mexican seeking submissive cunt slave

I'm an aggressive and dominate For those interested on be my slave...

-Send me a PM, saying that you're interested and why. Also, you could add if you like my pics and what you would do with me and your limits

-I'll be choosing her during some time. She may pass some test

-No means no! I'll try to reply everyone, but if I don't add you on friends, or I decided to dnt' reply.. means that you are not the chosen one

-Prefered girls with large boobs, but could make an exception if you deserve it ;-)

. I like a person who is willing to test there limits. see you must understand I was born a Dominant Man who knows how to control a woman, how to abuse a her .I am a Man who knows how to manipulate her,I don't control her. ,But I allows her to submit herself to me,and confuse her,I knows how to take the emotional value of a woman, how to take the beauty of a woman and destroy her.I don't control a woman, But I allows her to submit herself to Me.
Are you that woman that fantasizes about a Mexican man like me pinning you down and thrusting Your thighs apart with my knees. You wants to feel my fingers snake through your hair and pull your head back; you want to feel my teeth on your shoulder and you want me to nibbling on different parts of the body. You want to be owned! Ill tie down your arms and legs and have my way with you. I will spank, tease, or even torture you by massaging her entire body with a vibrator. If your into:

Light spanking
Hair pulling
Held down by your wrist
Force fantasies