Married to my cuckolding mistress. My new bbc cuck trainer video.


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why bother she is a dom and you accepted her as one. Do what she wants and suck it up and be thankful a woman will take the time to dominate and own you
Hello everybody,

I have just uploaded my first bbc cuckold trainer to xvideos: .

Here is my problem. I was very interested in the cuckold lifestyle. I find the superiority of the bbc undeniable, and I wish to be dominated and humiliated in the presence of black men. I contacted a professional dominatrix and cuckolding mistress. Instead of cuckolding me, she decided to enter into a relationship with me - she is very dominant. She still does occasional cuckolding sessions with clients and her stable of black studs. However, she prefers our relationship to be "normal". How can I encourage her to accept that this is what I am, and to jointly fulfill our needs in the bedroom with the bbc?


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