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Mon voyage de couple en martinique

Pretty pictures. Martinique must be a fabulous place. I took my wife (she was raised in France and speaks French) to Jamaica thinking she would want to get blacked there but she didn't find the right guy. I think I should have taken her to Martinique.


Sweet & Cordial
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Real nipple rings too ... wow! Nice! :) I always wanted my wife to get nipple piercings like that, but she never would because of the embarrassment of being seen by our daughter, and/or her doctor. My wife has beautiful eraser size nipples with areolas that are medium pink and the size of quarters. Her nipples are quite sensitive as is ... which brings up another question ... I've never quite understood how women can pierce some of the most sensitive parts of their bodies and manage with the pain its got to cause. I've seen girls with real clit piercings ... not piercing through the clit hood, but through the actual clit ... now that's gotta hurt like HELL! My wife's clit is more sensitive than the head of my cock, and my cock is sensitive. I darn well know I'd never pierce my cock.