meeting a bull

What do u think is the best way for me to meet my first bbc. Online? In a bar? On the beach? Or make hubby find him? The torture of making him find a man to fuck me is kinda a turn on
What we found works is to vet them online via chat and then phone call before meeting. Exchange pics and ensure that everybody knows what they are getting. Also hubby is very good, and yours probably would be too in vetting them and weeding out the players, liars, and bad ones as he knows what you like. After he determines who is possible match he presents and I see if he was right and if so setup a meeting with no guarantee of sex, but possibility if things go well.

We found strip bars to be a good place to meet up as all kinds in there and people not really paying attention to you plus neutral place. Other places like restaurants, etc. tend to be nerve wracking with other people potentially hearing.

I also find having him find the guys a turn-on after letting him know more of what I want. Also hubbies are really good for pics of you and what looks good. Just some simple advice.


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The best and safest way to meet someone is in a swingers club. The membership is generally pretty well checked but make sure you ask. Some clubs are more stringent than others. Clubs usually hold mixers a few times a year. If you are a rookie there is generally someone who can help you connect with the right person to expand your horizons. An "on premise" club where you can meet and fuck are best and safest.

If you want to go out on your own starting a conversation with a black man is no different than with anyone else. Do and say the same things you would with any other man. You also need to remember not every black male is NOT hung like a horse.
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