Most wanted dick

favorite position...
Involves me being tied up.
Missionary, girl's legs up on top
of guy's shoulders. Mmmmm!
Anything that incorporates
yoga ... I'm a total sexual star!
Whatever works in a candlelit
bath or out by the hot tub
Doggie style. I love raw sex.
I'll do it it anyway that feels
good ... Anyway at all!
Anything with one of my favorite
partners AND one of my favorite
sex toys
Missionary. It's the most popular
for a reason!
Me on top. I love to be in
charge. Plus, there's nothing
more exciting than having my
partner watch me enjoy myself.
Hmmm... well, my partner is on
all fours, and I've got my whip
Tantric. Japanese. Hindu. If it's
exotic, it makes me hot!
Depends on if I'm with a guy or
a girl
Oooh, I love long, slow
seductions with lots of kissing
and touching.
Nothing turns me on like a good
porno flick.
I like to seduce with a striptease,
and then get things going with
more than a touch of BDSM
I start off slowly, with lots of
playful seduction and teasing. I
make sure my partner is worked
up before taking it to the next
I like to stroke my partner's ego
a little, make him or her feel
sexy, and take it from there.
It's doesn't take much, that's for
sure. My flirting techniques lure
almost anyone in.
Quickly! I need to save time for
my other lovers I plan on having
that night.
I like to start things off with a
cuddly 69.
I pull out my virtual goodie bag,
which I have amassed from years
of travel and experience.
I love forplay and all of the little
sensual aspects of sex. I need
lots of foreplay to make me feel
It all starts in my head, where I
fantasize freely.
I like to set the perfect scene:
perfumed sheets, wine,
candlelight, lingerie...