MO Couple curious about getting bbc for wife

Hi all, we are a couple (husband-38, wife-35) who are trying to get some information on the lifestyle. She has had 2 black guys during her college years. It's husbands idea/fantasy and wife is not opposed to it but does have some reservations. The encounter that we're discussing is more along the lines of MFM where the bull would be comfortable with husband watching at first and then joining in and finishing with a DP. Neither one is looking for sissy cuck or to be "owned".

The reservations are:

1)Wife is afraid husband does not get excited by her anymore by wanting this to happen.
2)Wife is afraid that husband will be worried about her leaving him for the bull
3)Wife is afraid that husband would think she enjoyed bull more than him
4)Overall awkwardness of encounter.
Thanks for the reply. I have been trying to show her how much she still excites me on a daily basis. Our sex life is great and this encounter would only be to enhance it. I've tried telling her that she has nothing to worry about, but I don't want to be pushy. I know that she wont leave me and Im not worried about the other guy pleasuring her more than me, its getting her to fully believe it. She agreed to set up this account so she could gain some perspective of other wives who had some of the same reservations she has and what those ladies did to move past that.
I would like to weigh in on this issue.
I will address the issues as numbered from my own perspective.

1. You need to let her know that its not that your not excited any more - it's that you have a solid relationship and enough trust that you'd like to explore things you've never considered before - and this is a function of the strength of your relationship, not its weakness.

2. The bull is desert, and while we all enjoy desert, you are the meal, and it's the meal the nourishes us. Though we do love to get to the desert and sometimes we even overindulge this does not have to be a bad thing. She should try some over indulgence once in a while.

3. She should enjoy the bull more than you - but in a different way. For example, I enjoy roller-coasters - they are a wild crazy ride, they leaves me with my heart pounding, sometimes makes me scream or want to piss my pants. I don't however need to trade my car in for a roller coaster, or ride one every day! They are fun in a different way than what I get to experience regularly. So shall the bull be different and provide pleasures that you don't. If he doesn't - whats the point!!!

4. Find the right bull.
Sometimes it can be awkward, but take the time to find the right candidate. I can say - when I find couples that are a good fit - it has NEVER been awkward.

Well that is one bulls perspective, I hope its helpful.
Appreciate all the feedback thus far. Husband does not seem to have any reservations with proceeding, still not sure if I want to. I would say I'm somewhere between 40-50% sure. Would love some other feedback from other wives that had some of same fears and what you did to help overcome them.