Married women describe the feeling you had the first time your hubby watched you take bbc

the first time was many years ago and we did not know any of this cuck/hotwife world. we were simply swingers, but she did not want my hubby but only me. instead of going away hubby told me to stay and have fun he would have only just looked.I thought that he was very generous and good to let me have sex while he watched. I thought it but after a while i sincerely enjoyed the situation

Playtime Patty

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Monday 5/25/15 was my 56 birthday and as a surprise my hubby took me to Dallas, TX the Friday before and low and behold; he surprised me and gave me to a Black Man for the first time. I just spent the THREE days getting fucked like I have never been fucked before and loving every minute of it. Hubby took me to dinner and this gorgeous Black Stud walks up and introduces himself. I looked at Hubby and he is just grinning. Well Hubby set it all up. After a couple of drinks and chatting, we went to our room!!!! It was just like I had dreamed and talked to hubby about; Hubby stood me before this stranger and undressed me. He then handed me to our playmate and WOW!!!! Yes after one weekend this older lady is HOOKED ON BBC!!!!!!! LET THE GAMES BEGIN!!!!!


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It was our second date. He knew I was a stripper and often had sex with men if I liked them. That really turned him on a lot. So I asked if he would like to see what I do. He said yes and the next weekend (our second date) I told him to meet me at a hotel room at 6:00 pm. When he walked in I was riding a bbc and giving a bj to a white friend of mine. He looked a little shocked at first, but soon joined in the fun. We have been together ever since. It was pretty exciting for me but at the time I did not know he would end up being my husband