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    My wife Marie is a bit of an exhibitionist. She likes to tease me by
    flirting with other men and giving them flashes of her underwear or body.
    Her latest escapade was when she went down the gym. Marie was wearing a
    long baggy t-shirt which came down to just below her ass cheeks. What I
    didn¹t realize until we had both been there about fifteen minutes was that
    she was only wearing a pair of white pants under the shirt. What made me
    notice was the attention she was getting from two of the gym attendants.
    Marie was lying on her back on a bench press doing some gentle lifts with
    the dumbbells. The two attendants "advising" her were obviously trying to
    get Marie to do lifts that made her stretch upwards and thus lift her
    t-shirt up her body.

    I could see from where I was working out that her shirt had raised and she
    was showing off her panties to the two guys and anyone else who walked
    past. One of the guys started to get her to lift the weights above her
    head and then backwards. With this movement her shirt lifted above her
    pants and, even from where I was standing, the dark shape of her pubes
    could be made out through the thin material.

    She did a few more of these lifts with one attendant placing his hand on
    her now exposed stomach just above her pants. I moved closer so I could
    get a better view of these two guys having fun with my wife. The one with
    his hand on her stomach was pretending to tell her how the exercise would
    affect the muscles as he moved his hand around on her body. A few more
    minutes of this and they got Marie to turn over on the bench. She smiled
    at me as she saw me watching her.

    When she was face down they began to talk to her again about the muscle
    groups used by this exercise. To demonstrate, her shirt was lifted again
    and raised above her waist and now both guys had their hands on her. She
    looked really sexy lying there, her thin white panties in full view of
    everyone, with these two gym attendants running their hands over her back,
    legs and, occasionally, her buttocks.

    I couldn¹t wait to fuck her when we got home. With all the excitement I
    could only manage a few thrusts up her wet pussy before I shot my load.
    Marie still needed to cum and gently guided my head down till I was level
    with her pussy. I knew she wanted me to lick her but I had never done it
    to her after I¹d cum in her. I began by gently licking her outer lips
    then, as I got more adventurous, I was pulling her lips apart and getting
    my tongue right up her. Marie was thrusting her pussy into my face as I
    lapped at her, swallowing down the sperm that I had deposited only minutes

    When we¹d finished Marie told me that it really turned her on to have me
    lick her out after I¹d cum in her.

    I admitted that the taste wasn¹t as bad as I thought it would be.

    Marie said good because she¹d get me to do it each time I came too quickly
    in her!

    It became a bit of a ritual with us after that. I swear that Marie made me
    cum quickly just so that I¹d have to go down on her afterwards.
    Two weeks later Marie told me that she¹d signed up for a one to one
    training session at the gym. This is where you get the personal attention
    of a trainer for an hour in a private room using weights and some
    aerobics. I went along with her to use the ordinary gym while she was on
    her one to one. Marie wore just her baggy t-shirt and pants again.

    Seeing her being led off by Mark, her trainer, got me terribly excited as I knew
    that she would be showing off a lot of her body as he got her to work out.
    I couldn¹t concentrate on what I was doing with visions of Marie and Mark
    together along the corridor in my mind so I sat in the bar to wait for

    When she eventually returned her face was flushed, whether from the
    exertions or from excitement I couldn¹t tell. I asked her how it went but
    all she would tell me was that she¹d had a good work out. All the way home
    in the car she played with my cock and as we pulled into our drive she
    went down on me. I couldn¹t last out any longer and just the feel of her
    mouth around my cock brought me off.

    I think Marie was upset that I¹d cum so quickly because as soon as we were
    inside the house she pulled me over to the sofa and lay back, lifting her
    t-shirt up as she did so. She told me to lick her and I dropped to my
    knees in front of her.

    Her pussy was clearly soaking wet as it had made the crotch of her pants
    almost transparent. I slipped the gusset to one side and she was indeed almost
    dripping. I¹d never seen my wife this wet before.

    Using a finger on her first I ran it through her pubic hair and even this
    was damp. I ran the finger down between her pussy lips and it slipped
    straight into her. I was able to put three fingers up her with ease which
    surprised me as she is normally very tight.

    Marie took hold of my head and pulled me closer to her. I kissed her
    around her mound first then dipped my face into the wetness of her cunt.
    There was moisture running from her and her pussy had an exotic taste to
    it which I hadn¹t noticed before. If her workouts got her this excited and
    made her taste this good, then she could go every day!

    I lapped away at her pussy until she had several orgasms and the flow from
    her sex hole began to dry up. Eventually she pushed me away saying that
    she needed a shower.

    Marie continued her private sessions at the gym on a weekly basis after
    that. She was always hot for sex afterwards, never full sex but always
    wanting me to perform oral sex on her. I willingly obliged as she was at a
    sexual peak after returning from the gym, her pussy was often running with
    juices. Often she would get me to lie on the floor as soon as she came
    home and she would squat over me after removing her panties. She loved to
    rub her wet pussy all over my face and great globs of juices would run
    from her gaping pussy into my waiting mouth.

    Every few weeks Marie would have a session where two or even three
    instructors were present. Sometimes these sessions would last an hour and
    a half or more and I would sit patiently either in the bar or the
    reception area until she had finished. Marie would find it difficult to
    walk after a particularly strenuous session and I would need to help her
    to the car. Even when she came home exhausted she wanted me to use my
    mouth on her. Indeed it would be after a session with three of the
    instructors that she was at her most sexual. By the time I got her home
    the excitement had obviously got to her and the juices would be literally
    running down her thighs.

    Marie¹s constant teasing of the men was having a dramatic effect on her.
    She would be wetter than I¹d ever known her before (I could never get her
    that wet when we were on our own) and her pussy hole was getting
    remarkably loose, the inner lips now hung down and often looked red and
    raw, especially after a hard work out.

    I can always tell when my wife has been flirting with someone because as
    soon as she gets home she¹ll want me to go down on her. She goes out with
    her girl friends a lot more now while I wait at home. I can tell when
    she¹s had a good time because she comes home really excited and can¹t wait
    to come up to the bedroom where I¹ll be lying waiting for her. With the
    lights off, she¹ll strip off her clothes and climb on top of me making
    straight for my face which she¹ll straddle with her thighs. Her pussy is
    always hot and extremely wet on these occasions and she really grinds her
    sloppy wet cunt onto me making sure I¹m covered in the juices that run
    from her. I love licking her when she¹s like this as I like the dominant
    role she takes.

    Other times she will hold her pussy a few inches above my face and just
    let the juices run onto me, often coming out of her in large stringy globs
    (it reminds me of when I lick her out after cumming in her). I try to take
    these globs onto my tongue and then swallow them. Marie sometimes uses her
    fingers to scoop the globs from her pussy hole and either smear them over
    my face or place them straight into my waiting mouth. I¹ve never known a
    girl produce as much wetness as my wife and never in great long globs
    similar to spunk and really she¹s only started to produce this over the
    last few months.

    I don¹t actually get to fuck Marie very often these days and when I do I¹m
    not sure how much she can feel as her hole has stretched so much. It
    doesn¹t worry me because our sex life is so good in other respects. I¹ve
    become an expert at using my tongue, so Marie says, and I just love it
    that she gets so excited when she¹s out with friends that she can¹t wait
    to come home to me with a really sticky, dripping pussy for me to lick

    My brother stayed with us last week. He and Marie have always got on well
    and she flirts with him relentlessly. Marie had the week off work and
    spent the time showing Phil, my brother, around town. I knew that Marie
    was looking after Phil ok because when I was leaving for work each morning
    she was already taking him breakfast in bed. I didn¹t actually get to see
    much of Phil that week because of my heavy workload, several evenings
    Marie took Phil out for dinner or to a club to entertain him.

    I could tell that Marie was enjoying having Phil around the house because
    by the time I got her into bed in the evening she was really hot for sex
    and I was using my tongue on her every night.

    It was after Phil¹s third night with us that I realized that his presence
    was really exciting Marie. She came home after a night out with him and
    after about an hour downstairs with him Marie came up to me in the
    bedroom, I had got home after they had left and had gone to bed early.
    Marie stripped off her clothes in the darkened room and got onto the bed.
    She asked me if I was awake and when I replied that I was she said that
    she had a present for me. Marie moved up the bed until she was squatting
    over my face. I could tell even in the darkened room that her pussy was
    wide open and dripping, the hairs around her mound were damp and matted.
    She ran her fingers down through the tangled pubic hairs until they
    reached her sopping pussy. She took hold of the hanging inner lips and
    held them apart and I could see straight up her gaping sex hole. As I
    watched, white globs dripped out of her cunt onto my face and ran into my
    open mouth. I could taste them on my tongue, thick and salty. It was as
    if she had a load of cum inside her and I was eating it but obviously this
    couldn¹t be true because I hadn¹t had sex with her - she had been out with
    Phil all evening.

    When the flow from her sex hole eventually stopped she let her pussy drop
    down onto my face and proceeded to rub it all over me. I was smeared all
    over my face with the deposit from her pussy. Marie had several small
    orgasms as she wiped herself on me. When she was done she got off me,
    wrapped a robe around her and left the bedroom.

    A few minutes later Marie returned holding Phil by the hand as she brought
    him into our bedroom. She flicked the switch as she entered and I was
    momentarily blinded by the light. I was also acutely embarrassed as I was
    lying naked on the bed with love juices drying on my face while Marie and
    my brother stood by the bed. I also had an erection which I could do
    nothing to hide.

    Marie and Phil were standing laughing at my predicament. Marie said
    something to him about whether he believed her now. I didn¹t know what
    they were talking about.

    Phil only said that it looked liked that I had indeed enjoyed myself,
    then said good night and left the room. Marie put the light out again and joined
    me in bed. I tried asking her what she had been up to by bringing Phil into
    our bedroom.

    She laughed again and would only ask me if I had enjoyed the evening.

    I admitted that I enjoyed eating her when she was that hot and she said
    that was good because I¹d be eating her a lot while my brother was staying with us.

    True to her word when Marie came to bed with me each evening she made me
    eat her pussy, and each time it was as if I was eating spunk out of her
    she was that wet. When the three of us went out in the evening Marie would
    suggest to me that I went off to bed on my own when we got home while she
    fixed Phil up with a night cap. They would spend some time together then
    she would come to me as I lay waiting on the bed and immediately she would
    get me to eat her pussy.

    On one occasion after I had licked everything from her she went back downstairs and
    spent another half hour with Phil. Strangely, when she came back to bed she was ready
    for another session and her sex hole was running again with juices.

    Each night before he retired to bed Phil would drop into our bedroom and
    each time I would be lying there with cum all over my face. It seemed to
    amuse him and Marie that he always caught me like that.

    When Phil left us after that week Marie was a bit down. I think she
    enjoyed his company. She picked up again though after a visit to the gym
    on the Wednesday and we resumed our normal life, Marie coming home with
    thick wads of sticky goo in her pussy for me to lick out. I noticed too
    that the taste of her pussy changed again after her resumed visits to the
    gym, the stuff that ran from her was still salty but had a different taste
    and texture to it.

    For the last few evenings Marie has got a lift home from a work mate of
    hers called Paul. Marie invites Paul in for coffee each evening and they
    spend a bit of time chatting together. Paul leaves about ten minutes
    before I get in from work. Each evening Marie is waiting for me in the
    bedroom, already naked. My first task when I arrive is to strip my clothes
    off and lick my wife¹s pussy. She will be already lying on her back
    grasping her knees to her chest waiting for me.

    The first evening that I found her waiting for me like that I was pleasantly
    surprised that she managed to find the time after Paul left to get up to the
    bedroom, strip off and get herself so worked up waiting for me that once again
    her pussy hole was awash with fluid.

    Last night as I lapped at her sloppy pussy Marie pushed my face gently
    further down so that at first I was licking the area between her two holes
    then, as she guided me, my tongue found her anus. I was shocked to find
    that her once tight little rear hole was now stretched as well and was
    also leaking the same spunk-like substance as her pussy. Marie held my
    head between her hands as if in a vice and I was told to perform my oral
    duties on her back passage.

    After a few minutes I was happily pushing my tongue up her ass hole licking
    out the salty deposits she had in there.
    This was a first for me but my love for Marie means that I am prepared to
    do whatever pleases her. And it certainly did seem to please her, she was
    soon bucking around in the throes of orgasm and yelling at me to lick her
    filthy ass.

    Later that evening my father rang. He said that he¹d been speaking to Phil
    about his stay with us and wondered if he could stay with us next week.

    I told him it was fine and Marie seemed really excited about it when I told
    her later. She¹s even planning to take the week off work so that she can
    spend more time with my father.I¹m sure she¹ll make his stay a very
    pleasant one.
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    i love marie!