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My new wife is no bigger than a minute. She is just over 5 feet tall and only weighs 105 sopping wet. Her tits are not all that big, but personally I like that because I don't have to worry about them bouncing off her knees when she gets much, much older. As for now, they are perfect. As the saying goes, anything more than a handful is a waste anyway.

Anyway Debbie, my wife, has always stayed trim and very fit. Her ass is fabulous and firm. No matter where we go, or who we see, she always manages to get comments. A lot of these comments come from the way she dresses. Because of her size, most of the clothes she buys come from the younger section in the stores and so they are somewhat sexier. Debbie can pull it off and is often mistaken for much younger than her 38 years. She has dishwater blonde hair and wears it somewhat long. She never has to wear a bra and tries not to as often as possible. If it were not for her noticeably protruding nipples she probably would refrain from one altogether. When she gets cold, or excited, her nipples practically bore holes in her blouses or whatever she is wearing. You can even see them through some of her bras. This always embarrasses her as she is really quite shy and although I rave about how hot and sexy she is, she remains embarrassed.

For some time, I have tried to broach the topic of seeing her with another man. Like this has to be the one universal goal of about every married man I know. Or at least the ones I hang out with. It is like what I have is something so great that I am driven to share her so others can be even more envious of me than they are now. Anyway, up till recently I had been having no success whatever.

Tom is a guy I work with. He and I had often talked about this topic. He is single so I guessed he was trying to figure a way to get in Debbie's pants, and if he could do it with my blessing then, so much the better. I can't remember how the topic ever came up initially, but since it did, it is practically all Tom ever talks about anymore.

Debbie is what I call a frustrated actress. She is totally convinced she could be and should have been a big movie star. She does resemble Meg Ryan in a variety of ways. She has the same smile and white teeth. Debbie's nipples are definitely more noticeable. She is constantly looking for parts to audition for and has tried several times but so far had not had much success aside from a few minor parts in local productions.

That was the basis for Tom's big idea he was dying to tell me about a while back. He came up with this crazy idea to let Debbie know about a casting agent in town looking for prospects for a new Spike Lee movie. I guess I should mention that Tom is black. As a matter of fact, he is very black. Not a lighter color like some blacks are, he is an original jet-black man.

Anyway, he of course wanted to be the casting agent. I guess somewhere in our endless conversations I may have mentioned that the thought of Debbie with a black guy intrigued me somewhat. This obviously intrigued Tom as well and I think that was about the time he started endlessly talking about wives with other men.

Our plan was to fake an ad in the local paper ( personal section ) with information about the casting call for the movie. Applicants should call for an appointment. Then I would photocopy it so I could tell Debbie I had seen it in the paper a few days back, copied it and had forgotten to mention it. We copied and pasted and managed to come up with a realistic looking ad. After we copied it, you could not tell it from a regular ad. I thought to myself this just might work.

Tom was a pretty good size guy and a little on the pudgy side, (a little is an understatement. He has a huge beer gut), but when he's dressed up he looks ok. I questioned if he could pull off the part of a casting agent.
He assured me he could ace it. We worked out some of the final details about which motel and times and such and then set the plan in motion. Tom was convinced he could introduce Debbie to the casting couch.

I was apprehensive but excited at the same time. I was not completely convinced I could go through with this. After all, as far as I knew, I was the only guy Debbie had ever been with. I suppose she could have had boyfriends before me, but she never talked about any of them. Although I was never sure if she was a virgin when we met. I do know there were certain things she refused to do. Like she refused to swallow my cum. She tried to let me fuck her ass a few times, but I never succeeded completely. Usually I would manage to get about half of the tip in and she would be screaming like a banshee. But, at least she tried. As for cumming in her mouth, that was an absolute, positively "no way" as far as she was concerned. She did give me a decent blow job, but when I started to shoot, her mouth was off limits.

So I took the personal ad out when I got home and laid it on the hallway table. A while later as I was upstairs changing, she yelled up and asked me about it. I yelled back down to her that I had seen it in the paper a couple of days ago and copied it and had forgotten to bring it home for her. When I came downstairs she was staring at it and re-reading it.

"Is this legitimate," she asked.

"Hell, I don't know, I suppose it is." I replied. "I just thought you may want to give it a shot. Call the number and see what you think." I added.

Debbie spoke into the phone identifying herself and referencing the ad she had seen in the paper. "Ok, yes I understand. Oh that would be great, thank you very much Mr. Dingle" she said.
As she hung up the phone I could already see the stars in her eyes. I found myself in disbelief that Tom had pulled it off.

"Well, tell me all about it" I said.

Debbie proceeded to rattle off details about the big movie coming up and how they were looking for a girl next door type and were busy scouring the various cities and this and that. I had to bite my tongue because Tom had mentioned a few of the things he planned to say, but he obviously had embellished some when he had her on the phone.

Debbie was to meet Mr. Dingle the next night at the Doubletree on 128th ave. She was to go to room 146 at 6:00pm. Tom and I had already checked this room out and it afforded a perfect view of the room from the closet. Which is where I would be to see if Tom had any luck. My heart was already beating faster. I slept very little that night imagining all the things that may or may not happen then next night.

I had told Debbie I had to work late that next night and was all set to jump in the closet in room 146 as Tom and I waited for a knock at the door. Tom was already sweating as he set up a movie camera on a tripod. He assured me it added a little realism to the scenario. He had a clipboard with a list of fictitious names on it and a series of questions and some fake lines Debbie was to read.

Suddenly there was a knock at the door. I dove in the closet as Tom went to the door. I nearly fell out of the closet when Tom told me to come on out and meet his buddy. I peered out and could not believe my eyes. There stood another guy as black as Tom and about a foot taller.

"What the fuck is this" I asked Tom incredulously?

"Hey, cool down now dammit, I figured I had to have a leading man here to read the lines," he replied. "And besides, Ed here is cool and a much better actor than I am and with both of us working on Debbie she should buy it better. Come on man, just be cool, Ed isn't going to tell a soul I swear."

I was furious! It appeared Tom had let this Ed guy in on all our plans and I just wanted to call the whole thing off. "Fuck that shit man, the deal is off" I screamed. Just as I said those words there was a knock at the door.

"Fuck," Tom said, "quick in the closet," he said has he and Ed shoved me into my position and pushed the door all but closed.

I nearly jumped back out until I realized I would be in big trouble and have a very hard time explaining to Debbie what I was doing there. I sat down in the chair I had positioned and simply fumed.

Tom said, "Hello, you must be Debbie?"

"I am Mr. Dingle and this is Ed Sparks" I peered out and could see Debbie was very nervous. Her back was to me and as Tom spoke to her I could see Ed eyeing her up and down. I clenched my teeth, thinking if that tall fuck laid one hand on my wife I would kick his skinny ass. I figured I would have to get a stepladder though since he had to be damn near 7 feet tall.

Tom was going over what they hoped to accomplish and what they were looking for. Of course Debbie was perfect so far. She was the ideal height and the ideal build. Tom asked Debbie if she had done any acting and she started listing the parts she had played in the local productions. Tom was busy scribbling notes. I was still pissed as hell but this was beginning to intrigue me. As long as that fucking Ed stays away I figured it might be ok.

Tom was running through his list of questions. "Are you racist?"

"Oh, absolutely not" she replied.

"Have you ever been with a black man?"

"No" was her response.

"have you ever done a nude scene?" Again her response was no.

"Would you have any objection to doing a nude scene?"

Debbie stammered, "well, ah, I don't know, ah I suppose if it was an important part of the movie and ah, well I guess." I could see her blushing.

"Would you do a nude scene with a black man?"

Again Debbie stuttered and stammered. "I, well that is ah, well I guess if it was an important part of the movie ah, well, it's not that I am prejudiced or anything like that, ah I guess I could do that."

Tom told Debbie to set back and take a break. Tom stepped over to the sink area and fixed 3 straight bourbons on the rocks. He handed one to Ed and the other to Debbie. "Here, you look like you could use this" he said. Debbie is not a heavy weight drinker and when she coughed on the first sip of the bourbon Ed and Tom both laughed.

"I was not expecting whiskey" Debbie said as she sipped her drink again.

"What we are going around the country Debbie and taking video of only the ones I feel really fit the role that Spike is looking for. I am happy to tell you that you are only the third girl in the last two cities we have been in that I am prepared to shoot video on for Mr. Lee."

Debbie's eyes lit up like light bulbs. "There are those stars" I thought to myself. "

I must tell you this is a starring role we are casting Debbie and personally, if everything goes right, I think you have a very good chance at landing this role." Debbie gulped down the rest of her drink. Ed leaped up and took her glass to refill it. Tom moved the camera over to a position where he could shoot the sofa Debbie was sitting on.

Debbie was wearing a short red skirt and a scoop necked white silky blouse. I could not tell if she had a bra on or not. I assumed she did because I knew I would have seen her nipples protruding if not. Tom explained the way Mr. Lee liked his audition tapes to go. He said Mr. Lee liked them casual with normal adlib talking. A little later, he explained they would shoot some actual scenes from the movie to see how she handled the dialog.

"Ok Ed" Tom said. "Now Debbie, just act natural and talk with Ed, I will give you direction as I see fit."

Tom started the video camera and Ed walked over sitting down beside Debbie and handed her the drink he had just poured her. Debbie looked nervous as hell.

"You are certainly a pretty girl" Ed said. "I do believe you are one of the prettiest girls I have seen in this town. And you are so small and petite" Debbie blushed.

"Go ahead and talk to him Debbie" Tom prompted.

"Well thank you. How tall are you Ed?" Debbie stammered.

"About 6 foot 10 or so" Ed replied.

"My, my, my, I am only 5 foot 2" Debbie said. This idle chit chat went on for a while.

"Ok, now Debbie I want to get a few shots of you and Ed as though you are lovers, so go with this and let's see what we get here." Tom said as he adjusted the camera. Ed immediately moved in close to Debbie and put his arm around her. She stiffened and he pulled her to him. (they did not look like lovers. Instead Debbie was sitting as stiff as a board and Ed kept pulling her into his chest.)

"Ok, rolling." Tom shouted.

"You know baby, you are one hot girl and I really love to have you near me" Ed said.

"Ah, I love to be with you too" Debbie stammered.

"Just be natural Debbie and let it go" Tom prompted.

"Damn girl, I do love your hot body." Ed said as he reached his long arm that had been around Debbie down cupping her right breast as he leaned over to kiss her. Debbie noticeably stiffened and froze as Ed's hand mauled her breast.

"Come on Debbie, you are lovers" Tom said as he move the camera a bit closer.

Meanwhile Ed was all over Debbie. He kept his big fat lips glued to hers as he reached up under her blouse and cupped Debbie's breast under her blouse. "Mmmm baby, you really set me on fire" Ed said.

"Oh, I love being with you" Debbie managed, in an almost monotone voice between kisses.

Ed was now pushing Debbie's blouse up over her breasts and I could see he had one breast out of her bra cup and the other one was still inside. He stopped kissing Debbie long enough to pull her blouse over her head then immediately slapped his lips back on hers. It looked like Debbie was in a state of shock. Ed got her blouse over in head in a flash. Her eyes were the size of saucers.

"Great Debbie, go with it now" Tom yelled.

Debbie had both hands clenched at her sides and was still as stiff as a board. If this weren't my wife it would have been comical. Ed was kissing Debbie all over her face and around her neck as he pushed her bra up and mauled both her breasts. I could not help but notice Debbie's nipples were rock hard. Ed dropped his head down and sucked one of her nipples into his mouth.

"Excuse me Tom, could I please have a break, I have to use the bathroom!" Debbie finally blurted.

"Ok, cut". Tom yelled. "That was perfect. It is just the kind of footage Spike is looking for." Tom said as Debbie extricated herself from Ed.

She stood up and pulled her bra back over her breasts but appeared to forget about retrieving her blouse. Her tits are really a couple of her finest features. They are firm and although smaller her nipples are enough to turn any guy on.

"Ah, could I have a word with you Tom?" Debbie asked nervously.

They huddled in conversation right by the closet I was hiding in. I nearly had a heart attack. They were so close I could smell her perfume as Debbie questioned Tom if this was necessary, and did Ed really have to do what he was doing? Tom laid an academy award performance on her, telling her that Spike would really sit up and take notice of her body and her performance. "This is exactly what we are looking for" he went on. Telling her that Spike's new movie would make her a star without a doubt. All she had to do was go with it and it would all work out.

Debbie came out of the bathroom still looking tense, although I think she was a little more relaxed than before. Tom's pep talk had apparently helped a little. She went back over and sat down on the sofa and Ed immediately moved back over beside her putting his long skinny arm back around her.

"Ok, Tom said, Action" Ed went right back at Debbie like before. The first thing he did was reach over without even a kiss and pushed her bra up off her breasts. He then bent down and immediately sucked one of her nipples into his mouth.. He alternated between nipples for a while then went back to kissing her.

This time as he kissed her he reached down to her skirt and began running his hand up her leg. Debbie squeezed her legs tightly together. "Oh, baby you know what I want." Ed adlibbed.

"Not now honey" Debbie finally spoke.

Ed had his hand all the way up under her skirt and it looked like he was trying to get his fingers in between her legs. Debbie had them locked together. Finally Ed pulled his hand out and I thought Debbie was out of the woods until I saw Ed unzip his pants while still kissing Debbie. When she heard his zipper I saw her again tense up. Both her hands were again clenched at her sides. Ed reached inside is trousers and hauled out what had to be a 9 or 10 inch cock. Blacker than he was. It was pouring pre cum and it glistened. Ed started jacking off as he sat there kissing my wife.

"I know what will help you change your mind baby". Ed said. When his cock was rock hard, looking even bigger than before he reached over and pulled one of Debbie's clenched fists to his cock.

"OK now, go with it Debbie, this is what Spike is looking for" Tom yelled.

Slowly, Debbie opened her fist and at Ed's insistence finally closed her hand around his cock. Her hand, being so small, could not begin to close around his huge cock.

"Mmm, Jack me baby" Ed said. Slowly, Debbie's hand began an up and down motion on Ed's cock. Each time her hand came up it oozed more pre cum out from the end of his cock and soon not only his cock, but Debbie's hand was glistening as it made a smacking noise every time she jacked his cock up and down.

While Debbie was reluctantly jacking Ed's cock, he reached his hand back under her skirt which had ridden up considerably in all the jostling. Her legs again were tightly closed. Ed was slobbering all over her with his tongue thrust in her mouth and his hand under her skirt prying at her thighs. He had managed to work her skirt up to her hips and I could clearly see her thong panties. Still she kept her legs locked. All the while this was going on, her hand was slowly jacking his huge cock. Finally Ed began to roll over on Debbie and she moved a leg back slightly to keep her balance and that was all it took. Ed's hand hit pay dirt. Debbie's hand stopped immediately as his fingers gained access to her pussy. She was obviously trying to stop his fingers from going any further, but I could see because of the size of his hand she could not close her legs completely together. I watched as one of his long black fingers shoved her white panties aside and slowly slid into my wife's cunt. She was frozen with her hand now clenching his black cock but no longer jacking it. Her other hand was clenched in a fist at her side.

"Lets hear some dialog, come on Debbie let's go with it, make it work." Tom yelled out.

"How the fuck can she talk with that assholes tongue buried in her mouth" I thought to myself. I found this highly erotic even though I was at times concerned for my wife's welfare.

Ed dropped to Debbie's large protruding nipples and began sucking and I was stunned to hear Debbie stammer in a manner like she was still trying her best to act, "Oh baby, Oh baby, we should not be doing this." It was amateurish at best, but clearly part of Debbie's ongoing attempt to land this supposed big part.

Ed had succeeded in spreading my wife's thighs completely apart now and was jamming his middle finger in and out of her cunt. "Jack me baby, you know you love to do that" Ed said.

Debbie had forgotten about that chore she was performing and now started pumping on Ed's cock again. This time it seemed she was doing it in unison to Ed's finger thrusting deep in her cunt.

Tom was beside himself this entire time. Half the time he stood with his mouth hanging open. The rest of the time he was rubbing his cock through his pants and moving the camera in and back out. He would periodically yell out direction to try and keep it legitimate. Finally as his sexual frustration peaked he stood and unbuckled his pants and pulled them off. I could see his fat gut hanging beneath his shirt. He quickly pulled his shorts off and his cock although not as large as Ed's was probably 7 inches or so. He began jacking himself while he continued to shout words of encouragement and direction to Debbie and Ed.

Debbie had long since lost all track of Tom. Half the time Ed had his tongue buried in her mouth and the other half of the time her head was laid back against the sofa with her eyes squeezed shut. From time to time she still managed to try and say some of the lines Tom kept prompting her to say. Her hand (dripping with precum) was still managing to jack off Ed's large cock, but at times it would hesitate. Ed now had two of his long black fingers buried in her cunt and I could see they were glistening. I found myself thinking it was about damn time she got wet down there. Debbie started to stiffen even more and I could tell she was going to have an orgasm. She had her head laying on the back of the sofa. She was still trying to ad lib lines and maintain herself, but I knew she was getting close.

Tom realized this too. "Oh Debbie, this is going to win you this role I guarantee it". Tom said as he circled to the rear of the sofa.

"I am going to see to it you get this part" Tom added as he approached Debbie from the rear.

" So we can really blow Spike's mind, I want you to go with this Debbie" Tom said as he leaned over the back of the sofa and pointed his cock toward my wife's mouth.

Her eyes were again tightly closed and Ed had dropped down between her widely spread thighs and was moving toward her wet cunt with his mouth. Since I knew she was just about to cum herself, it was no surprise when she stiffened and arched her back as Ed closed his mouth over her cunt, thrusting his tongue in. This caused her head to go back farther on the sofa. It was now in the perfect position for Tom to put his cock in her mouth. Her eyes were closed tightly and she was now cumming. Her mouth opened as she started whimpering like she always does when she starts her orgasm. The whimpers became moans.

Tom had been jacking his cock for all it was worth and when she arched her back and leaned farther back, that nearly done him in. But when she opened her mouth, that was all the invitation he needed. Even though with her eyes clenched shut, she had no idea of what was about to happen to her. I heard Tom Groan as his orgasm began. (shit I was beside myself. Here was my wife with one tall gangly black dude eating her wet pussy till she cumming. And another fat black fuck with his cock about to shoot cum in her wide open mouth. ) I knew she would never go for the cum in her mouth, but deep inside I figured this would pay her back for all the times I had begged her to at least try to swallow some of my cum.

"Here is your firm contract Debbie" Tom grunted as I saw a rope of cum spurt from his cock directly into my wife's open mouth.

She was right in the middle of cumming herself and I was certain she did not know what was happening. Another long rope of cum jetted from Tom's cock directly into Debbie's mouth. Then another, and another. About that time, Debbie's eyes shot open. Just in time to see Tom's cock poised at her wide open mouth. Before she could react, Tom shoved his hips forward and buried his black cock in my wife's mouth. She was frantically moving and struggling to get it out of her mouth.

I shot my own load all over the closet without even touching myself as I saw her swallow several times trying to keep from drowning in the cum that filled her mouth. With her swallowing so rapidly it looked easy for Tom to continue to shove his cock farther in her mouth.

I was completely and utterly shocked beyond belief at my wife swallowing all of Tom's cum ( or at least most all of it.) but I was even more shocked to see him manage to shove his cock all the way into my wife's mouth to his balls. I knew he had managed to get it into her throat. I assumed it was because she had been swallowing so hard at first that she must have literally swallowed his cock. Debbie's eyes were wild looking as she struggled to get Tom's cock out of her throat. Her arms were flailing at her side and trying to reach up over her head to push Tom back. Finally Tom pulled back, but only for a second. Then he thrust his cock all the way in again. He was fucking Debbie's mouth like a jack hammer.

Debbie was so frantic about the large black cock buried in her throat she had completely forgotten about Ed until he jammed his hips forward and buried his huge cock deep in her cunt. Debbie's arms were still flailing all over the place. She did not know which end to fight off first. The cock that was pumping in and out of her mouth, or the enormous black cock that had just buried itself in her cunt. She was grunting and groaning and moaning and gasping when she could as both Tom and Ed pumped her at each end. It looked like Ed had already cum in Debbie's cunt because his cock was dripping when he would pull it back between thrusts. I quickly realized it was Debbie's sopping wet pussy that was overflowing.

"Damn" I thought to myself, "my darling little wife is getting off on this."

Ed was really going at her, pulling is black pole almost all the way out, then jamming it back in so hard Debbie was bouncing off the back of the sofa. If it were not for Tom's big cock buried in her mouth I think Ed would have pushed her over the back of the sofa. Ed's ass looked like a black blur, driving and pumping as hard as he could. Finally after fucking her for a good 10 minutes at an extremely rapid pace, Ed's ass clenched and he howled out and drove into Debbie hard and held his cock all the way deep inside her for what seemed like an eternity. His ass muscles kept clenching, then loosening, then clenching again. Ed was obviously pumping my wife full of his cum.

Debbie was fanatic about taking her birth control pills so I was not worried that she was getting a load pumped in her. The thought did occur to me though and I found myself hoping she had taken her pill that day. The last thing we needed was a little black baby running around. That would be a hard one to explain.

When Ed finally finished filling Debbie's cunt full of cum, he slowly pulled his cock out. It was coated with a mixture of juice and cum. Tom was still getting into his blow job and now had a renewed hard cock driving deep inside Debbie's mouth and throat. She appeared to have gotten quite proficient at deep throating. Ed walked around the sofa and pulled Tom back and quickly replaced Tom's hard cock with his dripping wet and somewhat limp cock. I was shocked to see Debbie accept his wet cock into her mouth, with little or no struggle. Tom quickly ran around the sofa and in seconds was driving his hard cock deep inside my wife. I had noticed a stream of Ed's cum running out of her cunt down the crack of her hot ass before Tom got there so his cock slid in with no effort whatsoever.

Tom was not fucking Debbie nearly as fast as Ed, but he was driving his cock as deep as he could. He paused watching Ed pushing his long black cock into my wife's mouth. He looked down and pulled his cock out of Debbie's dripping cunt. Tom grabbed Debbie's legs and pushed them up telling Ed to hang on to them. This totally exposed Debbie's dripping cunt and her virgin asshole. I saw Tom was positioning his fat black cock at the entrance to my wife's asshole. With what seemed like very little effort (because it was coated in cum) he pushed his hips forward and the head of his cock popped into her. He shoved more of his cock deeper inside and with one final lunge buried it all the way. He did not last very long at all and I saw his ass clench as he added his second load to my wife. Ed was pushing his cock all the way into Debbie's throat at the other end. When Tom finished pumping Debbie's asshole full of his cum he held his cock buried balls deep for what seemed like an eternity, then he literally fell backwards on the floor. His cock made a popping noise as it came out of her virgin asshole. Debbie had been squirming when Tom was pushing his cock into her asshole, but now did not move since she was still busy with Ed in her mouth. I could see a river of cum dripping from her cunt and now her freshly fucked asshole to the floor beneath her.

Ed seeing that Tom had crapped out, released her legs and started to pull his cock out of Debbie's mouth and I nearly fell out of the closet when to my surprise she reached up over her head and grabbed Ed's ass cheeks and pulled him back into her mouth. Ed's eyes grew large and he said, "Whoa baby, this bitch wants this black cock in her hot little mouth." Tom raised up and seeing this quickly grabbed the camera for a closeup shot of this activity.

Tom moved around to the side of the sofa and captured all the action as Ed pumped his big black cock deep into my wife's mouth until his balls bounced off her forehead and nose. Ed kept fucking her mouth until he started to moan. "Here it cums baby, get ready for a big fucking load"

I think the reality of what she was doing suddenly dawned on her because she started to push Ed away. I knew she did not like cum, but thought maybe she had changed her mind after what Tom had done to her. Debbie was clearly trying to avoid getting another load of cum pumped into her mouth at this point, but Ed was too far gone as he grabbed her by the chin and her hair and increased his pace fucking into her mouth and throat. He had his long cock buried in her throat.

When I saw Ed's ass muscles contract and clench up I knew it was too late for Debbie to avoid getting his cum pumped into her mouth. Ed drove his cock in and held it for several seconds as his ass clenched and tightened. Then he pulled his long cock nearly all the way out and his ass continued to clench.

"You swallow it bitch" he yelled.

I saw Debbie gulping it down as fast as she could. Finally Ed released his hold on Debbie's head and he staggered back against the wall. His cock was spotless. My darling wife had swallowed every drop. And Tom had gotten some utterly fantastic footage.

Debbie laid sprawled out on the sofa for some time. Her skirt was bunched around her waist, her bra was still bunched up above her beautiful tits. I was surprised to see her panties off completely. The last I had noticed Ed had only pushed them aside. Now, they were off and on the floor. I think Ed must have ripped them off. Debbie's legs were wide apart and her cunt and asshole was matted with cum.

"And CUT" Tom managed to say.

This brought Debbie somewhat to her senses and she raised her head and looked at the two black guys in the room with her. One was beyond tall and skinny, and the other had a fat beer gut and was blacker than black. Both were still completely naked and admiring Debbie's body. She slowly pulled herself to a sitting position and reached up and pulled her bra down over her hot tits. Then she stood and smoothed her skirt down. She reached down and picked up her panties. Upon seeing they had indeed been ripped off her she tossed them back to the floor.

I could not believe my ears when she asked Tom if he thought she had a chance. I think he was equally as astonished as I was, because he stuttered and stammered for a while before telling Debbie that he was certain she did. Then being the quick thinker he was he quickly added that he would submit the film to Spike and would be in touch with her if he needed more footage. "Oh right" I thought to myself, that asshole just wants another shot at my wife.

Standing before a mirror, Debbie pushed her hair into place as best she could and wrote her phone number on a piece of paper. She handed it to Tom, who was still standing there buck naked with a cum covered half hard on swinging between his legs.

She headed to the door when Ed said, "Hang on a second baby."

Debbie turned and looked at Ed as he stepped over to her. "Don't I get a kiss goodbye", he asked.

"Oh sure," Debbie responded as she rose on her tiptoes to meet Ed who was bending half in two to get down to her level. I saw that asshole slip her the tongue again. He was kissing my wife not more than a foot away from my hiding place.

"How bout junior?" Ed said grabbing his semi limp cock and swinging it back and forth toward Debbie. She looked down at Ed's cock hanging from his fist.

"Well, ahhh," she said blushing, "believe me, I don't normally do this, but if it will help me get the role, I suppose just this once". She was so close I could again smell her perfume this time mixed with the odor of fresh cum. Debbie bent over and cradled Ed's limp cock in her hand she leaned forward and kissed the head of his cock.

Before she could raise up Ed said, "You call that a kiss?"

Debbie bent forward again and holding his cock in her fist engulfed the head of it and sucked noisily on it for about 20 to 30 seconds. She pulled his 3/4 hard cock out of her mouth with a loud sucking pop. "I really have to go" she said.

"You can't forget me" Tom bellowed.

No, I suppose not" Debbie replied again blushing a brilliant red. She walked over to Tom and without even giving him a kiss on the lips she bent to her knees and quickly sucked his cock into her mouth. I nearly freaked out. That cock had been buried deep in her asshole only minutes earlier and it was still coated with his cum. She sit her purse on the floor and reached around and grabbed the cheeks of his fat ass and pulled him into her mouth all the way. This went on for several seconds and when she stopped and stood up his cock was nearly hard again.

"That is enough, she said, I really have to go. My husband will wonder what is taking me so long." With that, she told Tom to be sure and let her know what Spike thought and she left.

I opened the closet door and practically fell out onto the floor. "Wowie baby, Ed said, your wife is one HOT mama. I gotta get me more of that bitch" he said as he fell back on the sofa. Tom looked at me in a questioning manner and gave me a tentative thumbs up. I stared at him for a few seconds, then a smile spread across my face and I returned the thumbs up sign. After much begging I agreed to let them each have copies of the tape to jack off to. I reached down and picked up my wife's torn panties and stuffed them in my pocket.


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Since Tom and I had such success with our Spike Lee movie ploy, I could not wait to hear all about it from Debbie when I got home. I had stayed behind after she left to arrange the duplication of the video and have a drink with the guys. I even got along with Ed a little better. I mean what choice did I have then? He had already gotten to know my wife in more intimate ways than I did. I mean that asshole got to cum in her mouth and I never had.

I got home about an hour or so after Debbie and when I went in she was very excited to tell me what had happened in the audition." I met one of the associate producers and he was a nice guy and he said he thought I had a very good chance at landing this role and it will be a lead role and," the words spewed out like there was no tomorrow. Not one time did she mention anything about sex.

I decided to bring it up. "So, did he try to introduce you to the infamous casting couch?"

Absolutely not! was her reply. There is no way I would ever go that route. That may work for some girls, but not this one. I found myself for the first time thinking that my little Debbie was a pretty fair actress after all. Had I not been there, I probably would have believed her myself.

All during this conversation I was nudging Debbie toward the bedroom. When we got there I released all my pent up sexual frustration. I practically ripped her robe off. She had obviously taken a bath and I decided the next time anything like this happened I would have to get to her before she washed away the evidence. That way, I reasoned, I might be able to get her to tell me about her exploits. I immediately went down to taste her pussy and commented to her how wet she was.

I just got out of the shower silly she replied. Maybe so I thought to myself, but judging from the taste, I was fairly certain she had not gotten all the cum out of her pussy. Not that I know what cum tastes like, but I do know what she tastes like. And this taste definitely had an extra and added something.

After having my tongue buried in her cunt for what seemed like forever, I drew myself up to a position that would allow me to bury my cock deep within her. I was beside myself and knew I would not last long with all the visions of what she had been doing a little over an hour earlier.

I felt my cum start to rise and knew the one thing I wanted to accomplish more than anything. I quickly pulled my wet cock from her pussy and pulled myself up to where I was straddling her head. Come on baby, I moaned as I pumped my cock toward her mouth.
She opened her mouth and sucked my cock in and I was beside myself. I was in my seventh heaven. She would finally swallow my load. I started to moan and she knew what was going to happen. She actually seemed to suck harder. I tried to get her to deep throat me like I had seen her doing earlier, but she kept me pushed back. I felt the cum begin to travel to it final destination, which I sensed would be in Debbie's open mouth. My ass clenched and my hips shot forward, suddenly she jerked my cock out of her pretty mouth and I exploded all over her cheeks and tits; everywhere but in her mouth.

As I lay beside her totally drained, she reached for a convenient towel we keep for just such a need. I am sorry sweety she said, I know you wanted me to try swallowing, but you know I just can't bring myself to do that. I rolled my eyes back up in my head, I was guessing she would be getting another phone call from that associate producer very soon.

Tom was beside himself the next day. He told me he spent half the night jacking off to the video he shot. All day long all he could do was rant and rave about how fucking hot Debbie had been. He was all over me to help him work out another deal so he could have another go at her.

I let him worry that I may not go for it again, but just before we knocked off for the day I told him to come up with his plan and let me know about it and I would give it some thought.

He convinced me to stop for a beer on the way home. I knew he could not wait another day to know if he would get another shot at my wife. As we sipped our brews we decided to give it a day or two and Tom would call Debbie and tell her Spike had been wild about her audition tape. Judging from the way she seemed to have bought their last meeting and she seemed to have left with the impression Tom actually was a producer looking for prospects for Spike Lee's newest movie, I thought he could probably pull it off. As long as I felt Tom and this other asshole Ed could keep their fucking mouths shut about my wife, I was also excited to see if they could do it again.

Two days later when I got home, Debbie was jumping up and down with excitement. She could barely contain herself as she told me she was to meet Mr. Dingle again in about an hour. She went on and on about how she really thought she had done well at the last audition and this time Spike wanted more footage so he could make his mind up. She told me it was down to her and 2 other girls in different states. As I listened I found myself admiring Tom's resourcefulness. He had succeeded in having my wife eating out of his hand. If he played his cards right, he would have her eating out of his shorts later that day.

I told Debbie since she would be gone that night I was going to go do some work on the car over at Bill's house and I wished her luck. As I left, she was racing up the stairs to change her clothes. I wondered what she would wear as I headed toward my pickup.

I arrived at the same motel and headed toward the room we had used last time. Tom let me in and offered me a drink. As usual he was prepared with a full bottle of bourbon. I asked if Ed was going to be involved tonight?

Tom's response was somewhat elusive as he hem'ed and haw'ed around. A knock at the door interrupted his response. We still had a good 30 minutes before Debbie was due to arrive so I did not jump out of my pants like the last time Ed showed up. Tom checked through the peephole and signaled me it was ok.

I nearly spit my drink out when Tom let not only Ed, but also 2 other guys into the room. Tom was all over himself and Ed soon joined in trying to calm me down. "What the fuck do you think you are doing?" I screamed at Tom.

Both he and Ed ushered me off to a corner of the room assuring me all the way that it would be cool. The two new guys were both black and both had suits on. They looked like the mob from Harlem. One had to weigh 300 pounds if he weighed an ounce. The other was tall and skinny like Ed. Neither one of them was much to look at, but they did appear to be well off. Both had lots of gold and jewelry, and their suits were well tailored. I found myself wondering how much the fat guy paid to have his suit made. You cannot get a suit like that off the rack. I mean the guy was only about 5' 9 inches tall.

I was pacing back and forth as Tom and Ed talked up a storm. My plan was to leave and head Debbie off using some excuse. My mind was a blur because I knew how much she was counting on her big chance at stardom. I knew it would not be easy, but I had decided to try. Tom and Ed both knew they had gone too far this time and they seemed to sense that I was about to leave. The other two were maintaining their distance and had sat down hoping Tom and Ed could convince me to let them stay, or let this deal continue.

Ed was assuring me the two could be trusted to keep this to themselves and that when they saw the tape they just had to come along. When he said this I was headed for the door. Ed knew he had blown it telling me the other two had already watched my wife sucking and fucking Ed and Tom.

"The tape was supposed to be kept private!" I screamed at Ed.

He was backing away and stuttering and stammering when there was a knock at the door. The whole room fell immediately silent and I nearly had a heart attack. Fuck, I thought to myself. Debbie is early! I checked my watch and noted she was not supposed to be here for another 20 minutes or so.

Tom quickly signaled me toward the closet as he headed toward the door. I really did not know what to do. I hoped it was the maid or somebody else. I moved toward the closet crossing my fingers it was not Debbie. Tom peered out through the peephole and started flapping his arms up and down to silence the rest of us. Fuck I thought, leave it to my wife to be early for an audition. I stood by the closet door not being able to bring myself to enter and Tom turned and placed his hands together in a praying gesture and grimaced as if he was begging me to get inside and sit down.

I slowly entered the closet shaking my head all the way. Ed carefully pushed the door closed. I am not sure I mentioned before but the door is slatted so it affords a perfect view of all that is going on in the room.

My cock jumped to half-mast when my lovely petite little wife entered the room. She was dressed to kill. She was wearing a black satin pleated skirt and a satin kind of blouse affair that literally hugged her cute and perky breasts. It appeared as though she did have a bra on, otherwise I know that blouse draped the way it was would have shown her nipples because they always got rock hard and stick way out when she is nervous or excited. I assumed she was both this afternoon. The skirt stopped about 3 inches above her knees and her legs clearly one of her better features continued way on up under it.

Tom introduced Debbie to the others. "Of course you remember Ed, he began, and this is Will Borrows who is a personal agent for Mr. Lee." The fat guy waddled forward and extended a pudgy palm. "The other gentleman here is Roy and he works for Mr. Lee." Roy stepped forward and shook Debbie's hand.

"So Mr. Lee liked my audition?" Debbie asked.

The fat guy stepped over and told Debbie to have a seat then he sit down next to her and exclaimed, "Ohhh he most certainly did my dear". His pudgy gold ringed fingers patting Debbie on her knee as if to emphasize Mr. Lee's feelings. It was as if all Debbie was thinking about was the favorable comments being relayed to her from Spike Lee. The fat guy kept patting her shapely knee as he went into some more detail of all Mr. Lee had supposedly said about Debbie's audition.

Tom and Ed served everyone drinks and Debbie sipped at hers and coughed. "You surprised me again Mr. Dingle." She said obviously commenting on the straight bourbon.

Tom chuckled. "So when is this movie supposed to start shooting", Debbie asked excitedly.

"Well my dear we have a few things to work out before we get down to that. And we do have to narrow our selection for the lead role", the fat guy added.

"You see, Spike has a totally new idea for this movie and the selection process is probably one of the more important parts of the entire movie. Mr. Lee wants to capture an amateur essence in this movie. That is he wants to film real surprise and real feelings and he does not want anything faked, or acted." the fat guy rambled on and Debbie's eyes got wider and looked more excited with his every word.

"There is a good possibility some of our audition tapes will end up in the movie", Tom added as he was sitting up his tripod.

Debbie gulped the remainder of her drink, I am sure she was worried it may end up being like the last audition. Ed had another all ready for her. That's right Debbie, the fat guy went on, "Mr. Lee is trying to capture things as they really are. Most importantly, he wants to see how people cope in certain situations."

The fat guy struggled to his feet and at first I thought he was going to the bathroom as he began to step in front of my wife. Then he stopped. "Are we rolling?" he asked Tom.

"We are", was Tom's reply.

The fat guy had paused in front of my wife who was sipping her drink. He casually reached down and unzipped his trousers. He reached inside the flap and began fishing around. Debbie was looking everywhere but where he was standing. The fat guy kept fishing around under his fat gut and inside his shorts. Finally he began pulling his cock out of his pants.

Debbie finally found her voice, "I don't know what is going on here but I don't think I should be here." She nervously spoke as she was looking for a way to get up and past the 300 pounder standing just in front of her.

"Lean forward Debbie and suck my black cock". the fat guy said.

"I don't know if this is a joke or what", she stuttered, "but I don't want any part of this".

"Come on Debbie", the fat guy reached forward and clutched Debbie by her hair and began pulling her face toward his cock. By now his cock was beginning to get hard. His pudgy hand started pumping on it to bring it to life.

"You must be crazy" Debbie said, "I will not do any such thing". She jerked her head back as Will ( the fat guy ) had pulled her face to within a few inches of his cock.

Suddenly, the fat guy stopped and stepped aside. He began stuffing his half-hard cock back into his trousers. "Well, I guess that helps us decide." he said.

"Just a minute Mr. Burrows, let me have a word with Debbie." Tom blurted out.

"Could you step over here for a second Debbie?" he added.

Debbie stood and stepped over to where Tom had moved. They were standing inches from my closet hiding place and again I could smell my wife's perfume. She appeared nervous and seemed to be shaking. "Dammit Debbie, didn't you listen to what Mr. Burrows was telling you about Spikes' movie?" Tom whispered in urgent tones.

Debbie got a confused look on her face and shook her head as if to say, well, I thought so, but maybe not I guess.

Tom went on, "Mr. Burrows uses this method for two reasons. First, he eliminates the girls that will not do what he wants. And second, the way the finalists react to the unexpected stuff he does is exactly what Spike wants in his new movie. That is why I told you some of the audition footage may be used in his new movie."

Debbie whispered back, "I don't want a movie of me sucking some fat black guys cock playing down at our local theater!"

"They won't use all of it", Tom quickly added. "Haven't you seen how Spike does his movies? He will cut stuff they can't show and only show stuff like the real life look of surprise on your face and stuff like that." His voice now sounding some disgust at her being so naive about the ways of Hollywood.

"Mr. Dingle, I think Roy and I had better be going if this audition is over." the fat guy said from across the room.

"No, no not yet, Mr. Burrows, I think Debbie has the proper motivation now," Tom quickly said. He jerked his head to a side signaling Debbie to go back over and sit on the sofa. He nudged her in that direction.

Debbie had a troubled look on her face and kept looking from Tom to Ed to Will to Roy back to Tom as she hesitantly moved toward the sofa. Finally she drew a deep breath and sit back down where she was. I could see she was still obviously shaking.

"Still rolling?" the fat guy asked Tom.

"Still rolling." was Tom's reply.

The fat guy moved over and poured himself another drink. He took a sip or two then casually walked back over to stand in front of my seated wife. She had finished her 2nd drink and was just handed a 3rd by Ed. She sat nervously holding her glass. The fat guy reached down again and unzipped his trousers. He reached in and pulled out a now more than half hard black cock that was now beginning to leak pre come from the tip. The end of his cock glistened with the liquid coming from it.

Lean up here Debbie and suck on my cock., he announced.

Debbie looked nervously around as if she was going to run again. She sat staring at his cock which now had a bead of pre come beginning to drip from the end of it. The more she stared at it, the harder it grew. She took a drink and slowly began to lean forward from her seat. Clutching her glass with both hands the distance between her mouth and Will's fat black cock became less and less until she was close enough to lick the droplet that had formed at the tip. To my surprise, that is exactly what she did.

Tom had moved the camera alongside and had captured a perfect shot of my wife's tongue come out of her pretty mouth and lick the drop of pre come from the tip of Will's cock. She quickly took another drink from her glass she still clutched in front of her. She no sooner took the drink than the fat guy reached down with both hands and grabbed her by her hair on both sides. He began applying pressure pulling on her hair and drawing her mouth to his now rock hard and probably 8-inch cock. His cock was not as long as Ed's, but it had to be one of the fattest cocks I had ever seen. The harder it grew, the fatter it became. It had to be twice the diameter of my cock easily. He pulled her face to his cock and at first she kept her mouth closed. He kept applying pressure pulling her forward until I thought he would bend his cock in half as it pressed against her pursed lips. Finally my wife opened her mouth and his fat cock began to slip inside my wife's small mouth.

Suck it now bitch. he grunted.

I watched as Debbie with her eyes the size of saucers sucked on what she managed to get in her mouth of the fat guys dripping cock.

Ughhh, that is more like it the fat guy grunted again.

And his fingers closed in my wife's hair as he began to piston his cock deeper each time in and out of her mouth. She was clutching the half-empty glass in both her hands as his cock went deeper on each thrust. Each time the fat guy shoved his hips forward and pulled on my wife's hair he shoved more of his cock in her mouth. I really don't know how she managed to open her mouth wide enough to take his cock as deep as she was. I could see when he finally had it lodged at the entrance of her throat.

He drew back and punched his hips forward again. Mmmmpfh, Debbie's eyes were wider than before as the head of his thick cock had to have entered her throat. His hips became a blur as he continued fucking my wife's mouth. Finally he thrust his hips forward more forcefully and his cock went all the way in to where her face was buried in the opening of his trousers. Her head was partially concealed under his fat gut and her face was pressed flat against his pants opening. After getting his cock all the way down her throat the first time, each time he pulled out he would jam it back in all the way.

Then he started to moan. His cock going like a jackhammer in and out of my wife's mouth. He screamed out here it comes baby, get ready for it.

I looked and noticed she had spilled about half her remaining drink all over her lap from the mouth fucking she was undergoing, but still was clutching the glass for all she was worth. Her fingers looked white from gripping that glass so hard. I could not tell if she was trying to back away from the fat guys cock or not because he still had her by the hair and was pulling her forward on his cock each time he would thrust his fat ass forward.

One final big lunge forward and he held his cock buried deep in her throat. He was moaning and twitching, as I knew he was pumping his cum into her mouth and straight down her throat. He held her there for what seemed like forever and I could see Debbie's throat working. Finally he pulled his cock back and gradually released the grip he had on her hair.

Debbie fell back against the sofa coughing and gasping for breath. She spilled more of her drink in her lap, but I doubt she was even aware. I could see some cum running from the corner of her mouth and down her chin. The fat guy staggered back a few steps and collapsed into a chair stepping out of his trousers on the way. He did not even bother to put his cock back in his briefs. It hung limply between his legs and was coated in saliva and cum.

Damn, the fat guy exclaimed as he worked to draw a breath, Debbie my girl, you are one fantastic cock sucker.

Debbie had managed to regain some of her composure and was able to breathe somewhat better. Her head was bobbing from one side to another as if she had just run a marathon. Even after that, she still looked fantastic. She had not noticed the cum on her chin and lips, and began to tidy herself up as best she could. She sat her glass on the floor and tried to push her hair back into shape. Ed quickly poured her glass full of straight bourbon. She pulled her short dress back down since it had ridden up to her upper thighs during her ordeal.

So far Debbie, the fat guy said, you are definitely in the lead for the part. Spike is gonna love this footage. That is exactly what he is looking for. Debbie reached for her glass and took a long drink from it.

Ed, who had been standing behind the sofa watching all the action, had taken his pants off. Debbie had not seen this since she was occupied. She leaned back in the sofa and took another drink. Towering above Debbie, Ed bent down and laid his long black cock on her shoulder. Startled, Debbie jerked again spilling more of her drink on her dress.

Suck his cock Debbie, Will, the fat guy ordered. Make sure you get this on tape, he added.

Debbie looked at Ed's long cock and then at Tom who had come around the sofa and was leaning in real close to catch the action. Then she looked at the fat guy and Roy. Holding her glass in one hand she reached up with her other hand and slowly pulled Ed's stiffening cock toward her mouth. She pumped his cock up and down as she pulled it to her lips. She laid her head back on the sofa turned to one side as Ed leaned down and fed his long cock into her mouth. The fat guy got up and walked over. He stood there watching for a while, then he slowly lowered his girth down to one knee in front of Debbie.

Debbie was holding her drink with one hand and Ed's cock with the other. The fat guy reached down and flipped her pleated skirt up revealing her white panties. I noticed her panties appeared wet, then I remembered she had spilled booze all over herself. Debbie's eyes grew wide and she looked shocked when the fat guy had flipped her skirt up. She released her grip on Ed's cock and quickly tried to push her skirt back over her panties. The fat guy grabbed her wrist and held it as he again pushed her skirt up out of the way. Debbie was squirming around trying to keep herself covered.

Finally Roy, who had come over and sat down next to Debbie when she started sucking Ed's cock reached over and casually began unbuttoning her blouse. Debbie could not say anything with her mouth full of black cock. Ed was pushing his cock deeper into her mouth each time and she was trying desperately to push her skirt down and keep Roy's fingers from undoing her blouse.

She was fighting a losing battle. One button popped off and went flying as she struggled. The fat guy was pushing her legs open and wedging a fat knee in-between her legs. Debbie's eyes looked panicked. Roy had gotten her blouse open and was reaching in to grope her breasts in her bra. He pulled her bra up and her nipples, now rock hard and jutting out a good half inch or better looked fabulous.

Damn, look at those nipples, the fat guy said as he pushed her skirt again back up after Debbie had again pulled it down to cover herself.

Roy quickly leaned over and sucked one of my wife's nipples into his mouth. Ed was pushing his rock hard cock into her throat. The fat guy, having succeeded in getting his fat knee in-between Debbie's legs ran a cupped fat hand up to her crotch and began mauling her pussy through her wet panties.

Tom are you getting this?, the Fat guy asked.

You bet I am, was Tom's reply.

The fat guy grabbed Debbie's panties and jerked on them and they came half way down her thighs. He jerked on them again and I heard them tear as he literally ripped them off her.

Ed announced, I'm gonna shoot pretty quick here, as his cock was now buried deep in my wife's throat. His balls were banging back and forth off Debbie's chin. Her nose was buried in his black pubic hair, as he pulled out and thrust in repeatedly.

I was amazed that throughout all this, Debbie had held on to her drink with her one hand. I watched as the drink was sloshing over the glass and splashing on her bare thighs and the sofa. Her other hand was moving from the fat guy's hand to Roy's face trying to push them both away. Ed had one hand clutching Debbie on top of her head and one hand cupping her face under her chin. He had a good grip and was now fucking her mouth rapidly. He would pull his cock nearly all the way out of her mouth, then gripping her on top of her head and under her chin, he would thrust his cock into her mouth till her nose was buried in pubic hair and his balls banged off her chin.

The fat guy was able to get down on both knees after he had ripped my wife's panties off and he replaced his fat hand which I could see had one finger buried in Debbie's cunt, with his fat face. He was so fat, by the time he managed to wedge himself in; he had Debbie's legs spread wide just so he could get down to her cunt. I could see him bury his face between her legs and I heard him noisily licking and sucking at her cunt.

I could still see her eyes were wide and had an out of control look in them. She was definitely out of control, with one tall skinny black guy alternately sucked her big puffy nipples into his slobbering mouth and another taller skinny black guy with his long black cock buried in her throat and a third short fat black guy gobbling her cunt.

Ed yelled out, That's it baby, here it comes. Swallow it all.

When he said that, the fat guy pulled away and said, fuck man, when you said that I think this bitch came in my mouth, she is pouring down here.

He immediately fastened his mouth to her cunt again. I was beside myself. She must like it when someone cums in her mouth I thought. Why else would she get so wet when Ed said he was going to cum.

Oh fuck, fuck, fuck, Ed yelled as I watched his ass clench each time he shot another load of cum into my wife's mouth.
He pulled his cock out of her mouth and yelled at her, open your mouth bitch and keep it open.

Debbie did as she was told and Ed grabbed his cock and pumped it toward her mouth. He had already shot several streams of cum into her mouth, but I saw one more shoot directly into her open mouth as he held his cock aimed at her wide open mouth. Then more cum drooled out and dropped into her mouth.

Now swallow that baby. Ed ordered. I could see Debbie's throat move as she swallowed the last of Ed's cum.

Roy had pulled away from my wife's nipples and was taking his pants and briefs off as he went to replace Ed's cock with his in her mouth. His cock was long and thinner than the fat guys. I figured it must be a tall thing, the tall guys had the long skinny cocks and the shorter guys had the fatter shorter cocks.

The fat guy was really making noise slurping and sucking at Debbie's pussy. She had laid her head back on the sofa and was moaning in anticipated orgasm as he licked and wallowed in her cunt. She did not seem to fight much when she felt Roy's cock rubbing alongside her face. He was clenching his cock in his fist and rubbing it all over her pretty face. His pre-cum was pouring out and he was painting her face with the goo.

When Roy had coated my wife's face with his pre-cum he clenched her hair and jerked her head back farther her mouth popped open and his long black cock slid in. He did not hesitate, but simply continued his inward thrust until his abdomen was pressed flat against her nose. I was impressed at how easy she made taking his cock into her throat look. Roy began a steady pumping action. He would pull his cock nearly all the way out then he would slide it all the way back in.

Ed had relieved Tom on the camera, and now Tom was stripping his clothes off. When he was totally naked he pulled the fat guy from between Debbie's thighs and quickly moved to stick his cock in where the fat guy had been sucking. His cock slid in without any hesitation. He began matching Roy's moves at the other end. Roy's cock would slide into Debbie's throat and Tom's cock would slide into her cunt at the same time.

During this action the fat guy stripped off the rest of his clothing. He looked even fatter naked. His gut protruded and he had a fat ass as well. He did have one of the fattest cocks I had ever seen. I still could not believe my wife had managed to get her mouth open wide enough to suck it.

Tom and Roy were talking back and forth and trying to coordinate their orgasms so they could both cum in my wife at the same time. Roy announced he was just about there and Tom answered he was right with him. Then Roy began to howl and his ass began to clench, as I knew his cock was jetting cum in Debbie's mouth. I looked and could see Tom had his cock buried deep in her cunt and his ass was clenching as well. They had managed to shoot in her at both ends at the same time.

Roy eventually pulled his somewhat limp drained cock from my wife's mouth. It was still very long but it did not have the stiffness it once had. Tom had collapsed on top of Debbie and still had his cock buried deep in her.

The fat guy finally stepped over and grabbed Tom around the waist and pulled him back. Tom's cock popped out of Debbie's cunt and I could see the cum flow out and down the crack of her lovely ass.

Time for the relief crew Tommy old boy, the fat guy said as he pulled him back from my spread-eagled semi naked wife.

Debbie lay there not moving as if she was exhausted. I am sure she had to be. The fat guy in all his naked glory easily pulled Debbie into his arms. He carried her limp form around to the side of the sofa and he laid her face first over the arm. It was as if she did not have the energy to resist.

Ed was capturing all this on the video camera and he focused on the fat guy jacking his cock back and forth as he stepped up to my wife's form. He reached down, pushed her skirt up higher exposing her narrow waist and spread her legs as wide as he could and stepped in between them. Since she was facing away from me and I wanted to see what he was doing, and since his considerable girth made that impossible, I took a big chance. I stepped out of my closet and walked to the rear of the sofa.

As I got there I could see he had his pudgy middle finger buried up my wife's asshole. I could not believe he was going to shove his fat cock up my wife's asshole. I gave him a concerned look and pointed at her ass. He simply waved me off. His cock was rock hard now so he pulled his fat finger out of her and placed the head of his cock at the entrance to her lovely ass.

Debbie lay there almost as if she was asleep. I could hear her moaning though so I assumed she was not. The head of the fat guy's cock began to make a slight penetration. He reached down with both hands and clenched the cheeks of Debbie's ass and pulled them outward in an effort to open her asshole more to allow his cock entry. Tom's cum that drained out of her cunt would help with the fat guys cock going in.

Debbie was making more moaning sounds as the head of the fat guy's cock pressed farther in. Finally the head of his cock popped inside of her. He maintained pressure and the fattest part of his cock began to inch its way in. I could see Debbie clenching her fists as his cock went deeper. Her moaning grew louder. He now had about one inch beyond the head of his cock buried. He pulled back just a little and then pushed forward again. This had to be the wildest thing I had ever seen in my life.

Just across from me was Ed, with the camera getting every inch of this up close. My wife, with her head turned toward the front of the sofa, was laying over the arm of the sofa, with her perfect ass turned up as a 300 pound fat black guy was slowly pushing what had to be the fattest cock I had ever seen up my lovely wife's asshole. And I was standing just behind the sofa so I could see every inch of it.

The fat guy now had nearly half of his fat cock buried in my wife's asshole. He pulled his cock nearly all the way out, then thrust his fat ass forward and managed to bury his cock up her ass. Then once more he pulled back out and drove his hips forward and this time his fat gut bounced off my wife's asscheeks. He had buried his fat cock to the hilt.

Debbie was grunting and moaning with each thrust of his fat cock up her asshole. The fat guy began pumping back and forth. His fat gut shook each time he bounced it off Debbie's ass cheeks. Ed had the camera so close he got bumped more than once by the fat guys gut as well. Finally the fat guy howled and he drove his cock deep and his ass clenched as he began pumping his cum into my wife's ass. I stood there in literal disbelief. Debbie had lain there the entire time moaning and grunting with her fists clenched tightly, each time this huge fat cock had driven into her asshole. The fat guy stayed buried for some time and then he slowly began pulling his cock out. When the head of his cock finally popped out of Debbie's asshole a river of cum followed it. The cum from her asshole ran down to her cunt. It looked like he shot a gallon up her asshole.

The fat guy then walked around to the front of the sofa and clenched my wife's hair and pulled her mouth to his half-hard glistening cock. I stood shocked to see her open her mouth and he thrust his fat cock all the way inside. Clean me up Debbie, he said.

I nearly fell over myself as I stumbled back to my hiding place. I could see my wife sucking for all she was worth as if she was trying to get the fat guy to shoot another load in her mouth. And she was sucking this fat cock just after it had been buried in her asshole.

I watched Tom step over and fuck my wife's asshole, then Ed deposited another load deeper in her asshole, then Roy fucked her cunt. All of them used her mouth to clean their cocks after they had deposited their cum either in her asshole or her cunt. In between time, she would be sucking on who ever stuck their cock in her throat. She swallowed more cum that way as well.

Eventually the guys were totally drained. My wife had been completely stripped of all her clothing at one time or another and was totally naked on the sofa. She had her head in Ed's lap and had his limp cock in her mouth like a pacifier. The fat guy was sprawled on a chair and Roy was on the floor looking at the cum drip from my wife's asshole and cunt. What little hair Debbie has around her cunt was matted with cum. Her face had cum around her mouth and on her chin. There was even cum in her hair. Tom was shooting video from all different angles.

Soon, Debbie asked in a totally fucked out voice what time it was.

Roy answered it was 3:30 AM.

Debbie sat bolt upright causing Ed's cock to go flying with a pop from her mouth. Damn, what will I tell my husband? she said as she began looking for her clothes.

She picked up her torn panties and tossed them aside. She then grabbed the rest of her clothes and ran into the bathroom. Tom was right on her tail with the video running.

All the guys laid or sat where they were with their cocks all limp and empty. My darling sweet little wife had fucked them and sucked them into oblivion. She came out of the bathroom in moments exclaiming she only had time to wipe her face off and fix her hair. She was zipping up her skirt and buttoning her blouse.

Will you call me Mr. Dingle and let me know what Spike thinks about the audition? she said, as she was busy reapplying some makeup in the mirror. This jolted Tom to his senses and he stopped shooting video momentarily. Clearing his throat and trying to regain his composure he assured Debbie he would keep her posted.

I want to thank you all this chance and I look forward to hearing from you. she said.

The fat guy stood up and looked equally as surprised as the rest. I am certain none of them had thought Debbie would still be buying this Spike Lee deal, but it looked and sounded like she was.

The fat guy stopped Debbie's hasty exit short. You have to give all of us a proper goodbye he said, as he stood there all fat and naked.

What did you have in mind? Debbie said as she turned and walked toward the fat guy who was standing right by my closet door shaking his limp fat cock up and down toward her.

Debbie sat her purse on the table and dropped to her knees without anyone saying a word. She cradled the fat guy's fat cock in her hand and bent to suck it into her mouth. Since he was half limp she was able to suck it in with no difficulty. She immediately went all the way down on his cock and I could not see part of it because of his fat gut blocking her head. She continued to suck with her head going like a piston on his cock. Finally she pulled back and let his cock pop free from her mouth. The fat guy backed up weakly and dropped in a chair.

Debbie knee walked over to Roy who had stood there watching and she sucked his cock into her mouth. She immediately plunged forward all the way and repeated the action on him as well. When she pulled his cock out of her mouth it was hard. Tom was next and he kept shooting video straight down on top on my wife as his cock went all the way into her mouth. She reached around behind him and clenching his ass cheeks she pulled him all the way into her throat. She stayed with his cock until she had gotten him hard again and then she popped it out of her mouth. Ed had sat on a chair and he spread his legs and slapped his thighs and said, come and get it girl.
Debbie knee walked over to Ed whose cock was completely hard from watching her suck the other guys. She swallowed his cock to its base in one motion. Ed gripped my wife's hair and began fucking her mouth. I think she thought it would only be a routine good bye suck. But it appeared as though Ed had other ideas.

Tom was getting it all on video. Sooner than I expected, Ed pushed Debbie back a bit and stood. Hold your mouth open for me baby. he announced.

Debbie, looking straight up at Ed's towering body held her mouth wide open as Ed started jacking his cock off into my wife's mouth. He pumped on his black cock for some time and finally announced, Here it comes Debbie, he yelled as he aimed his cock directly at her open mouth.

I think the multiple jets of cum that shot from his black cock into my wife's open mouth surprised all of us. No one could believe he had anything left after all that had gone on that night. But he obviously did. 4 or 5 solid jets of cum flew the short distance and landed in her mouth. Tom was shooting down on it and in reviewing the video later on this proved to be one of the best scenes. Debbie's mouth was full of his cum and when he had shot his last drop; she closed her mouth and began swallowing. Her eyes were the size of saucers at the amount of cum in her mouth.

She stood and again thanked everyone. I don't know what I am going to tell my husband, she said as she grabbed her purse and headed toward the door.

Tom had shut the camera off and scribbled the phone number of the room on a piece of paper. Tell him to call me if he has any questions he said.

Oh thank you Mr. Dingle, you won't say anything about what actually happened during the audition will you,? she asked.

Of course not Debbie, I will tell him we read lines and lost track of time. Satisfied she would be safe that way, she left.

I sprang from the closet. I told the guys I would be in touch and I took my short cut back home.

I was in bed with a throbbing hard on when I heard the garage door shut. Debbie came into the room as quietly as possible. I could see her creep toward the bathroom.

What took so long? I asked.

Her scream nearly caused me to scream. Good grief she said, you nearly scared me half to death.

I was concerned, I answered it is 4:00 AM did the audition take all this time?

She sat down and excitedly told me how much they had gone over the lines and such that night and they had lost track of all time. It smelled like she had tried to mask the smell of the cum with perfume. There was no mistaking the smell of cum though. As she spoke I began running my hand up her leg. She pushed my hand away and told me she was exhausted and had to get some sleep.

I was not going to be denied. Well then, at least take care of this, I said as I threw the covers back exposing my rock hard cock.

She sat her purse on the nightstand and quickly dropped her head to my cock. She sucked my cock into her mouth with a vengeance.

Hey, where did you learn that,? I asked as she immediately deep throated me.

She sat up and stammered and stuttered finally saying, well, when you're as tired as I am you will do anything to get some sleep. As she continued to suck on my cock I reached over and turned on the nightlight. This caused her to sit bolt upright.

No lights, I am tired baby, she pleaded.

It's not that bright? I replied as I began unbuttoning her blouse. Hey, you lost a button. I said.

Oh, ya I know, I snagged it getting out of the car downstairs. she mumbled. Come on baby, she pleaded, just let me finish you off so I can get to sleep.

I had her blouse unbuttoned and was pulling it off her shoulders. I could see the red areas where the guys had been sucking on her neck and when I slipped her bra up over her pert tits I could see her huge nipples red from the sucking. I did not say anything about any of that.

Now you can carry on, I said.

She quickly dropped back to my cock and sucked it in her mouth. As she sucked I ran my hand down her bare back and began pulling her skirt up. Before she knew it I had my hand on her bare ass. Hey, I said, no panties.

My cock popped out of her mouth as she explained she had taken them off downstairs and tossed them in the laundry. She went right back to sucking me. Finally in spite of her squirming I was able to get my hand to her saturated cunt. I knew she was trying to get me off before I reached that far.

Mmmm, baby I said, you are sopping wet. This must really be turning you on. Even I would not have been so stupid as to have thought as wet as she was, it was from being turned on. No way she could ever be that wet on her own.

I pulled her up on the bed and reaching around I quickly pulled her legs up to either side of my head and before she knew what was happening I pulled her back and buried my mouth in her cunt. I thought I would drown. I took a big mouthful of fresh cum immediately in and swallowed. That was followed by several more mouthfuls. I had no idea how much cum she had up there, but it felt like gallons.
Debbie was going crazy on my cock and before I knew it I was shooting it down her throat. She too was swallowing like there was no tomorrow. I slipped my tongue up to her asshole and pushed it as far in as I could. Then I placed my lips on either side of her asshole and sucked as hard as I could. More cum, lots more came flowing out into my mouth. Debbie had started again on my cock when I was on her asshole and she pushed me farther than I ever imagined. In short order I surprised myself by pumping another load into her mouth.

We both fell asleep that way. I awoke to her matted pussy hair looking right at me.


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MOVIE STAR'S FOLLOW-UP VISIT************************

A few weeks after Debbie's last "audition" while I was at work I happened to notice Tom had signed out early.

For some reason I had a funny feeling about his absence. I am not sure what made me think something was up. Maybe it had been the way Tom had been carrying on about my wife. He told me he had been jacking off nightly to the tape he shot. I guess the other guys were bugging him to get me to agree to set another audition up as well.

I told my boss I was feeling funny and had to leave early. Moments later I was headed toward my house. As I came around the corner, there sat Tom's Lincoln parked in front of my house.

To say I was pissed would be an understatement. As I pulled in my driveway I was mentally going over how I was going to handle this situation. Tom had pulled a quick one on me twice before and I was beginning to feel this situation was out of my control.

As I entered the house I had no idea what to expect. Tom and my wife were nowhere in sight. I quickly passed through the living room and soon realized they were sitting on our back deck. This is a private area with tall fences all the way around. All that is out there is our hot tub and barbecue and a table and chairs.

I walked to the rear door and peered out. I could hear their entire conversation. They could not see me because we have solar shades installed. This makes it clear for someone inside to see out, but from the outside you could not see in.

Tom was telling Debbie how much Spike had liked her audition. He also told her that his opinion carried a lot of weight with Spike. "So far, as far as I am concerned, you are the one I am seriously considering backing for the lead role", Tom said.

"Do you have any idea when Spike will make his decision" Debbie asked excitedly?

"Should be soon, but we never really know for sure. Sometimes Spike wants additional audition footage. I will be sure and keep you posted though," Tom added.

I was cussing Tom under my breath for going around me and instigating this little visit without getting my approval. I was also getting a hard on watching the two of them together. For some reason, this pissed me off too. I could not even control my own cock.

Debbie looked very innocent. She had her usual sundress on. I could not tell if she had anything on under it. Her tits were rising and falling with each excited breath in the most provocative way. Her dress was on the short side and came to about 2 to 3 inches above her knees. It had a light flowered print on it and it was open at the collar. It buttoned all the way up the front. In short, she looked like an innocent everyday sexy housewife. I finally managed to catch a glimpse of her at the proper angle and was certain she was not wearing a bra. I clearly detected her nipples protruding. They were not as easy to see with the flowered print pattern, but at certain angles and from the way her breast bobbled when she clapped her hands in excitement, it was clear she was in fact braless.

"I have to take a piss Debbie" Tom said as he started to stand. I nearly fell over myself trying to get out of the way. I quickly planned to dash down the hallway and act as if I was just coming in the front door. When the back door did not open I cautiously made my way back to the windows.

My mouth nearly fell to the counter as I saw Tom standing at the edge of the deck with his big black cock pulled out from his pants and him holding it as he aimed a stream of piss into my flowers below.

Debbie appeared equally as shocked as I was. She obviously expected him to use the bathroom. "As private as your back yard is, I can take care of business here and besides, I don't have a lot of time. I wanted to finish telling you about what Spike said." Tom continued as if he was standing at a urinal.

Debbie with a still shocked look on her face was staring at Tom's black cock as the arc of piss flowed. He had stepped over beside her and was in between her and me inside the house. He was standing just to one side of her and was close enough to reach over and touch her.

I could not believe his brash behavior. Tom only inches away from my petite little wife draining the main vein as though it was the most normal thing in the world to do. I was also certain Tom was keeping his eye on the time and he knew he had to clear out before I got off work.

Tom continued, "As I was saying Debbie, Spike seems to rely an awful lot on what I say when it comes to casting his movies. He values my opinion and I have always steered him straight."

Debbie appeared transfixed at Tom's cock. I was not certain but the thought occurred to me she had probably never witnessed a guy pissing before. Let alone a black guy and from that close distance.

Tom casually held his spouting cock in one hand and as he was telling Debbie how much weight he pulled with Spike he nonchalantly reached over and cupped one of her tits. Debbie sat motionless staring at Tom's cock.

"Mmmmm no bra, I like that." Tom said as his hand began kneading her pert breast.

As if Debbie suddenly became aware of what was going on, she jerked to attention and reached up to grab Tom's hand away from her breast. "I don't think this is the time or the place for this" she said.

Tom was shaking his cock as his piss was ending. "Sure it is Debbie, if you want me to put in a good word for ya with Spike that is" he added.

"Please I really don't think this is proper. After all I am a married wo...arghhhhh" Tom had swiveled and in one fluid motion stuck his still dripping cock into my wives mouth. He had not even bothered to finish shaking it off and it was wet on the tip and still dripping some urine from the end.

This action had Debbie thrown back in her chair and Tom's wet black cock driving deep into her mouth.

Debbie was bracing herself in the chair as Tom grabbed her head with both hands and thrust his cock to the back of her throat. She was squirming in the chair and struggling to get herself out of this situation. Tom had not withdrawn his cock once. From when first managed to stick his cock in her mouth to now, he had maintained pressure pushing it deeper and deeper. His cock popped into her throat and her hands had shot up to his thighs and pushed in a vain attempt to stop him from sticking his cock into her throat. Finally he was buried in her mouth and her face was pressed flat against his pubic hairs.

He held his cock buried like this until she looked like she was going to faint. Then finally he withdrew his cock and began his jackhammer attack on her mouth. Gripping my wife's head on top and under her chin, Tom began fucking her mouth as if there were no tomorrow. Debbie's eyes were wide in disbelief this could be happening to her.

We keep a video camera just inside and I had started taping this whole episode from the beginning because I planned to use it in the event Tom tried to deny he was over at my house. Now the tape was going to prove a whole lot more.

I zoomed in and was getting super close-ups of Toms cock buried in Debbie's mouth. My eye jerked away from the viewfinder and I had to look for myself to believe it when I saw Debbie's hand encircle Tom's fat ass and begin to pull him into her mouth.

It appeared quite clear that while Debbie wanted nothing to do with this in the beginning, she had now became an enthusiastic partner to it. Either that or she wanted to get it over with as quickly as possible. After all I reasoned, Debbie knew I would be home soon too. I was relatively certain she was not wild about being caught by her husband with a fat black cock buried in her throat.

When Tom felt Debbie pulling his ass in to her he released his one hand from under her chin and reached his hand down the front of her dress and popped the first few buttons open. He began squeezing her tits and pinching her nipples. This action soon caused his ass to begin to clench and I knew he would be coming soon.

"Ohhhh, fuck bitch I guess you still want that part don't ya. I am gonna pump my cum here any second baby. Get ready to swallow it all." For an moment I could see Debbie was having second thoughts about swallowing Tom's cum as she started to pull her head back from his glistening black cock.

"You better not spill a drop bitch if you want that part." Tom hastily added sensing she was pulling his cock out of her mouth.

She stopped and kept her lips around the head of Tom's cock. I could see even through his pants that his ass was clenching and releasing, then clenching and releasing. I knew at that point his cum was spurting into her mouth.

"Awwwwwwgood... damnnnnnn fuck swallow it baby swallow it" Tom blabbered almost incoherently as he slobbered and staggered with the head of his cock still tightly clenched in between my wife's lips.

I could see Debbie was struggling to swallow Tom's load and could see her Adam's apple bob several times as her mouth would fill and she would swallow, then it would fill again.

I could not believe the amount of times Debbie swallowed and could not believe the amount of cum Tom spewed into her mouth. I figured he had to have been saving it up. Although I knew he had worked himself into a fever pitch at the thought of getting another crack at my wife.

Finally it was over and Tom Slumped into a chair. He muttered how great she was and that she should not worry because she was going to get his support with Spike. As he said this he raised his foot and moved it in between Debbie's legs. He nudged her legs open wider and then raising his foot he flipped her sundress up and over her thighs. I zoomed in and could see her panties were literally dripping having been completely soaked through.

Since it was nearly time for me to arrive home, I stepped back into the other room and after I removed the video tape from the camera I yelled out Debbie's name. I had to chuckle to myself because I wished I could have gotten the look on Tom's face when he and Debbie heard my voice.

I had no intention of letting Tom get the feeling he had carte-blanche with my wife any old time his cock needed draining, so I felt this was a necessary step to try and keep him in line.

I eventually stepped out on the rear deck and stifled my glee at the appearance of Tom. He was so pale at being caught he was nearly white. And considering how jet black he is, that is no easy accomplishment.

I told Debbie I had felt ill and left work a half hour early.

She stuttered and stammered and managed to introduce Tom as the casting agent for the movie she had auditioned for and told me he had stopped to update her on the progress.

Tom left soon after our introduction and so far I have not let him know what I saw. I figure that information may come in handy some day. As for Debbie I immediately took her into the bedroom and after commenting on how wet her cunt was, I fucked her like it was our first time. She was not only great, she cleaned my cock up completely afterwards

MOVIE STAR'S AT-HOME AUDITION*******************************************************

I had not been talking to Tom much after I caught him at my house with my wife. I figured I would let him stew for a while. We still joked around but whenever he tried to bring up another audition for my wife I would change the subject and tell him I thought it was too soon.

One Saturday morning I had just finished mowing the lawn and was putting the mower away when Debbie came rushing out to the garage wide eyed and obviously excited. She was so excited the words came flowing so fast I could barely make out what she was saying. Mr. Dingle and Ed and Roy and the fat associate producer are all coming over to tell me about my audition in Spike Lee's new movie and I told them I would fix them something to eat and we need some wine and we need to get everything ready I figured we would eat out back on the patio and I just don't know what to wear and I am so excited and they will be here around 3:00 and we need to maybe bar-b-que something for them, maybe steaks and ohh what will I wear!!!?

After I calmed her down as much as possible I assured her I would pick up some wine and steaks and help her get everything ready. Inside I was seething. To think those assholes are coming to my place, my home, in broad daylight, with me here!? I vowed to make a serious attempt to kick Tom's ass for showing those other assholes where my wife and I lived. My mind was racing as I was tossing steaks in my shopping cart. How the hell was I going to play this? I had to act like I knew nothing. Worse yet, I had to act like these idiots were legit. I knew that as long as I was there at least they would not try anything with Debbie. I made up my mind to get enough of everything so they would not be able to ask Debbie to send me out for anything. I cussed them all the way back home.

Our garage had a window that faced the rear deck and hot tub area and you could see everything from the window. I set my video camera up on the work bench so in case I was detained and anything happened like when I was in the bathroom or something I would capture it on video. Just before 3:00 I slipped out and turned it on. I would be ready for those cocksuckers if they tried anything. I was not quite sure what I would do, but I figured as long as I stayed close to my wife nothing would happen. I still could not get over the audacity of Tom to pull something like this.

They pulled in the driveway driving a big blue town car just as Debbie descended the stairs. She looked great. She had finally settled on a rather short summer dress that I had always liked because of the way it showed off her hot ass. It seemed to mold itself to her ass and you could see each cheek move separately as she walked. She had the dress unbuttoned about 3 buttons in the front and I could tell she was wearing a bra. She is so petite and cute she can make any outfit look hot. The dress was a pink and light blue flowered print and with her blonde hair she could make heads turn.

I told Debbie to let them in and I would check the steaks. I viciously flipped the steaks on the grill cussing each one of the assholes who I was about to meet for the first time. ( or at least that is what Debbie thought. ) They all came out on the back deck rather hesitantly to say the least. Good, I thought to myself, make em sweat.

Debbie was gushing as she spoke. You remember Mr. Dingle? and this is Ed and Roy and, the introductions went on and I with my grilling fork in one hand turned to shake all their hands with my other hand.

Well have a seat and I will get you all a glass of wine. Debbie spewed enthusiastically.

As she stepped inside to get the wine Tom stepped over and began whispering how sorry he was and that it was not his idea but that the others had forced him to do this.

Listen you asshole, I said threw gritted teeth, you guys eat your steaks then get the fuck out!

Don't worry man, it'll be cool don't worry none. Tom whispered.

I am dying to hear if a decision has been made on the auditions. Debbie finally blurted as we were cutting into our steaks.

The fat guy spoke, It is close Debbie. I will tell you this, as soon as Mr. Lee can secure financing I know he wants to make this picture.
Did I tell you what a bang up job your little wife did in her audition?, The fat guy asked me.

Er, well no, that is to say all I have heard is what Debbie has told me, I managed to answer.

Well lemme tell you, he said as he leaned over and put his arm around her pulling her closer, she is one fine little actress. Isn't that right baby.?

He hugged her to him a couple of times nearly knocking the steak off her fork with his roughness. Debbie blushed noticeably and made some gesture as if to brush his compliment off.

Roy asked if there was any more wine.

Debbie asked if I would step in and get another bottle.

I clenched my teeth and politely agreed to do so. I mentioned you can see out from our rear windows, but not in. As I grabbed the bottle of wine and turned to dash back out I nearly dropped it as I could see the fat guy reach over and squeeze Debbie's breast. No sooner did his big black hand clutch her breast than she grabbed it and pushed it away. He burst out laughing as I emerged from inside and I asked what was so funny.

Oh I was just thinking about the story lines from Spike's movie Debbie is up for,? he laughingly answered.

I could not help but notice that Debbie would fidget in her chair from time to time and at the same time either Ed who was on one side of Debbie or the fat guy who was on the other side had a hand presumably on their own lap. I wondered if perhaps they had mistakenly put their hand on Debbie's lap instead. Throughout dinner they kept pumping Debbie full of Hollywood and what it was like to be in the movies. They were really laying it on thick. Tom and Ed and Roy and the Fat guy all of them would tell first one story then another. Debbie was eating it up with a spoon. Her eyes were wide as they dropped names of all the big movie stars they had worked with.

You know what would be the perfect topper to this fantastic evening, the fat guy said.

No, what?, Debbie asked.

A nice cigar, a glass of that fine wine and a dip in your hot tub. he answered.

Well, ahh, I suppose errr, ahhh I guess that would be alright, wouldn't it honey? Debbie was tossing the ball into my court.

I was just as shocked as she was. Roy was agreeing with the fat guy and so was Ed. Tom knew better than to open his mouth. Do you fellows have suits? I asked.

Sheeeit, suits ain't allowed in no hot tub in Hollywood. The fat guy laughed. He stood up and began taking his shirt off. Roy followed suit and Ed said he would run out to the car and get the cigars. I numbly walked over and took the top off the hot tub, sneering at Tom all the way.

He shrugged his shoulders and gave me a quizzical look as if to say, Hey, it wasn't my idea.

As the fat guy began to unbuckle his pants Debbie jumped up and began clearing the dishes facing the opposite direction so she would not see the Fat guy or Roy undress. I could swear that fat guy had added another 50 pounds since he had fucked my wife. He looked fatter than ever. Maybe it was because there was still some light outside and I got a better look. Roy was quicker and with his long skinny black cock flipping from side to side he walked over and lowered himself into the hot tub. Ed had returned and was passing out the cigars. The fat guy waddled over to the hot tub with his thick fat black cock swinging from side to side he perched himself on the side, hefted first one fat leg over the edge, then the other and then he slid down into the tub. The water rose to very nearly overflowing.

No one was paying any attention to me, but I told them anyway that I would help Debbie with the dishes. Ed was now naked and heading toward the hot tub and Tom was close behind him. All of them were puffing on cigars.

Who the fuck do they think they are? I asked Debbie as I walked into the kitchen with an armful of dirty dishes.

I don't know sweetheart, she answered. I am just as shocked as you are, believe me. Maybe this is normal in Hollywood, you know how crazy they can get down there.

About that time we heard the fat guy yell out for some of that fine wine.

Well, as soon as they are finished in the hot tub they can get the hell out, I told her through clenched teeth.

Debbie tried to reassure me, just calm down T.J. you know how important this role is to me. Just try to be civil I am sure they will leave soon.

She had grabbed the wine and glasses and was headed out the door. I was throwing the dishes in the dishwasher and staring out the window at the impromptu party taking place. A hot tub full of naked black men. Two well over 6 feet tall, one average but hefty and one hugely obese fat guy all squeezed into our hot tub. It was times like this I appreciated our private back yard.

Debbie was pouring their drinks with her back to me and would periodically jerk and spill wine. She drained what was left of that bottle and came back in to get another. I noticed her dress was wet right over her breasts. I knew they had groped her as she was handing them their wine.

How did your boobs get wet? I asked her as she was uncorking another bottle.

Oh, they were getting playful and they splashed me. she quickly answered. They want me to join them in the tub, I told them I would not without wearing a swimming suit. She quickly added.

Absolutely not! I said emphatically. There is no way my wife is getting into a hot tub with 4 naked and horny black guys.

Sweety, this role means the world to me and I can take care of myself, you don't have to worry about me. Besides, it is getting dark outside so I won't see anything. Please baby, please, please, please, you know how important this is to me.? Debbie whimpered.

I figured I would be out there too. Although I had decided not to get in the tub. Besides, I did not think I would fit with all them and with Debbie too. I told Debbie to be careful and gave in.

I finished with the dishes and walked out on the deck just before Debbie returned wearing a hot light yellow bikini. She looked delicious. She really keeps herself in shape and her strong legs and flat belly just below her perfect tits (not too big and not too small) all go together to make her a real hottie. I noticed her nipples were clearly protruding in the skimpy top to her bathing suit.

Debbie sat on the edge of the tub and swung her legs over the side and slowly lowered herself in between the fat guy and Ed. I was straining to see what was going on under the water.

You gotta join us too. the fat guy yelled over to me.

Nah, I answered. I think I will stay out tonight. They all started urging me to join in the fun and relax with them.

Thinking that I could not see that well from outside the tub I reluctantly agreed and told them I would go get into my suit.

The hell with a suit. the fat guy bellowed, the guys stay naked tonight.

I shrugged my shoulders and stood to take my clothes off. I knew I was no match in the cock department for any of these idiots Tom had recruited. I turned my back to push my pants down. As I finished I could hear the water splashing behind me. My mind was racing as I wondered if my petite little with had a big black cock in each hand.

Before I joined them they all wanted a refill on the wine so I served as waiter and accomplished this task. I could make out Debbie's thighs squeezed in between the fat guys black fat thighs and Ed's skinny long black ones. She resembled the filling in an oreo cookie. I moved to get into the tub and neither the fat guy nor Ed seemed like they were going to move so I could sit next to my wife. So I sat across from her next to Tom. Besides, I reasoned it would be easier to keep my eyes on them this way.

This went on for some time. All of us smoking cigars except for Debbie and drinking wine. I had to admit, it did feel relaxing. The whole time, Debbie was asking a thousand more questions about the movie business and all the movies they had all been involved with. I could not believe the line of trash they all laid on her and she was buying all of it.

I gotta sit on the edge for a while. Roy chimed in as he scooted back and suddenly up on the edge of the hot tub.

Debbie was seated directly across from him and although I could not be sure, I was certain she was staring at his long black cock which nearly reached the water from where he was sitting. Roy was not being modest as he held his legs wide apart giving my wife a full frontal view of his dangling black cock. He kept up his banter about some stupid movie he had been involved in once.

We have subdued lighting in the back yard and although there are shadows and dark areas, you can see relatively well at night. Well enough for Debbie to see his cock I was certain.

More wine. the fat guy said.

I'll get it. Roy answered I need to get out for a minute anyway to take a leak.

With that said and before anyone could move he said, just stay put, one advantage of being so tall is I can step over. He stepped across the tub and stepped directly over my wife. He straddled her head as he stepped over her and to me it looked like his cock hit her in the forehead as he exited the hot tub.

She said nothing of course but she looked shocked just the same. They kept talking as Roy loped into the house to grab a fresh bottle and hit the can.

I was straining as much as possible to see what, if anything was going on under the water. Tom kept talking to me about dumb shit that did not interest me at all but required me to answer from time to time. It looked like, and I could not believe it, but it did look like my wife was jacking off the fat guy under the water. My mind raced as I tried to figure a way to see if this was going on or not. I did not want to make a scene, but never the less, by the movement of Debbie's shoulder it looked to me like she was. The closer I looked, the more it looked like she may be jacking not only the fat guy, but Ed too. The last thing I wanted was cum floating to the top of my hot tub. The three of them kept talking though and I started to think my imagination was playing tricks on me.

Roy came back with the wine and standing there with his black cock swinging he leaned over and refilled our glasses. I was getting pretty buzzed and I knew Debbie would be too. Roy jumped back in the tub. The fat guy said he had dibs on the bathroom next and he hauled his fatness slowly out of the water. This caused the level of the water to drop quite a bit.

He turned to get out and told everyone to stay put, he would step over.

As he emerged from the water I could see his cock was rock hard and huge. My jaw clenched as I now knew Debbie had in fact been jacking him off. He turned and from where I was sitting it looked like his cock swiped across my wife's lips. The movement was so fast and it was soon blocked from view by his enormous fat body that I could not be sure. I chose to say nothing.

He soon returned and Ed announced he was next. His cock was rock hard too and since he is so thin, there was no way he could hide it. Plus the damn thing had to be 10 inches or more if it was an inch. Upon his return to the tub I found myself calling for the next chance at the use of the bathroom. I had pulled on my cock so at least it would look respectable as I exited the tub. There was no way I could match Ed's length or the fat guys thickness, but I held my own.

I ran toward the bathroom, not wanting to leave Debbie alone any longer than necessary. I stopped before I went in though and turned to look out. I knew they would make their moves immediately since they would think I went into the bathroom first, then they would cool it when they thought I had been inside long enough.

Sure enough, as I looked out, the fat guy stood up and moved in front of my petite little wife and he grabbed hold of her hair on both sides and began stuffing his fat cock deep in her small mouth. That fat thing of his was beyond belief and it amazed me she could begin to get her mouth open enough to take more than the tip. Fuck, I thought to myself. Now I know what is going on out there and I have to take a piss before I can get back out there. I was having a hard time pulling myself away from the window.

Debbie was really into it. She had reached up and was pulling the fat guy toward her mouth. Either that, or perhaps she was trying to push him back. It was hard to tell for sure. I ran to the bathroom and power pissed as fast as I could. When I came back out the fat guy was still standing there with his cock buried in Debbie's mouth. As I walked to the door he pulled his cock out of her mouth and she fell back to her seated position.

I walked outside and he said, Hey great, hand me that bottle of wine will ya T.J. you can save me from having to get out to get it. His thick black cock was rock hard.

I did as he asked and found myself mumbling to myself as I rejoined them in the hot tub. They all acted as if nothing had happened.

Debbie who appeared to be out of breath when I first came out was now asking more movie questions. My head was spinning, as much from the wine as how crazy this whole evening was turning out.

I leaned over to Tom and whispered, tell that fat fuck to keep his fat fucking cock out of my wife's mouth. Then I laughed like I had just told him something funny.

He leaned over to me and whispered back just be cool bro, ain't nuthin gonna get out of control. Then he too laughed.

You know what pretty lady? the fat fuck said. I think you ought to join the men folk here in the tub and lose that teensy weensy yellow bikini. he bellowed as he laughingly reached behind her and pulled the string that was tied behind her neck.

Hey, hold the phone guys, I tried to interject.

Before she could react her top fell from her breasts. Her beautiful nipples were rock hard and jutted straight out. I suppose I am a bit over dressed. Debbie slurred, acting like she did not hear my objections, and it is dark out. She laughed.

She reached behind her and in seconds she flipped her top over her head to the deck.

Don?t forget the bottoms missy. the fat guy again bellowed.

Ok, Debbie said, but you have to tell me all about the movie you did with Eddie Murphy. Her hand went down and she lifted and then her bikini bottoms emerged from the water and joined her top on the deck behind her. No one was paying any attention to my objections but rather they were all eyes for my wife.

They were soon embroiled deep on conversation about movies on their side of the tub. I was certain my wife was jacking their cocks as she no longer was sober enough to hide it and her shoulders were quaking up and down each time she pulled on their cocks. I was beside myself and at a complete loss as to what to do next. I simply sat there drinking more wine and listening to either Tom or Roy drone on about nothing. It was as if they were oblivious to what was going on, on the other side of the hot tub.

Now I have to use the little ladies room. Debbie announced in a slurred voice and she stood up.

In the subdued light in our backyard plus the moonlight, she looked incredible. Her breasts were wet and glistened in the moonlight and her nipples jutted proudly as did her pert breast. Her little bit of pussy hair was clear as she straddled the edge of the tub to get out. Her pretty apple ass was perfect and all of us in the tub drew a sharp intake of breath as we all followed her naked form walking across the deck.

Once she was out of earshot, I unloaded. Listen to me you fucking assholes. No fucking around with my wife here dammit. You keep your cocks where they belong and start getting your shit together cause the party is over. All I could see was white eyes as I unloaded on all of them.

We're sorry man. Roy said, your wife is just so fucking hot we could not go another minute without seeing her again.

Seeing her is one thing. Sticking your cocks in her mouth and fucking around with her and groping her in my own house is quite another. I will not stand for it, and I mean it. I said through clenched teeth.

Ok, Ok, we promise we will try and behave, just let us stick around and drink in her loveliness for a while longer, Ed said.

About then, the door opened and Debbie came dashing toward the tub. She brought a fresh bottle of wine and as she poured everyones glass full all eyes were on her hot body. She moved to the edge of the tub and stepped over to get in. As she pulled her other foot over the edge she slipped and in a big splash ended up on Ed's lap.

Whoa baby, hang on there. Ed said as he reached to steady her on his lap.

I guess I am getting tipsy huh guys? my wife said making no move to leave Ed's lap.

I could see Ed move one hand beneath the water and Debbie jostled around a little like she was trying to get up. She rose up a little then it was like she slipped again and she promptly sat back on Ed's lap.

Sheeeesh, she said, maybe I should just sit here till I get my bearings. She laughed, as did everyone else except me. I knew full well Ed now had his cock buried in my wife's cunt. Although I did not know exactly what to do about it.

I could tell from her movement she was getting into it. She would rock from side to side and was fidgeting regularly. Tell me about the movie I am going to do. she slurred.

Hell little missy, you want to know about the movie you are gonna have to come over here with me, the fat guy bellowed as he reached over and pulled my wife off of Ed's cock.

It looked like a black periscope as Ed trying to keep his cock buried in my wife rose with her as she was pulled toward the fat guy. I clearly saw his rock hard 10 or 11 inches coming out of the water as Debbie's hot ass was pulled over by the fat guy.

The water was splashing and Debbie's eye's were the size of hubcaps as the fat guy lifted her onto his lap. He reached down and raising my wife up he settled her above his enormously fat cock. Debbie had reached to steady herself on the edge of the hot tub. Then we all watched as she slowly, ever so slowly began to descend onto his cock. No one said a word even though everyone knew she was taking his fat cock into her cunt. I could clearly see his fat black hands clutching her around her waist as he let her slowly drop down onto his cock. It seemed like it took forever for her to finally be seated firmly on his lap.

My mind was a fucked up blur and I was at a complete loss as to how to get out of this mess. On one hand, the thought of my pretty little wife sitting a couple of feet from me with a fat black cock buried to the hilt in her cunt excited me, yet on the other hand I was pissed to have this happen at my home. The fat guy soon began babbling on about the movie as though nothing was going on, and Debbie simply sat there on his cock and said nothing.

I watched as she slowly almost imperceptibly began raising and lowering and twisting. She reminded me of a cork in the ocean on a calm day. Ever so slowly up and then down, then up and twist, then down. I honestly think she thought no one knew she had his cock in her. All the while this was going on, the fat guy kept talking normal.

To make matters worse, I had to piss again. After announcing I was going to the can, I rose from the water. My cock was rock hard from all that was going on. My sweet little wife was quick to point this out.

Ohhh baby, what has gotten you so excited? She slurred.

As I stepped over to get out I suddenly felt Debbie's hand grab my hard cock. Come here for a second sweety baby, she pulled me to her mouth with a clenched fist.

My cock went straight into her hot mouth as her hands clenched my ass and pulled me toward her.

All the others in the hot tub started with the Whoa mama, and HOT DAMN, and Go baby go, catcalls.

I had to hold on to Debbie's head to balance myself as I felt my cock reach the opening to her throat. I felt her hands on my ass jerk forward and my cock popped into her throat and was buried clear to the pubic hairs.

Sheeeeit, the fat guy bellowed, I think your pretty little wife has some undiscovered talent here.

I felt helpless as my wife sucked my cock in front of these 4 black assholes like there was no tomorrow. This is something she would not do in a million years were it not for the enormous amount of wine she had consumed.

I could feel my cum begin to rise. There would have been no way for me to stop it even if I had wanted to. I knew Debbie was beyond blitzed and probably would not believe she had sucked me off in front of these guys the next day, but at this point all I could think about was shooting my cum in her mouth.

The hot flow of cum began in my balls and quickly traveled up and suddenly burst into Debbie's waiting throat. When she felt my cum pumping into her mouth she pulled my cock out of her throat and held it firmly in her mouth as I emptied my balls. It felt like I had cum quarts. Almost immediately afterwards I remembered I had to piss like a racehorse. I may have even shot a stream or two in Debbie's mouth but in her condition I did not think she would have noticed.

I quickly extricated myself from her grip and yelling Emergency, emergency. all the way I dashed toward the bathroom.

I would have pissed off the deck like Tom had done a couple of weeks back, but I wanted to watch a while from the house. Just to see how far these assholes would in fact go with my wife. I mean after all this was my home, not some hotel. I pissed like a racehorse and returned to look out the windows.

My wife was bouncing up and down on the fat guys cock and Roy had taken my place and was fucking her mouth like there was no tomorrow. I quickly detoured to the camera in the garage and made sure this was all being recorded. Not only was it being captured on video, but the angle made it perfect and I could even see through the water much better through the camera. ( I made a mental note to myself to see how long my sweet little petite wife had waited before grabbing a black cock after she had gotten in the hot tub. )

As a matter of fact, when I later checked the video I was surprised to see the fat fuck grab her hand when she was serving him wine in the hot tub and pull it to his fat cock. It looked like she had reluctantly started jacking him off as he was mauling and groping her tits. So she had started jacking him off even before she got into the hot tub.

I ran back around and took up my position at the kitchen window. Roy's ass was clenching as I knew he was pumping my wife's mouth full of his cum. He had had his cock buried to his black balls in her mouth and she had pulled back on him like she had on me. I was assuming she wanted to savor the taste of his cum he was shooting in her mouth. When he finished, he dropped back to his seat in the hot tub.

The fat fuck had lifted Debbie like a rag doll and turned her and pushed her over the side of the hot tub. Her knees were on the bench seat in the hot tub and he had maneuvered his girth behind her. As she lay over the side of the hot tub, Tom had jumped out and came around to feed his cock to her. I decided it was time for me to rejoin them and besides, I wanted to get a better look at the action.

When the fat guy had raised out of the water and Tom had gotten out, the level of the water had dropped a lot. I walked over and looked over the edge to see what the fat guy was doing to my wife. He had two fingers pushing in and out of her asshole as he continued to jack his enormous cock. I simply could not believe Debbie was letting him do this. She had to know full well he planned to shove that fat fucking cock of his in her asshole.

Even though he had done just that in the hotel room, I had reasoned it had to be fear or the whiskey that had made her go along with it then. Even though she was bombed on wine tonight I still could not believe she would let him fuck her ass again. He was now pushing 3 of his fat black fingers up into her asshole. The contrast between his black fingers and her creamy white ass was astounding.

Meanwhile Tom was yelling Fuck yah,,, suck it baby, suck it, at my wife's mouth.

I looked over and he was slamming his black cock in so hard his balls were slapping her loudly under her chin. I mean he was driving his cock hard. I looked back as the fat fuck began to push to fat knob of his black cock against my wife's puckered asshole.

I marveled as I saw the head sink deeper in. He would draw back a bit and then begin to push it in again. Finally the head of his cock popped inside her asshole. He held it there for some time. Then he began to push forward and it inched deeper in her pretty asshole. It seemed like it took forever for him to get the head plus an inch or two into Debbie. Then he pulled it out to where the head almost was completely visible and he pushed forward again, this time harder and he drove a good 3 or maybe 4 inches into her. He would pull it out almost all the way and then punch it forward again. Slowly I watched in utter disbelief as this fat black cock of his sank deeper. I swear his cock had to be as big around as my wrist, or maybe even bigger. Finally after pulling out one last time, the fat fucker jammed his fat butt forward and managed to bury his cock all the way up my wife's asshole. Then he held it there for what seemed like 5 minutes.

Meanwhile Tom was screaming for Debbie to swallow his cum. That was all he was yelling. I hoped my neighbors did not wake up from all the yelling. The fat fucker started pumping into my wife's asshole and I mean he was pumping her hard. I swear she was banging off the edge of the hot tub as his fat cock was now moving freely deep in her ass. Then after some time of serious ass fucking, the fat guy began to yell for Debbie to get ready.

Get ready baby, I am gonna cum baby, get ready for it. He yelled.

Suddenly he pulled his cock out of her asshole with a loud pop and in one smooth motion he pulled her back and spun her around to sit in the hot tub. He stepped forward and grabbed her by the hair pulling her head back as he shoved his cock into her mouth.

This blew me away as much this time as it had in the hotel room. Straight from her hot asshole into her mouth. My jaw nearly fell to the ground in disbelief again. He was pumping his cock to bring the cum out and she was sucking his cock clean at the same time. Then she reached up and grabbed his fat cock and began jacking him off into her mouth. That was all it took and I watched his fat black ass clench as he shot spurt after spurt of hot cum into my wife's mouth. I stared as Debbie swallowed as fast as she could like she did not want to lose a single drop. When she had literally drained his cock he staggered backwards and with a giant splash collapsed into the hot tub.

Debbie sank back gasping for breath as though she had just ran a marathon. She was still swallowing what cum remained in her mouth. Even in this state with her pretty asshole no doubt much bigger than it had been and after having swallowed all that cum she still looked incredibly hot. Her blonde hair had gotten wet and her body glistened. Her perky tits rose and fell as she tried to get her breath. Her nipples were jutting straight out and appeared to be bigger than ever. Of course everyone of these assholes had been sucking on them every chance they got.

Ed reached over and told Debbie he thought she needed to get out of the hot tub while she still could.

She feebly accepted his hand and he pulled her over the edge. He walked her over on the deck and told her to lay down on some towels he had arranged. As if confused, my wife obeyed and she laid down. Then Ed kneeled between her legs and grabbing a leg in each hand he raised her knees up to his shoulders. He reached between his legs and grabbed his long black cock and aimed it toward my wife's cunt. He moved himself forward until the head of his cock began to penetrate.

I am going to fill your cunt with my cum baby. he announced as he moved forward more and shoved his long black cock deep into my wife.

His ass was punching forward like a jackhammer for what seemed like forever. Debbie had reached around and was clenching his ass cheeks as he pumped his black cock in and out of her cunt rapidly. Soon I heard him begin to grunt. Debbie's fingers clenched tighter on his black ass. Here it cums baby, I am filling your hot ass cunt with my cum. His ass clenched over and over again as he shot spurt after spurt of hot cum deep into her. Eventually he fell on her leaving his cock buried in her. When he finally rolled off after some time, I could see her cunt was full to overflowing with his cum. It dribbled down from her cunt to the towel beneath her ass.

The guys were silently getting dressed and had been stepping over my wife who appeared to be out like a light on the towel in the middle of the deck. They all thanked me for our hospitality and said they hoped we could do this again real soon. The fat guy said he would be in touch as he extended his hand for me to shake. I still had trouble believing the nerve of this guy. I shook his hand anyway.

When they all had left I stood looking down at my lovely wife. She looked incredible there on the deck bare assed naked with her legs still spread and her cunt still dripping cum. As I stood over her it was as if I lost control as I lowered myself to between her legs. I reasoned I wanted to get a close look at her cunt filled with cum. The next thing I knew I had my mouth plastered to her cunt and I had my tongue buried as deep in her cunt as I could manage. I sucked her cunt dry, then carried her to bed.

This had really been a night to remember. We talked the next day about what happened. Debbie, like I imagined, denied doing any of the stuff I told her she did. And I had left a bunch of it out.

I asked her if she remembered taking off her bikini.

No way, was her reply. I do recall it coming untied once but I did not take it off.

Did you touch any of the guys,? I asked?

Absolutely not. she clearly stated. She thinks I got way too drunk..

I will save the video I got from the garage and surprise her with it one day.