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    Just had my first BBC! My cuckold posted pictures of me on this site and he contacted us. He lived in Las Vegas and we planned a trip there. We were only able to get together once, but it resulted in the most fucking incredible orgasm I have ever had (along with quite a few ordinary orgasms). It was interesting because his cock was so large (10+ and very thick) I was almost afraid of it at first. However, when I got a hold of that fully erect cock, I was aching to get it in me. I slid down without hesitation and came within seconds. My cuckold posted all the photos from that interlude under his account "HERSLAVERJR" so if you want to see more, that's the place to look.
    I'm 41 years old, curvy (see my avatar), and horny. I love sex a lot. I think most the women here must. I love controlling my husband and I want to find the right bull to help me do that. I want a bull who is well endowed (at least eight prefer ten) and willing to help train my cuck. However, I don't get in to the intense humiliation of the cuck. It's just not my thing. Ordering him around, making him do things for us is fine, just not the humiliation thing. My ultimate bull would live near us (a dream as we live in NW Montana), have a decent body (a few extra pounds is not a big deal), would be somewhat dominate (I don't need another slave), and willing to typically fuck me in the presence of my hubby and willing to allow husband to do fluffing and clean up as needed. He would also be smart, able to have a decent conversation, and willing to interact via e-mail a few times before getting together. I get more attracted to men if I get to know them a little bit. I just want to know the basics before I fuck you. Your age, marital status, what you do for a living, have kids, etc. Just the basics you might share in a conversation at a party.
    We are willing to travel for the right bull and currently have a trip planned to Jamaica (though I haven't set up any hook ups yet) to Hedonism the first week of February. We'll be renewing our wedding vows and taking new vows related to our cuckold lifestyle. I've written a contract that outlines our rules and responsibilities for this lifestyle. I hope to find a new friend to be the "Best Man" at the ceremony. If I can find him, he can be the first to take me following the ceremony. I'd love to get pictures of my dress hiked up over my hips and a BBC taking me from behind!
    My favorite sexual position is me on top. I can ride for quite a while and just keep having orgasm after orgasm--especially with a BBC. There are some things I won't do. So far, I only know of two things I don't like. I don't do anal. I've tried it with my cucks 6+ inch cock and it hurt so it's just not for me. I also won't swallow--love to suck cock just not swallow. It can sometimes make me gag just tasting the pre cum. The times I have swallowed left me feeling seriously nauseated. It's just not my thing.
    If any of this sounds good to you, I'd love to chat. You don't have to want to fuck me to write. I love getting to know all kinds of different people and interacting as friends. Ask me anything, and I will answer eventually--I can be bad about checking accounts sometimes. Here's a picture of my pussy being stretched by that BBC I got in Vegas, a G rated shot of me in my wedding dress, and a couple of me playing dress up Las Vegas. BBC1.jpg wedding dress.JPG .
    fake tattoo.JPG hmmm.JPG
    Hope to hear from you soon-
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    You are a HOT Lady. Glad to hear you are finally a BCS. Congratulation.
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    Mmmmmmmmm only one word , FUCKABLE !!
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    Nice pix...luv the tat
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    So nice . what do u think of my little guy? Lol