instantly she began sucking it deep into her mouth. I was almost cumming again when she ordered me to lay on my back. As I did, she stood and stripped off the rest of her cloths and squatted above my now black cock. In one shot she plunged it deep into her lips. Moaning and grunting she pounded away at me.

I could resist and asked her if she liked her black cock. No response. I asked again and again until she finally said YES, I LOVE MY BLACK COCK. A few seconds after that she exploded in a high pitched squealing orgasm that made me fill the condom.

We laid there for about an hour or so enjoying the sun on our bodies when I felt her hand on my waist and down to my cock again. Knowing I would not be able to respond so fast, I rolled her on her back and began stroking her soaked clit. As I stroked it I asked her about her new black cock and how she liked it. How she wanted it in her mouth, in her lips and against her clit. Her breathing got labored and I stroked harder and faster.

I dolt her she needed to tell me how she liked it or I wasn't going to make her cum. Finally she began telling me how it turned her on to strip in front of other people and how she liked seeing other men naked and how she really loved the black cock she had in her mouth and in her lips and how she wanted it to cum inside her. As she did, I stroked her to the biggest orgasm. Her legs, her belly twitched and twitched as she groaned and screamed. When I released her like I normally would have, I kept talking about her black cock inside her and to my complete amazement, her orgasm continued. Her legs shook uncontrollably and she couldn't strop holing her lips apart and began ordering me to stroke her more.

I am not sure if it was one huge orgasm or multiple orgasms, but her first black cock, even if it was only a black condom was a huge turn on for her. I look forward to seeing where this all goes.

Would love to hear what all of you think? Should I try new things to kind of push her in the direction she seems to like, or should I let her go on her own? What do you think it is about the black aspect? Realizing I know for a fact she has never seen one even in pictures.
Great story and your wife sounds like a very sensual woman. You mentioned "toys" above in you post....if she doesn't already have one...I would suggest a black realistic toy as the next step in the process. No matter what...that sounded like a great weekend and you are lucky to have such a wife.
Sounds like you had one hot weekend. Would have loved to been there in the hot springs with all those hot white women. How do you know for sure she hasn't seen one? Even a picture? Did she say where the idea came from? I hate to tell you, she has somewhere and she has thought about it inside her.
Hot Springs are so great. It doesn't matter what time of the year you go, the hot water keeps you warm and relaxed. We have one in our area and we go all the time. So many hot and kinky and naughty and sexy and slutty things happen there.