Ever since I’ve become infatuated with black cock since my early college days I’ve been with 9 bulls, each one amazing! Not once have I gone back to or had any other cock. This weekend I will be embarking on my 10th BBC! I thought I’d share with you! All 9 before where condom-less but this time I am going to let this bull cream-pie me! My 1st black bull pie! ! :blackgreedy::bigsmile::blackheart::blackgrimace::exciting:
Soooo my evening. After some wining and dining, a lot of hot salsa dancing and grinding I was ready and I think he was too. Making out, kissing, hot oral both ways he put his big black monster in me while I was on my back, giving me those full thrust where you eyes roll back in to your head! After several positions I climbed on top and rode me a big black bull, creaming all over his cock, then he grabbed my ass with both hands and pulled me down telling me he was going to cum, after a few more pumps I felt his cum squirt by squirt shooting up me, after a moment I climbed off and felt his cock pop out and with it a good amount of cum back of his cock and balls. That was Friday even though the story is short I am still recovering! My first black cream pie! :blackgreedy: