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Has your wife ever said she might be willing to fuck a black man?

  1. Yes

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  2. No

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  1. CuckoldCouple

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    "Oh my God! Give it to me, hard!" Amy pushed her buttocks back into my thrusting
    penis. She loved it doggy style. I pumped into her as hard as I could. I felt
    her shaking as she climaxed.

    "Ohhhhhh! Oh, Mark, I loooove it just like that!" It had been a big orgasm.
    Something must have really set her off. My wife cums easily, but this had been a

    I withdrew and turned Amy on her side. She was still breathing hard. I got
    between her legs and slid my penis back into her juicy cunt.

    "Honey, that was lovely! How do you want to cum?" she asked.

    "Just like this, I think. Sweetie, what turned you on so much? One of your

    "Yes." She blushed.

    "Which one?"

    "It was the one about you watching me with a big black man. I told you about it

    "I remember. I liked it a lot. Tell me again all about it." I slowly pushed my
    cock in and out.

    "You know. A black man with a big cock takes me from behind with you watching
    him do it."

    "Tell me more, honey, and make me cum."

    "Well, he's very tall and has a huge cock, all thick and long and he makes me
    kneel in front of him and pushes my legs apart. Then he slides his cock into me
    and fucks me hard."

    "Is that all?" I felt myself about to lose control.

    "He fucks me until I cum and cum and calls me his little white slut." She

    "Oh baby, I'd love to watch that!" I grunted as I spurted into her love nest.
    She smiled as she felt the warm semen flood inside her. We kissed.

    "It's only a fantasy, Mark. You know that."

    "Yeah, I know, but wouldn't it be fun to do it for real?" I ask

    "Just say the word," she smiled.

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  2. CuckoldCouple

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    It's a great second choice if you don't do it for real!
  3. Briggite

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    That was really hot!