MF-MM Scenario

This question goes out to the husbands who have already embraced their BI side... Have you ever invited two black bulls for a foursome, a straight bull for the wife and a gay bull for the husband? I have read stories to this effect, but believe them to be fictional. It would be a deep dark secret fantasy to be on the bed next to my partner, each getting fucked at the same time. I would not meet a gay man one-on-one, but it would be exciting for me to be expected to please a black man who was only interested in me while my partner is pleasing a black man only interested in her. Does this happen in real-life?


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Dunno, don't think we'd do the one straight and one bi combination and have never heard of it, but it is sure to have happened for someone!

But we are definitely interested in an MFM+ where all the guys are bi comfortable for a GB or a party with some bi couples and lots of guys all having fun!

Some yrs ago in a swinger club in NY. We just were alone in a room, after some fun I went out for a towel and when I came back two black guys and a white managed to get into the room and were flirting with my girl. One of the black guys went out again and came back with other two plus condoms and lube. While I was explaining to one black guy and the white that we were tired and wanted to rest, my girl was being seduced by the other 3. Since she did not resist, I just let it carry on. They soon started kissing and I thought 'well, why not, she likes it'. When I tried to mingle, one of the guys told me it was fine and put his arm around me. 'Not your first time, no?' he said. Long story short, we ended getting fucked and facing each other. I wished she had been closer so I could kiss her. it never happened again.