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    I am a married escort. My husband encouraged me to be an escort. He would love to hear the stories about my sessions. I have always wanted a cuckold but I do not feel he is a true cuckold.

    He has been begging me of late to find a big cock. He says he wants to see me stretched and filled. He says he wants to see and hear me be pleasured.

    I would love to have him send me out for a night with a handsome young bull and return and fill him with stories of the nights events, but for him, he needs to see, hear, smell, touch etc the whole event.

    I am having problems trying to find a site that is suitable for Australia. A site that I can find a suitable man willing to have my husband involved. Is there such a site?

    I am a BBW. I love sex but I have never had more then 7.5inches which was last month and he tore me. I want someone who can last more then 30 seconds as that is all I get in my work life.

    I do have Facebook if anyone is interested in contacting me there.