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Married or Single Men?

Someone asked me if I only have sex with single or if I also had sex with married men. The answer is . . . I have sex with any man who wants to have sex with me, no matter their skin color.

I have found that, more often than not, single men are often better in bed, but I also feel that married men are the ones who get sex the least. So, I like both.

The way I see it is if you have a cock, then I want it. It's stupid for a woman to turn down a man if he wants to have sex with her. Isn't life supposed to be lived? Yes it is. So, when you have the opportunity to have sex, you do it.

It shouldn't mater if a man is black or white or mexican or arab, etc. What matters is that the men have cocks and I have a body for use and pleasure.

We go to the adult theater a lot. That way many men get to have me. I wear a blindfold so that I do not see the men and cant judge who has me. I undress and spread my legs and get men in my pussy and my mouth and I love it all.

What I love most about the theater is that none of the men ever use condoms. I like that they know they can cum in my pussy or my mouth and it is okay.

I have had as many as 30 men at the theater in a night. I feel so good afterward because I know that there are several men who go home and didn't have to go without.

I may never see or talk to or get to know the men I have at the theater, but I know that the men, whether they were single or married, got to get off in me, and I loved it.

Sex gives quality to life whether you are giving or receiving. And if more women knew the pleasures of such activities, I believe that more men would be happier as well.

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I have been with countless men and I am tested often. To me it is a trust issue both ways. And Condoms make me raw. So, I will not let men use them. Since I love sex, I trust the men who have sex with me and enjoy it more.


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Back in my younger days before I settled into the group I found that the best pickup line was "I am only going to be in town for a couple of days". Women especially married women seemed a lot more interested in a transient relationship with no strings. Now since I have been in the group most relationships are LTR