michigan white gf needs a black master!

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Oh my god yeah right you have no problem how to telnet of finding what you're looking for trust me grow expected won't have any time picking up a ball and I know you're in michigan would you ever be interested in meeting up with me in my BBC bf .. I've cuckold 1* time and I did like it alot us 42 could have a great time!
I'm in Atlanta but from Michigan. my parents live off of Lily and Warren. so I'm in Canton a lot but I'm confused. are you trying to find someone to fuck you or your GF? the second set if pictures is a man, the title of the thread says "white GF for black master", what's up?


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She had me leave for 3a days a d my cuz was with her and she has jungle fever and like I said Amanda agreed with her about having it also.. and they wanted to chill with black guys like that I truly believe it was with the black guy in the place across the street
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