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Marriage bed

After a long time of having a boundary that we only met Bulls in hotel rooms - well, OK, I broke it once with an out of town guy as a sort of special show/treat for my GF - she has recently started having dates with the Bull that she has become kind of intimate with - which I am just a bit jealous of - at our apartment. It is indeed both strange, and exciting - I always get kind of sloppy seconds, usually anal, which I am fine with - but I think also a sign that our relationship isn't going to last much longer (not saying that it might not work for some people, it's just part of that trajectory we seem to be on). It is both exciting to watch my GF being fucked, and then to get fucked, on some familiar venue like our living room couch - and then weird, later or another day, to sit there, and remember and realize what actually went on there, if not to find some odd remnant of it....



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Last night my lover spent the night and for some reason have sex in our marriage bed is so damn erotic to me it drives me crazy and the sex is amazing. Do any of you other married women feel this way love to hear your thoughts? Tracey
It turns me so fucking more horny when i am fucking my slut married women in their marriage bed on the side of their hubby and leave him my smell and cum there ... ITS A REAL TURN ON FOR ME too ;))