MILFS at School


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As a teacher for over 10 Years and now working as a sub, every guy teacher notices that and compares notes with the other like minded guy teachers.

Funny anecdotvote, many years ago when I was teaching at a catholic elementary school, I had morning outside duty. A car pulled up in front of the school and two of my students piled out of the car. I said hi to them and then to their very attractive, very single mom. She greeted me, and at that time I noticed that she was wearing a bathrobe. She went to reach for something and her bathrobe shifted to reveal that she was wearing nothing under the bathrobe, at least not on her torso. I got a nice view of her tits and she panicked, looked at me, quickly pulled her robe closed and pulled off. It was a nice way to start the day, better than my usual cup of coffee in the faculty lounge.
Yoga pants are the greatest invention ever, lol. I saw this girl the other day that had these yoga pants that looked like they were painted on. They were a different material than I had ever seen and had texture to them. As you can tell, I did a little studying, lol.