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Real Person
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Reading another thread it was mentioned that many ladies liked being spanked. Some said as long as it did not leave marks.

We would like to know how everyone really feels about being marked. Marks can be from a spanking, can be from suckling hard (hickey), maybe being written on with permanent marker. We get that the marks or marking should be in a private area of the body. Only visible to those she wishes too see

We enjoy her being marked. She does not want hickeys on her neck for work reasons. Yet she will wear something that may show the marks on her back or breasts. She does this proudly. Often when she gets home she will show me her marks and be as gittey as a school girl. We also consider a BULLS seed as a marking.

To us, if she had a BULL, she would want him to mark her to show ownership. what does everyone else think?


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The first time I watched my wife with a black man, or should I say black men as there were 4, she had several hickeys on her tits and neck as well as a few small bite marks. Both her and I didn't even remember who did them or when they did them.