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Massage Au Trois


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It was half way through their Caribbean vacation and a beautiful sunny morning and Don couldn't wait to get out to the golf course. He had awoken to find Marie's hand on his cock, so he reached over and touched her slightly moist pussy. She stirred and said something about a sexy dream she had had the night before. He wanted so to stay in bed and fill her warm, moist pussy but he was already late and he figured he could make up for it that night. As Don was driving away, something was nagging at the back of his brain but he couldn't remember what it was.

By the time he was teeing off on the first hole, Marie had just gotten out of bed, put on her robe, and was out on the deck with a coffee . She was looking forward to a nice quiet Saturday by herself. After reading the paper and settling down on the sofa to read a book, she was slightly startled to hear the doorbell ring. She put down her book and went to answer it. She opened the door to two well-built black men. They were carrying some sort of folded leather case.

"Mrs. Beck?" they asked.

"Yes," she replied.

"We are here for the massages for you and Mr. Beck," they stated.

Marie then remembered that Don and she had won massages for two and this was the day. She realized that they had both forgotten all about it. Marie said, "Don has gone golfing and won't be back for some time. Could we schedule this for another day?"

" No, we're sorry, but we are so busy it has to be today or not at all."

Marie then said, "Well, I guess I could have my massage, but I'm sorry to have to inconvenience one of you."

The masseuses smiled at each other and said, "I guess Don will just miss out, but we can massage you together if you don't mind. It is quite an experience that way."

Marie wasn't sure at first but she realized she was in the mood for a nice relaxing massage and Don would insist that she go ahead anyway. She then said, "Okay, come on in. I"ve been looking forward to this for some time." They came in, and proceeded to introduce themselves. The taller of the two was named Bob and the shorter one was Tom. Marie said, "Please don't call me Mrs. Beck. Just call me Marie."

Bob and Tom began to unfold their table in the middle of the living room. As they were doing this, Marie looked them over. They appeared to be in their late 20's or early 30's. They were both in great shape. Bob was about six feet tall, slender but with some muscle, jet black hair, deep brown eyes, and a very nice smile. Tom was shorter, about five feet nine inches tall, with very broad shoulders, thick muscles, dark brown eyes, and short curly hair. As Bob bent over to unfold the table Marie couldn't help but notice his small firm ass. She felt both men were attractive in their own way and she was looking forward to the two of them massaging her simultaneously. She had had massages before and couldn't wait to feel the deep relaxation that came with muscles being rubbed and prodded.

The table was ready and covered with towels. Bob told Marie to pull her arms out of the sleeves of her robe, loosen the tie, and lay down on her stomach. The table was a little high, so as Marie lifted her leg up onto the table, her robe slipped up slightly from behind, just enough so that he caught a glimpse of the top of her thighs and the firm curve of the bottom of her ass. He knew Marie couldn't see him so he just enjoyed the view. She pulled her other leg up and lay comfortably on her stomach. They provided a small pillow for her head. Then they swiftly pulled her robe off, but at the same time covered her bottom with a warm towel. She was a little surprised by this movement but realized it was just part of the massage process. Tom then poured a small amount of warm oil on the middle of her back. This sent a tingle from her neck down to the bottom of her spine.

Marie said, "That oil really feels good. It's so warm."

Tom then explained, "We buy this special. The heat of the body is what actually makes the oil warm. So the warmer the part of the body is, the warmer the oil feels." He then began to spread the oil all over her back. Within moments she could feel the muscles in her back begin to relax.

About the same time she felt Bob's hands on her feet. Usually her feet were ticklish, but he seemed to know how to massage her feet in a way that did not bother her. Somehow, it was even sensual. He didn't so much rub as press on certain points. At one point he pressed deeply on a spot near her heel and Marie felt a twinge run straight up her legs to her pussy. She actually jumped a little at this sudden feeling of pleasure and was a little surprised to feel the heat between her legs. Next he poured warm lotion on her calf on her left leg, pouring all the way up to the back of her thigh, then pouring oil on the back of her right thigh and down to her right calf. He began to work the oil into her leg muscles.

While Bob had been rubbing her feet, Tom had massaged her shoulders, working down one arm to her hand, where he actually massaged each finger separately. He then started on the other hand and rubbed back up that arm. Even though she had only had her feet and arms massaged at this point, she was becoming so relaxed that she felt she could probably fall asleep if she allowed herself to. But she wanted to stay awake for the whole experience. Tom then moved on to her neck. She had always loved to have her neck rubbed, but the way he did it was totally new. He too seemed to know special pressure points and at one point she could feel her whole back and even her ass begin to relax as he deeply massaged her neck.

Marie was lying with her hands under her head now, with her elbows sticking out to the side. Tom moved around the side of the table so as to work on her back easier. As he moved, he brushed up against her elbow. Marie didn't think much of it at first but then began to wonder if that was his dick that had brushed against her. She imagined that it was. After all, as long as she was getting this special treatment from two attractive men, why not fantasize a little. He then began to massage her back, starting at the top and slowly moving downward.

By now Bob had finished with her calves and was working on the backs of her thighs. She was amazed at how he was able to press so firmly and yet not hurt her at all. As he was rubbing her legs and Tom was working on her lower back, she couldn't keep her eyes open any longer. It was all just so relaxing. In the beginning she had been a little wary about two strange men massaging her at the same time, especially being home alone, but by now she realized she had been foolish. If these men had meant any harm they certainly wouldn't be taking all this time to make her feel so good.

The two men noticed Marie's quiet, soft breathing and realized she was dozing. They smiled at each other and went on with their work. As they rubbed and prodded, they admired her body. While Marie may not have been as firm as she had been when she was eighteen, she had certainly kept her body in very good shape and it showed. The two men were aware of this, and were obviously appreciative. This went on for a couple of minutes, and both men could feel the stirrings in their groins. Suddenly Marie began to arouse.

As Marie came fully awake she felt deeply relaxed throughout her whole body. She thought to herself, "These guys are really good!" She was then instructed to turn over. She rolled slowly to her back, as the two masseuses carefully kept her towel in place, adding another to cover her breasts. Then the whole procedure started over on her front side. Bob began to work the front of her lower legs as Tom lightly massaged her face. He worked his way down the side of her face to her ears. He then rubbed a little behind her ears and pressed on a spot there. Suddenly her nipples become erect and she felt a twinge in her clit. And of course, as soon as her clit began to tingle her labia began to swell and she felt as if her pussy was instantly drenched. At first she was a little embarassed, but realized they couldn't know what she was feeling. She thought they could probably see her nipples sticking up, but the thought of them looking at them actually turned her on a little. Besides, they had already given her so much pleasure, it was only fair if she could return the favor, small though it may be.

Tom then worked the front of her shoulders and the top of her chest. He rubbed right down to the tops of her breasts and she was beginning to wonder where he would stop. As he finally pulled his hands away she was relieved but also a little disappointed. He then moved down to her tummy.

Bob had moved up to Marie's knees, but here she was very ticklish. When he touched her there she suddenly jerked her leg up slightly and laughed. He too laughed and said, "I guess I'll skip over that part."

Marie realized that her sudden leg movement had moved the towel slightly upward but since he made no effort to pull it back down it must still be covering her. But, in fact, he got quite an eye full. For he could see her pussy peeking out from under the towel. He never skipped a beat as he moved on up to massage her thighs. All the while he was gazing at her pussy. By now it was obviously wet, with her pussy lips being so swollen that the inner lips were actually poking out from in between the outer lips. Bob could see why the female sex was sometimes referred to as a flower. It was a lovely shade of pink. The lips resembled the petals of a flower, just beginning to bloom. And the glistening wetness could easily be compared to morning dew. And the fact that her pussy lips were shaved clean, well that pretty much put him over the edge. This was by far the most gorgeous pussy he had ever seen. While many women took care of their bodies, it bothered him that they tended to ignore that special area. Here was a woman who was obviously proud of her pussy and chose to display it as such, although it was probably only meant for her husband to see. "Oh well", he thought, "what she doesn't know won't hurt her." But it was certainly hurting him, for his cock was rock hard and straining to get out of his pants. Bob continued to rub her thighs, ever so slowly, because he didn't want to take his eyes off of that beautiful sight. However, he had to work his way farther up her legs, and that thought made him both nervous and excited. After working the tops of her legs, he decided to work a little bit of the inner thigh. Not too close to her pussy, but just enough so that he could continue to gaze at it.

Marie felt his strong fingers begin to work their way between her thighs, but really thought nothing of it. She was now so relaxed, and these four hands felt so good, that she was starting to anticipate their movements. So as Bob's fingers moved down between her legs, she simply parted her legs a couple of inches so as to make it easier for him. She then realized what a sensual feeling it was to separate one's legs, as this was almost always a precursor to sex.

Don always got extremely turned on when she exposed herself to him, especially in a short dress out in public. And he got very turned on when she exposed herself to other men. For some reason, the thought of someone looking at her pussy made her wetter than almost anything else. She began to fantasize that she was exposing her pussy to Bob. The thought of this made her even wetter. She was beginning to hope that this massage was nearing an end because by now she was so horny she was sure she would have to rub her wet swollen clit as soon as they left. But she could wait a little longer. She wasn't quite ready for it to end.

Tom had continued to rub her tummy. He wasn't sure, but he thought Bob was staring at her crotch. He noticed how red in the face he was, and he also noticed that the towel was pulled up a little higher than it should have been. Well, it had certainly been an honest mistake, and he had to admit that if he were in that position he probably would have done the same thing. He began rubbing down the sides of her thighs. Though this area was under the towel, most women didn't mind unless he veered of course. He massaged what was actually the sides of her butt, then worked up to the area around her hip bones.

At this point, Marie could feel two hands gently rubbing her inner thighs and two more rubbing along the crease between her hips and her pubis. There were now four hands within inches of her sopping wet pleasure box. Here were two complete strangers surrounding her sex, and yet she felt very relaxed. Well, not completely. She was surprised how sexually hot and yet how deeply relaxed she could feel at the same time. Somehow her whole body was on fire and yet it didn't want to move.

Tom then moved his hands away from the tops of her thighs, slowly bringing them upward. They brushed lightly over the top of her pubic hair, but Marie didn't seem to care. As he pulled his hands out from under the towel, he accidentally pulled the towel upward a little more. By now Marie's whole pussy was exposed. But she was so hot that either she didn't realize it or she just didn't care. Marie did in fact realize that she was slightly exposed, but she didn't realize how much. Since no one had attempted to readjust her towel, she didn't want to bring their attention to it. After all, she was sure that the most Bob could see was the crack of her ass.

For the first time since she had turned onto her back, Marie opened her eyes. Tom was standing next to the table, with his hands on her tummy, working back up towards her chest. She was a little surprised to see that he was wearing a sleeveless shirt and biking shorts. When they had first come in, they had both been wearing jeans and polo shirts. When had they stripped down? Had they told her they were going to do this? She couldn't remember, and she had dozed off for a brief time. Anyway, it was no big deal. Besides, they were professionals and if they were comfortable they would do a better job.

As Tom moved up a little closer, she couldn't help but notice the outline in his shorts. It was obviously his dick. She enjoyed looking at men's pants and seeing if she could make out enough to imagine what their dicks really looked like. With Tom it was becoming more and more obvious, for as he was rubbing her tummy, and now just below her breasts, his cock was obviously growing. That was the nice thing about bike shorts, you could pretty much make out everything. His dick was huge, probably about nine inches long and thick, just the way she preferred them. The surprising thing was, and of this she wasn't quite sure, but it looked like the the head of his dick was much bigger around than his shaft. She had never seen one like that, not even in the movies that she and Don liked to watch. She was very curious now and his cock was only inches from her face. She didn't want to be caught staring, so she once again closed her eyes. Little did she know, but she had indeed been caught staring, and that was what had caused his bulge to grow. She should have realized that men love to have their cocks stared at and that was what had caused his erection.

By now Tom and Bob were both straining at their shorts. They looked at each other and smiled briefly, but they were unsure of what to do next, if anything. So they both went on doing what they did best. Massaging. Tom again was working Marie's upper chest muscles. His hands were getting dry so he poured a little more oil on her chest, but this time much closer to her tits. As he hoped, it ran between and down over the tops of her breasts. He thought he heard Marie let out a little moan but he wasn't sure.

Bob noticed what Tom had done so he poured a little of the oil on Marie's thighs and watched intently as it rolled down between her legs and soaked all the way up to where her legs met her torso. He couldn't help but notice as a few drops came to rest on her pussy lips. Suddenly Marie did moan ever so quietly, and this time they both heard it. It even surprised Marie when she moaned, but it was totally involuntary.

Tom began rubbing in between Marie's breasts with one hand as the other hand softly stroked her ribs on the side of her chest. She could feel the hand on her ribs moving closer to her tit, but then it stopped. But not completely. His thumb continued upward until it was just barely touching her breast. Then his thumb briefly, but obviously, stroked the side of her nipple. When she didn't react, he became bolder and began to rub more and more of her tit.

At the same time Bob had again started rubbing between her legs. But this time he was rubbing that little area right where the legs meet the body. He was pressing deeply but not moving away from there.

Everyone can say no up to a point. However, at some point, your body takes over all control from your mind and you can no longer resist temptation. Marie knew this point had been coming for a few minutes but she just kept denying it. She could deny it no longer. Marie passed that point for good when the oil hit her lips. Her pussy and her love juices were by now so hot that when the oil hit, a warmth spread up her lips and deep into her pussy. It was the most sensual feeling, and at the same time it brought on a feeling of intense sexual need. She had to do something or else she would explode. As she was trying to decide exactly what to do, these two handsome, sexy men took over and she didn't have to do anything but enjoy it.

She felt both of Tom's thumbs begin to rub her nipples, and then his hands moved onto her breasts and began caressing and sliding all over in that nice warm oil. Once he was sure there was no resistance, and there certainly wasn't, he slid the towel off of her breasts. Bob, upon seeing her naked tits and her jutting nipples, slowly did the same and dropped the other towel to the floor.

At first, realizing she was totally naked in front of two men, Marie had a brief tinge of embarrassment and guilt. But it was extremely brief. For by now her body was alive and screaming for more.

Bob began to lightly run his finger up Marie's lips, all the way up to her now hard clit, and then back down again. He couldn't get over how good her slippery, shaven lips felt. He also couldn't believe how incredibly wet she was. This alone was a major turn on, and if his dick could have gotten any harder it would have. He continued to stroke her lips and savor her slickness. But Bob wasn't satisfied with touch alone. He wanted to taste this beautiful flower. He pulled away momentarily, and Marie felt the lower part of the table move downward. Bob was now able to move between her legs with his body. He slowly moved his face down to her pussy. He simply paused for a moment to take in her sweet sexy aroma. He never realized until now how good a pussy could smell. It was indeed like a flower in that it opened up new senses in his brain. As much as he wanted to hurry, even at this point he realized that this would be a once in a lifetime experience, and that this was a woman who deserved the best he could give. He started by simply rubbing his lips against hers, keeping his mouth closed. He moved this way all over her lips, clit, and slightly open vagina. He could feel her juice running down his chin, and yet there seemed to be an unending supply of this wonderful nectar. He then parted his lips, and released his tongue. He would have spread her lips with it but they had already spread themselves, as if they had been welcoming him all along. He lightly licked her left lip and then moved over to the right one for more of the same. He opened his mouth wide and took both of her lips into his mouth. As wide as they had been spread, they now came close together as he sucked on them, lightly at first, then sucking harder. As he sucked on Marie's lips, he stroked his tongue back and forth over them. Marie pushed slightly up against him and he knew she was enjoying this as much as he was. He then pulled his mouth slowly away and watched as this beautiful flower once again unfolded before him. He moved her legs a little farther apart and positioned his face directly before her vagina. He simply stared at and admired this beautiful creation. He then closed his eyes, moved in a little closer, and touched the tip of his tongue against her hole. He could actually feel her pussy quiver as he began to slowly slide his tongue farther and farther into her hot juicy love canal. When he got his tongue in as far as he could, he began to stroke it slowly in and out. He was in heaven. He opened his eyes and looked up to see Tom caressing her tits. He was so into what he was doing that he had almost forgotten that Tom was even there. He noticed that Marie had lifted her head ever so slightly and was looking down at him. He had never seen a face so attractive, as she smiled at him and then relaxed her head back down on the pillow. Bob pulled his tongue all the way out and continued to suck and lick Marie's swollen lips as he watched what Tom was doing. Suddenly Marie began to moan softly and press her pussy against Bob's face as she exploded in orgasm. When she recovered she slipped off the massage table and walked to the bedroom door. She turned and smiled at the two black studs who were now bulging with anticipation. "Let's fuck," Marie said and they were quick to follow her to the bed.

The hotel door opened with a click. Don had remembered about the massage they had won and didn't want to miss out. As he entered the room he could hear his wife's giggles and moans coming from the bed room. He walked to the door and looked in. There on the bed was Marie and the two black studs. They certainly had started without him.




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You snooze, you lose. Bad luck Don!! Go get her boys! Awesome story, hope my wife will be p for this when we are in New York later this year.