Monster BBC looking for a weekly thing.becoming my wife's friend I will do the rest.


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Ok. It's my fantasy but...
My wife is VERY responsive. She knows I want her to try getting Super Fucked by a MBC. I've told her she would enjoy it. She is curious but does not want me to set anything up. I figured the best way for me to help her try it, is to have hot black guys start saying hello to my UNKNOWING wife and slowly seduce her into having a weekly GOOD HARD FUCKING. THIS COULD BE HER Friday afternoon weekly release. We have talked about it for so long and now I think its time to have some monster black cocks get to know her. Become friends take her out for a drink. If she becomes friends with you, she's becoming friends because, she knows I want her to fuck. Remember the unknowing part. This would have to be made to look like you just happened to run into a hot woman and you wanted to get to know her. She knows what my fantasy is. She is curious about trying it. If she starts saying hello more often and smiles when she sees you, then it means you have got her interetsted in n you WILL be fucking her. Let me know if your interested
As a woman, I think that you should become friends with a couple of black guys and start socializing with them. Let her get to know them and as she warms up to them, let them show their interest and you show your agreement. Much more likely a scenario.