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married wifes sneaking with bbc


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cartoon_ObserverMagnefyingGlass.jpg A couple observations here. #1 ... if you guys, who love eating pussy, think you haven't eaten another man's porridge at some point in your life, then you're either very naïve, or very dumb. You might wish to look up the word "proxy". And if you say "I don't eat pussy", then its doubtful you're going to keep a woman very long, I don't care how long your dick is.
And #2 ... for you ladies sneaking around on your hubbies, cheating, surely you know eventually you're going to get caught. Maybe you won't care if you are caught, but you'll get caught, and when you do the usual outcome isn't good. So, before you get caught, you might wish to have a "contingency plan" that doesn't include the guy you're cheating with, particularly if you have kids in the house, 'cause all you are to him is a white piece of ass. It's sad to think a person would be in a marriage where they have to cheat.
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