Met him thru a swingers magazine...

I recently posted some pics of my wife with a Black stud who we met through an ad which we had placed in Unreal People magazine back in the mid 80's. It was a long time ago but the pics help me remember how the evening went. We met him at a bar near his place to see if the vibe was right and he was tall and well built and very charming. He knew the waitress by name and based on the smug smile on her face we weren't the first white couple she had seen him with. After a quick drink we followed him back to his condo.

My wife was only 25 at the time and looked smoking hot in a short leather mini with a skimpy white blouse, white stockings and slutty white fingerless gloves. When we got to his front door he pt his arm around her and said 'Dude, one thing. I don't do threesomes. So if we go inside she's mine for the night, until I'm done with her. Understood?” “I guess” I said submissively and my wife just giggled.

Once we entered the apartment he excused himself for a minute and returned wearing only a pair of gym shorts and a tshirt. He moved to my wife and kissed her, his hands dropping down onto her leather covered ass cheeks. The he pulled the back of her skirt up and squeezed her soft cheeks with his big dark hands. They kissed for a long while while he played her ass and she pressed her flat stomach against the big bulge in his shorts. Then he peeled off her skirt and pulled her down to a cushion on the floor. He pushed up her skimp top and sucked on her pert nipples while peeling her tiny g-string down over her full white ass cheeks.

Her hand slid down his hard stomach and my heart raced as she fished his big brown cock out of his red briefs. It was half hard and already as big as my 6 inch cock. He guided her head to his crotch and as she eagerly sucked it grew to about 8.5 inches with a fat brown tip. While she sucked him he reached down to caress her soft white ass and then he pushed her on her back and climbed on top of her. She spread her legs with a big smile on he face as he slipped his big cock inside her. He had incredible stamina and fucked her for well over an hour, pausing only to switch positions. I think he came inside her at least twice but his cock never seemed to go soft.

Finally he took break and went to the bathroom. I asked my wife if she was OK and she smiled and said softly “He fucked me good honey.” Then he returned with two beers and a glass of wine for her. We talked a little and he convinced us that it was too late to drive home and insisted we sleep in his big water bed with him. With my wife in the middle of the bed and him spooning her from behind I fell asleep on the other side.

I woke up in the midle of the night with the bed moving and my wife softly moaning. He had her face down on the bed with a pillow under her belly and was slowly fucking her up the as with his big brown cock. He gradually picked up the pace and from the lewd noises she was making I could tell she loved it. Finally with a load grunt he pinned her to the bed and came deep inside her tight butt. At that point I climbed out of bed and said it was time to go and my wife sheepishly followed.


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Loved your story,I am 52 and have just returned from the UK where I experienced the most wonderful black man , met him in a London pub along with his friends they spoiled me we all ended up at his home and one by one Took turns fucking me it was the best night I have ever had.
Last bull for wife I met on swingers site and he was a musclier tattooed gentleman and after he came home with us ate her pussy and after eased his BBC in her slow and gentle. Can't wait to get him and wife together again.