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The whole Cuckhold thing is somewhat odd to me but I can see the attraction these men have to seeing their white or other wives attracted to and done in by bbc. Same attraction I have when I seduce a white woman, especially the first time she's with a black man and sees how hot it is the contrast between black and white. Interracial sex is hot, face it, why so many people fight against it because its addicting and they lose their minds in it. Same for Asians, Hispanics, Arabs, mixing skin together is sexy like it or not. All the mingling maybe one day there will be only one race lol. For now, would love to chat with interested white, Asians, Hispanics etc. ladies, get to know each other and maybe fulfill each other fantasies if the vibe is right. Love to chat seduction style, talk dirty, see where it leads and maybe eventually hook up. Wives welcome to chat and see what goes down. Now for the husbands bringing drinks and all that... hmmmm have to think bout that lol.