Meet my Little Friend


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My husband surprised me a few weeks ago with an overnight stay at a nearby inn famous for its five-star restaurant and spa. As I jumped out of the shower to get ready to go, I found my husband leaning against the vanity, holding a gift bag. I knew from the wolfish smile on his face that whatever was inside was going to be as much for his pleasure as mine. I was right! I opened the bag to find a very large, life-like black cock .

My husband removed it from the packaging and asked me to bend over, spread my legs and rest my hands on the edge of the bathtub while he lubricated the toy with the accompanying lube that he also bought. He then slowly inserted the head of the cock inside me. As soon as I was able to take the first few inches I could feel my pussy stretch, which caused my warm, wet haven to begin throbbing immediately. It was strange and not at all unpleasant. He said it was just a teaser and that there would be more later. With that he slowly withdrew my new fantasy lover. Before leaving me to finish getting ready, he asked that I forego wearing any panties for the duration of our evening. With a smile, I agreed.

As we headed out 45 minutes later, the stretching I had received was causing a dull, erotic throb inside me that I wasn’t sure I was going to endure for very long so I was glad that our destination was only about 30 minutes away. It seemed, however, that my husband had other plans.

He knew the effect the big dick had on me yet he was determined to prolong my sexual pleasure and frustration (the wicked, wicked man) by making two additional stops and coercing me into joining him in his “shopping venture” before heading to our romantic destination. When we finally resumed the drive to the inn, my husband continued to tease me by caressing my inner thigh; always stopping just short of my fiery furnace.

By the time we got to the inn, I was completely flushed and could barely concentrate on anything but the though that damn cock moving inside me. My husband knew what was happening and just chuckled at me as he signed us in. We headed into the elevator and once the doors closed, my husband pushed me up against the glass wall and proceeded to ravish my mouth. When the doors opened to our floor, I was wet and panting.

The moment we entered our suite and closed the door, my husband dropped our bags and pushed me up against the wall and began kissing me again. He kissed and nipped my lips and neck while slowly lifting the hem of my dress. He knew I needed sexual release so he caressed my throbbing love bud before reaching down and caressing my throbbing clit. He lifted my thigh to his hip while I grabbed for the front of his pants; quickly undoing his button and zipper. I shoved down his pants and boxers only low enough to release his rigid shaft. I teased the head of his manhood as he pulled the black shaft out of his overnight bag. He rubbed it over my swollen vulva before guiding it inside. He slid it into me all the way; over-filling the void. I jerked his rock-hard cock as he fucked me with the huge black cock. Our joining was hard and fast and it didn’t take long for either of us to climax. I had never been filled so completely. When we caught our breath, my husband helped me out of my dress and led me to the beautiful king-size bed for round two.

When he had fucked me completely with our new toy for the second time and we were laying in bed recovering, he asked me how I liked it. I told him it was incredible. Then he asked how I would like to try the real thing. I smiled and said "maybe".

Who knows?