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Minority Affairs: Intense Interracial Erotica

The intensity, ingenuity, and boldness of Minority Affairs is sure to leave you a changed person. Never before have you read such a unique examination of race and sexuality; never again will you be able to look at erotic stories of black and white lovers quite the same way. Complex stories of love and romance, extreme stories of domination and submission, alternative stories that push the boundaries of gender and identity, and BREATHTAKING IMAGES all fill the pages of this groundbreaking book.

You’ll find stories that frighten your sensibilities, characters you love, characters you know, and sex that leaves you breathless. You’ll ache for Charles as he agonizes in his quest to replicate the true slave experience and you’ll cheer for Kevin as he woos the heart of an artist and an equal. Kamal will teach you about the true strength and character of Black men and you’ll witness the transformation of Olutuunde to a Goddess before your very eyes. You’ll swear that you’ve experienced the smells, sights, and sounds of each story in vivid technicolor detail, in the exact same ways the characters did. Minority Affairs is a book you will want to read, and read again, it’s one you will be afraid to talk about with others, and it will inform your choices, perceptions, and fantasies.


Excerpt from Black Maled

Kamal’s muscular thighs were a masterpiece in ebony sculpture. His arms, his chest, his shoulders were formed to perfection. With a six-pack of abs that would make any personal trainer proud, Ron couldn’t imagine a more perfect specimen to use his wife. It was the meat hanging between his legs’s that made Kamal the ideal stud for Ron’s demented fantasy. At just over 8 inches, it was clearly double the length of his own tiny cock and the thickness didn’t have a scale to compare. It looked as thick as a can of beer and he wasn’t even hard. In fact, it looked like it weighed several pounds in and of itself and Tricia was fingering her pussy in anticipation.

“Here, get it wet.” Tricia moved to suck his dick but Kamal stopped her. “No, not you-- him.” He pointed to Ron and without hesitation, Ron was on his knees, kneeling before the young man, worshipping his big, black cock, trying to get it hard with his mouth.

Tricia had never seen her husband suck a cock before and there was something very thrilling about seeing him fag out over a beautiful, black one. “Oh yeah, honey, get that big monster wet so he can slide it in my tight, white pussy. Is that what you want to see? You want to see him pounding his big hard black cock in my cunt, stretching it, ripping it open? Yeah, get it nice and wet so he can ram it in my sweet, white holes.”

Grabbing Ron’s head, Kamal throat fucked him without care or concern for his breath or comfort. Thrusting his hips and shoving every single inch down his throat, it was Ron himself who was gagging and choking on that gorgeous prick, not his wife. He didn’t care. To Ron, it was worth it so he could see his wife being fucked like a $2.00 crack whore. He sucked that cock better than he’d ever sucked any other cock in his life. By the time Kamal had pushed him away, his dick was fully erect, hard, throbbing, and dripping with spit. Grabbing a handful of bleached blonde hair, Kamal roughly pulled Tricia to her knees in front of him and said, “Let’s see who’s better at sucking my dick. Come on bitch, get to work.”