Moral equality and racial difference

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    As a white male I'm profoundly turned on by interracial sex between black men and white women, so much so that I desire a relationship with a white female who is also turned on by the excitement of black male/white female sex.
    But the sexual dynamic of black male and white female interracial sex and the excitement it offers should not be confused with any type of racial superiority. As human beings we all belong to one special family (or to be more exact species) and let us rejoice in that and the pleasure racial difference can bring. But let's be clear there is no superior or inferior race, colour or creed!
    Yes, belief in and deference to a master/mistress of a different race can add spice to the bedroom but at the end of the day let's be clear that a person's true worth is measured by his/her actions and character.
    The thrill and excitement of seeing my partner indulge her fantasies and lust with big black men hits the chord with me - big time! But it doesn't make me feel in any way morally or personally inferior, it's just an aspect of my personality that I'm coming to accept and maybe can find a partner who does too.
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    pic_cartoon-confession.jpg Confessionals can be so much fun, sometimes! gif_Yellowball-happy.gif
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    excellent post sir.
    hats off to you.
    i respect the freedom to explore and be creative than to assign a "superiority-inferiority" attitude.
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    it was the best desicion of my life, allowing my ex partner to try black, now thats all i want to be able to be humiliated by my partner and her partners