Married or Single Men?

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    Someone asked me if I only have sex with single or if I also had sex with married men. The answer is . . . I have sex with any man who wants to have sex with me, no matter their skin color.

    I have found that, more often than not, single men are often better in bed, but I also feel that married men are the ones who get sex the least. So, I like both.

    The way I see it is if you have a cock, then I want it. It's stupid for a woman to turn down a man if he wants to have sex with her. Isn't life supposed to be lived? Yes it is. So, when you have the opportunity to have sex, you do it.

    It shouldn't mater if a man is black or white or mexican or arab, etc. What matters is that the men have cocks and I have a body for use and pleasure.

    We go to the adult theater a lot. That way many men get to have me. I wear a blindfold so that I do not see the men and cant judge who has me. I undress and spread my legs and get men in my pussy and my mouth and I love it all.

    What I love most about the theater is that none of the men ever use condoms. I like that they know they can cum in my pussy or my mouth and it is okay.

    I have had as many as 30 men at the theater in a night. I feel so good afterward because I know that there are several men who go home and didn't have to go without.

    I may never see or talk to or get to know the men I have at the theater, but I know that the men, whether they were single or married, got to get off in me, and I loved it.

    Sex gives quality to life whether you are giving or receiving. And if more women knew the pleasures of such activities, I believe that more men would be happier as well.

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    Its always easy to tell when the kids are out on summer breaks ...
    I'm sorry, but no woman in her right mind would either talk or act in this fashion. Glad your school is closed for summer vacation; possibly you made it through middleschool. Be sure to take the sex education classes when they come up ... think they're going to be very important and beneficial for you.

    But, just supposing there is a grain of "fact" in your post, sexual responsibility goes way beyond just the coitus part of the act, itself. Having unprotected sex with multiple partners (that you don't even know) is beyond ridiculously unsafe, its irresponsible as well, as these men could infect other partners (particularly their wives) with STDs. You can say you're getting checked often, but if you're not getting checked after EACH sexual partner, you're not being checked enough.

    Although most std's are correctible, there are a host of them that are not ... particularly herpes. Herpes is the most painful of all the stds for females ... I mean extremely painful, as it consist of blisters inside and at the entrance to the vagina. It's not curable, and even with the medications available that arrest the visual signs of the disease, herpes is still transferrable to others, particularly during the scaling phase of the disease. When your immune system is low, it'll often pop right up.

    So, if you are serious with your post, you'll consider safe sex, because once you, yourself, contact a disease like herpes, no educated man knowledgeable of your disease, would ever want sex with you again. Please check it out. Mac ;)

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    I appreciate your candor, but having grown up a pastor's daughter and having been shoved down by siblings most of my life, I like and enjoy sex, often. I do not have "un-protected sex" just because. I do so because condoms make me raw. When I have had sex with men who wore them, I was sore for days afterward.The sex itself wasn't good either.

    I will admit that I have been fortunate. I also know that most men prefer skin to skin. I know I do as well.
    My husband can't even stay hard if he wears a condom because his ex wife always made him wear one and she had 3 children from other men.

    You can see me as "beyond ridiculously unsafe and irresponsible," but I have two children of my own and I have been a mom for 19 years so far. And I believe it is time for me to have me time. And I love how much it excites my hubby when I do have sex with other men, especially when they cum in me.

    You may see me as unsafe, irresponsible, stupid or what have you. I am okay with that. And, as far as he men who do have sex with me, many are repeats. We also have several men who come to the house pretty often. They know I play with a lot of men, and none of them want to use a condom.

    I think that it is all a matter of personal choice. I also believe that when we have gone to swing clubs that many of the couples, as well as "single" women are not swingers at all. What has to be remembered is that swingers want to be able to continue to play and will be careful of whom they have sex with.

    Too often, at least I and my husband have found, is the fact that those without experience are usually the most judgmental.

    Many people fantasize about living the lifestyle that me and hubby lead, but few actually live it. And every man we have had to the house, or even befriended because of the sex we had, has admitted that they have met few if any others like us, and that makes our lifestyle unbelievable to most. We understand that. But it doesn't mean that we are going to stop living the way we do.

    In a world where being gay is acceptable to most, but "would never do that," many people do. It took a long time for people to accept homosexuality. I believe it will take even longer for people to believe that people actually live the lives they fantasize about.