Mom & Daughter ... again

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    It was almost six-thirty. Mom and I were done dressing up for the evening. Our hair and faces were all done up and we complimented each other’s make-up. Looking at us, you would have thought we were both getting ready for the prom. Dad sat with us in the living room waiting; Morris had called an hour ago saying he’d sent a vehicle to pick us up.
    The vehicle arrived some ten minutes later – it was a white stretch limo. Gosh! Who would have thought Morris would lavish such taste just to come pick us, even Dad too was impressed though he didn’t say anything; it was all in his eyes. He walked us to the driveway and stood beside the limo driver who’d come round to open the door for us.
    “Have fun you two,” Dad waved at us and we waved back before the driver cruised the limo away. Mom and I ogled the lush interior of the vehicle. There was a mini bar with an expensive wine selection though I was too worried about touching any of them.
    The drive seemed almost like a long one. We drove for more than a mile into a dark street that had nothing except tall hovering trees. Finally the limo pulled in front of a large gate that came open for it to drive in. The limo came to a halt before a solid looking mansion that looked a lot like something from an 18th century Victorian countryside that had been remodelled into a modern facade. Even Mom was in awe at the sight of it as we stepped down. The large front doors came open and out stepped out host himself – Morris, looking larger than life.
    He wore an open cotton shirt and pants and on either of his arms were two gorgeous ladies, both wearing even sluttier outfits than Mom and I. He brimmed at both of us and complimented both of us with a kiss on the cheek. He introduced the two women to us as Carol and Denise. Carol was a brunette with an English bob hairstyle while Denise was blonde with green eyes, the kind that sparkles with mischief. I could easily tell that she was a feral nympho in bed who couldn’t get enough sex, and later on in the night found I that I was right.
    “Jolene,” he held my Mom’s hands, admiring her evening wear. “You’re looking just as good and hot in that blouse.”
    “Thanks, Morris. This is a nice home you have out here.”
    “You think this is lovely, wait till you see the one I’ve got in the Caymans. Come on in both of you, the party’s just about getting started. Wouldn’t want either of you to miss it.” Carol and Denise went in ahead of us and he wrapped his arms around mine and Mom’s waist and led us inside; I felt his hand slid down to cup a feel of my ass as we entered his home.
    Past the foyer and into the large den there was a little crowd waiting for us in there. Some men and some women, a couple of the men were whites though a majority of them were blacks. Some were sipping wines from glasses, while others were chatting with the ladies; several turned their heads to appraise Mom and I. Morris introduced us to some of them; I didn’t bother taking much note of their names – I knew I’d forget them by the time the night was through. From hidden speakers piped down disco music and in the middle of the den, where colourful lights shown down from the ceiling, a lot of other couples were busy dancing. Morris told me to make myself at home and left me to fend for myself while he and Mom disappeared into the crowd. Several men chatted with me. One of them offered me a glass of tequila to calm my nerves then later pulled me into the dance floor. His hands kept groping my ass and I liked the feel. I was here to have fun and fun was what I wanted. Though I was yet unaware of what the evening had planned for us.

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