More common for military men to want to see their wife with BBC

Green lighting your wife while on deployment makes the the return home for the details and sex the rewards for sure…insisting all encounters are in the marital bed and the lucky guy is well built very nice guy and Black…imagine her meeting you with a huge glowing smile at the welcoming home and you see a baby bum through her sun dress …her first words is “ guess what?”’
always made sure a black friend was detailed to "look after" Lynn when deployed or on TDY
I was in the military for a long time and while I was deployed, the hottest thing for me was to imagine her getting fucked while I was deployed. I always gave her the green light but to keep it off post where no one would catch her.

Is it more common for military men to want to watch or is it just my skewed view?
I was Navy deployed and did the same thing. Just thinking about her getting Black boned would get me hard. When I came home Sliding into her was so easy. I told her I don't know if I should be mad or thanking these dudes. She just whispered to me "You love it" and she was right.
When my husband was still in Army I went often with other wifes to go out and meet guy when they went field or somewhere, we cannot wait and most wife did it. My husband wrote this story for me -

When Cindy, the petite and alluring Korean woman, met American soldier Tom in that bustling military club, her life took an unexpected turn. Tom, with his rugged good looks and confident demeanor, was immediately taken by Cindy's unique charm. He saw beyond her work as a waitress and the underlying ******* that often occurred in such establishments.

As their connection deepened, Cindy shared her dreams of escaping her small town in Korea and experiencing the freedoms that life in the US could offer. Tom, smitten with Cindy's beauty and spirit, promised to help her make that dream a reality. He saw the potential for a new beginning for them both.

With Tom's assistance, Cindy obtained the necessary paperwork and visas to relocate to the United States. She left her old life behind and stepped into a world of unknown pleasures and adventures. Tom ensured her comfort and safety as they settled into Army housing, their relationship growing stronger by the day.

In her new surroundings, Cindy quickly befriended the other wives and girlfriends in the Army community. Among them was the vivacious Maria, always up for a good time. Maria sensed Cindy's curiosity about sexual exploration and took it upon herself to initiate her into the ways of American pleasure.

Maria introduced Cindy to the art of seduction and the power of lingerie. They spent leisurely afternoons shopping for lacy ensembles that accentuated Cindy's petite and curvaceous figure. Maria taught her how lingerie could make her feel confident and in control, a stark contrast to the submissive roles she often played in the bedroom.

As Cindy's sexual awakening blossomed, she embraced her natural submissiveness, reveling in the pleasure of surrendering to her desires. Tom, always attentive to her needs, ensured their intimate moments together were filled with passion and exploration. He loved how she responded to his touch, her moans and whispers spurring him on.

However, as time went on, Cindy's reputation as a sexually adventurous spirit spread beyond the confines of their community. Soldiers returning from deployments heard whispers of a petite Korean beauty who was eager to please and always up for a good time. Word had gotten around that she was the "base slut," and men began to seek her out, eager to experience the pleasures she offered.

Cindy, driven by her own desires and a need for validation, began to indulge in discreet encounters with other men. She found excitement in the anonymity and the raw, uninhibited nature of these trysts. Each new partner brought their unique desires and fantasies, and Cindy willingly submitted to their wishes, exploring her own boundaries in the process.

One sunny afternoon, Cindy met a tall, muscular soldier named Jake in the park near the base. With piercing blue eyes and a mischievous grin, he wasted no time in asking for her company. Cindy, intrigued by his boldness, agreed to accompany him to his quarters in the barracks.

Once inside, Jake pressed her against the wall, kissing her deeply as his hands explored her curves. His lips trailed down her neck, leaving hickeys that marked their passionate encounter. Jake then lifted her onto the bed, spreading her legs wide as he devoured her pussy with his hungry tongue.

Cindy closed her eyes as Jake's talented mouth worked its magic on her. His expert tongue circled her clitoris, teasing and tormenting until she was writhing beneath him. He sucked gently on her swollen bud, sending waves of pleasure coursing through her body. Her breath came in ragged gasps as she clung to the sheets, her body tensing with anticipation.

Eventually, Jake stood up and removed his uniform, revealing his impressive endowment. Cindy gazed at his thick, veiny cock with a mixture of fear and excitement. Jake guided her head towards his erection, urging her to take him into her mouth.

Reluctantly, Cindy obeyed. She wrapped her hand around the base of his shaft as she opened her mouth wide, taking him in inch by inch. Jake groaned as she swallowed him whole, her throat muscles massaging his cock as she bobbed her head up and down.

She savored the taste of him, the salty sweetness of his pre-cum coating her tongue. Jake's hands threaded through her hair, guiding her movements as she took him deeper and faster. Cindy's nose brushed against his pubic bone, her nostrils filling with the scent of his arousal.

When Jake could no longer hold back, he pulled out of her mouth and moved between her thighs. He slid his thick cock into her dripping pussy, filling her completely. Cindy's eyes rolled back in her head as he began to thrust, her body arching off the bed to meet him.

Their bodies slammed together, creating a symphony of flesh on flesh. Jake's powerful strokes sent shockwaves of pleasure throughout Cindy's body. Her breasts bounced wildly with each thrust, her nipples hard and sensitive. The sound of their combined moans and grunts filled the room, punctuating their primal union.

As Jake neared his climax, Cindy felt her orgasm building within her. She squeezed her inner muscles, milking every drop of pleasure from him. Jake's body shuddered as he released inside her, his warm semen filling her up. They collapsed onto the bed, panting and spent, their hearts racing as they caught their breath.

Not long afterward, One evening, while Tom was on duty, Cindy received an invitation from a mysterious soldier named Mark.

Despite her initial hesitation, Cindy's curiosity got the best of her. She accepted Mark's proposal, agreeing to meet him at a secluded spot on the post late that night. Mark instructed her to wear something provocative, promising that the encounter would be worth her while.

True to her word, Cindy donned a red satin dress that hugged her curves and revealed her toned legs. She applied bright red lipstick and fixed her long black hair into loose curls before setting out to find Mark.

After what seemed like hours of wandering through the deserted post, Cindy finally located Mark's vehicle parked beside a dimly lit dirt road. He greeted her with a wicked smile as she approached, his eyes lingering on her voluptuous figure.

"You look absolutely stunning, Cindy," Mark purred, reaching out to trace the outline of her cleavage with his ••••• finger. "But I have a better idea."

He led her to the backseat of his SUV, where he produced a blanket and some pillows. Cindy laid down on the makeshift bed as Mark knelt between her legs.

"I want you to show me what you can really do," he said, his voice low and husky.

Cindy hesitated for a moment before complying. She knew this wasn't part of her usual routine, but the thrill of the unknown excited her. She looked into Mark's eyes, determined to give him the best blowjob of his life.

Mark watched as Cindy lowered his zipper, freeing his thick, veiny cock. She took it in her hand, tracing the length with her fingertips before leaning forward to take him into her mouth.

Mark let out a low groan as Cindy's warm, moist mouth enveloped his cock. She ran her tongue along the underside, teasing the sensitive area just below the head. Mark's hands gripped the steering wheel as he fought to maintain control, his body tense with anticipation.

Cindy took Mark deep, swallowing him whole as he throbbed in her mouth. She used her hands to massage his balls, applying gentle pressure as she bobbed her head up and down. Mark's breathing grew heavier as she increased her pace, her tongue dancing across the tip of his cock as she took him in and out.

Soon, Mark could no longer contain himself. He let out a guttural cry as he came, flooding Cindy's mouth with his hot, sticky seed. She swallowed greedily, savoring the taste of his release.
His large hands continued to roam over her body, pinching her nipples and cupping her ass as he kissed her hungrily. Cindy's breath hitched as he flipped her over, positioning himself behind her.

Mark entered her from behind, filling her up with his massive cock. She gasped as he began to thrust, his balls slapping against her clit with each stroke. Their bodies collided, their moans echoing through the empty barrack room. Mark grabbed her hips, pulling her back against him as he pounded away, driving her closer and closer to the edge.

Finally, Cindy reached her climax, her entire body trembling as she screamed out in release. Mark held her tightly, his cum mixing with hers as they lay there, exhausted but satisfied.

As they dressed and prepared to leave, Mark handed Cindy a wad of cash, thanking her profusely for the incredible experience. Cindy pocketed the money, feeling a strange sense of satisfaction. She realized that her ability to bring pleasure to others was a gift, one that she could use to her advantage.

From that point on, Cindy became known as the go-to girl for soldiers seeking a memorable encounter. She continued to explore her own desires with Tom, but the thrill of satisfying strangers kept her coming back for more. And though their arrangement was far from conventional, their love remained unbreakable.
When my husband was still in Army I went often with other wifes to go out and meet guy when they went field or somewhere, we cannot wait and most wife did it
I know you're right. I worked at an enlisted club. When ships were deployed, rings came off of fingers and the clubs were packed with WestPac Widows. So I knew my Wife would do the same when I was deployed. She gravitated for this Black nightclub in town, so needless to say, her pussy was rearranged. But suprisingly I loved it. So I gave her the hall pass even when I was home.
Most the Military Wives have got turned by Black dick when we were away overseas. We're not complaining
A guy I served with was into wife sharing/cucking. I know she fucked a black guy in our company. She was pretty sexy so thinking about that skinny ass dude with his bbc blowing her out still gets to me.
Oh I have no doubt. He turned her for a reason. My guess is that he was rearranging her guts.
That he did. Spread her wide (gape) and deep. Then invited his friends. With her approval. She sent me their dic pics and got my approval. She had a cockbelly when I returned.


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