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SexyNYSlut@BlkMasterSHANGO: Luv your #WhiteSlutRules. Pls share more!!

Such was a message I received in my Twitter account early this morning. As you can trust, I did immediately post a reply:

BlkMasterSHANGO@SexyNYSlut: Thnx. I'll see about posting more later.

It warms my heart to know that a lot of white women out there are taking heed to my words. And when they look deep into their hearts, the reality hits them that this message is the rightful thing that they too have been thinking to themselves for a long time. Although the journey has begun for some wives out there with a single step forward, there's still hundreds more who're locked in the hearts and mentality of yesterday. A lot of them are prisoners of their own sexuality. They want to be like the women whom they view in exotic magazines who seem to be getting the best out of life, being out with the best men, having the best type of sex they know can only be gotten from black men. For a lot of you women out there, my heart still goes to you all. In time, we're going to see about helping you all see the light.

So now, back to some more white slut rules for all the white women out there. Don't be worried if some of these new ones sound similar to the previous ones posted earlier. Rather see them more as further compliment and additional reading to what you're already familiar with.

Yearn for MORE!

I did mention in the previous post about white sluts not settling for just one bit of black cock sex. Always demand for more. There's always a group of brothers lurking around to further to take that pussy, mouth and asshole of yours to school for further training. Just when you thought you've had the best sort of orgasm, that's when you feel another brother's dick and you get another slam-dunk that'll stop you heart for some seconds. And just when you think you've tried just about every type of style there is in the Kama-Sutra book of Sex, that's when you make a 360 and get that cunt of yours tapped in more ways you never thought of before.

Ladies who've been there and done that know just what I'm talking about. The sex gets a lot better with more practice, unlike you keeping it hidden as if its some fine wine you don't want to open for another decade. Also, if you're the sort of slut who's often getting those negative type of vibes, the fact that you've got brothers pumping and swelling your cunt hole everyday for you makes it easy to stop your pussy from back-sliding.

Gangbangs & Orgies + Group Sex

Often one is apt to get confused with what the difference is between having an orgy and being involved in Group Sex. They've got some similarities... and yes, they are different, but who the fuck really cares.

This is something most of you white sluts ought to consider getting involved in. Get in touch with a couple of your girlfriends as fellow hot wives acquaintances that you can find and see about throwing
yourselves a Hot Wives/GFs' party and send out invites to several brothers whom you and the girls are most familiar with. Tell them to bring along their sex toys too and anything else they've got to spice up the evening with. Ship the kids off the be with grandma, and send hubby off to get the drinks and maybe show you how to set up the camera recordings and then to buzz off and go play cards with his pals while you girls Put on some Prince CD into the player and just 'party on like its 1999!'

Snapshots, Recordings & Diaries

This is a sexual revolution for a lot of you ladies out there, not just for yourselves but this as well includes your hubbies too. As with all revolutions, the journey matters the most than does the destination. A steady recording of how much you've progress from your sexual self-discovery is very much essential to have. If you can't do it, then at least have your hubby do the documentation for you. After all, that's partly what he's there for. he wants to be used, so start now to put his white boi ass to some very good use.

Have him take regular snapshots of you in various delectable poises when getting fucked by your black stud, or even of you and him being alone together and just being naughty with yourself. It's so much a relief when a lot of women see themselves as this years later, they can't even begin to believe that once they were such dowdy creatures of habit. And here they are now, looking explosive like superior Wonder Women, as they were made to conquer their sexual universe. Make yourself a movie library of you taking that black cock and later watch it in bed with hubby next to you. See how lovely you'll look and later, come down here and thank me for it.

For more, go here: http://blackmastershango.blogspot.com/2012/03/more-white-slut-rules.html